Great Workouts From Around The Web

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Workout Routines From Around The Web


Today I wanted to share some great workout routines I found throughout the web.  There are some intense workouts out there and from time to time I enjoy trying the routines that catch my eye :). So here are my recent favorites and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did:


Crosfit Filthy Fifty


I found this incredible workout from The Fitness Explorer which I am planning on trying this week. It was created by Darryl Edwards who is a personal trainer and nutritionist, who practices primal lifestyle. When I saw this routine for the first time I got sore just picturing my self doing it. The workout is called Crosfit Filthy Fifty and you will need some serious willpower to finish this one – give it a try!  This workout has 10 different exercises and all of them have 50 reps of great fun :).


Mark’s Daily Apple – I’m Gonna Be 500 reps


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I am a huge fan of Mark’s blog.  He is a primal living advocate and he really knows his stuff.  All of the articles on his blog are extremely detailed and will provide you with all kinds of great info about health and fitness.  He also has a huge collection of primal workout routines and the I’m Gonna Be 500 Reps  is a killer.


Men’s Health Spartacus 2.0


I am a regular reader of Men’s Health magazine 🙂 and from time to time I love doing their workouts.  I already shared the Spartacus Workout Routine here on my site and it is one of my favorites, I found the Spartacus 2.0 by the recommendations from on of my readers and I turned out to love this one as well.


JillybeanTV Ab And Butt Routines


I found this website not so long ago, and I am glad I did.  JillybeanTV has a lot of different workout routines and morning pick me up routines and the videos she makes are real time workouts!  Check out some of her Ab and Butt routines.


3 Moves To Rev Your Metabolism 


This is another great that I really enjoy reading because of the amazing amount of fitness and nutritional information is Military Fitness. This blog is written by Stew Smith who is  a former Navy SEAL and fitness author certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association
This specific workout routine that I found there  is called ” 3 Moves To Rev Your Metabolism ” and it only takes 15 minutes.  The routine was created by Craig Ballantyne from


24 minutes of Kettlebell Fun


If you are looking for a great kettlebell workout then this workout is for you.  Troy from Cube Dweller Fitness put together a great workout in just 24 minutes called ” 24 Minutes Of Kettlebell Fun “.  This routine is Tabata-style and it will go by super fast!


Milena Magic Fit Intense Workouts


This website is in Russian so if you are one of my Russian readers you will really enjoy her blog.  Milena is a personal trainer and a nutritionist specialist in Moscow. She has hundreds of videos of super creative exercise moves and routines.  The creativity of her routines is incredible and what I love the most about her videos is the positivity she charges you with.  I watch her youtube videos on a regular basis and I just love love love her. Check out some of her intense workout routines!


600 Rep Fat Burner from Zuzana


Had to save the best for last – this workout is a killer, I would even have to say it’s on of my favorite routines from their site. The best part about this 600 Rep Fat Burner is that it’s bodyweight only, but don’t you for a second think that it’s easy.  This routine will punch you out and make you see stars!  And of course the beautiful trainer Zuzana is as rare as they come, all of her workout routines are super challenging.

Update – Unfortunately for BR Zuzana has left to pursue a different path in her career, and ever since her departure it hasn’t been the same.  The new host tries very hard to do her best but she isn’t  Zuzana, and as much as they try to go out of their way, the workouts and the whole vibe isn’t the same.  Zuz has a new YouTube channel now – ZuzkaLight, so everyone please subscribe.  Her workouts are filmed in full and she is more radiant and positive than ever!


If you have any favorite workout routines from around the web, leave a link in the comment section :).


PS – The picture above is NOT me, it’s my friend with her incredible acrobatic skills!



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  • MultiAlaiz )))??? ???????? ? ??? ?????????? ??? ???? )))

    • Spasibki za link, ya posmotru 🙂

  • I love this site as it provides challenging routines as well:

    • Yes, I added their 600 rep workout to the post. Zuzana’s workouts are great, she is definitely one of my favorites!

  • Thank you so much for such a thought full comment. I absolutely love Milena my self for her positivity, she is a very nice person and I as you said I also enjoy listening in my native language.

    Zuzana is an amazing person and very positive as well, which I love, and everything that BodyRock has done for so many people is such a beautiful thing. I did check out Myomytv, and as you said I found some negative things about Zuzana which I don’t understand at all. I didn’t like that, because I believe we are all trainers and we should all show respect and positivity towards each other.

    I encourage you to keep following all the great blogs, because every single one of them will provide something different and unique in many ways. Every time I will find new blogs or articles I love, I will always share them on my site. Because Inspiration comes from many different places and if you find other great blogs you love, definitely share :).


    • Anonymous

       I’ll check your Youtube channel as well; why haven’t I still done it?! Silly me))))

      Oh, almost forgot… Some time ago I stumbled across Jennifer Nicole Lee on the web… She doesn’t post workouts on a regular basis, but she has some videos on this site  It may be interesting to have a look at 🙂

      If I see anything new and interesting I’ll share it immediately 🙂

  • Tatianna!  Thank you.  That means a lot to make your list of great workouts around the web.  😉

    Keep inspiring us all!

    • Hi Troy,
      We all inspire each other 🙂

  • WorkItOutYourself

    You can do a one hand handstand with a full split ?! You’re out of this world girl ! You have to do a tutorial on how to do a handstand ( progression to it ). I have been dreaming for soooo long to be able to do a handstand and maybe a hand walk. 

    • Hey Work It :), I wish it was me, it’s my friend Elena she works with my husband in Cirque, she does aerial silks and she use to do hand stand and contortion act.  This girl it’s amazing, she has the most amazing split I’ve ever seen.  She places both of her feet on chairs, and then does a split all the way to the ground. 

      I want to invite her to make a video with us so she should teach you guys some things, cause it’s all about technique. 

  • danielle has good workouts also 🙂