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Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to make this mini post about homemade exercise equipment. I understand that not everyone is able to afford the equipment that I use, because it can be quite pricey. But any of you can actually make one at home for very small price. Below I’ve embedded some videos from YouTube of the homemade exercise equipment similar to what I use in my workouts.

You already know that to substitute for a Lebert Equalizer that I use you can use 2 chairs and a broom stick like I show you in ” Love Your Body Workout  ” post, but you can also build a dip bar from pipes you can get at home depot store. I want everyone to be able to workout and not slow down from the lack of exercise equipment. You don’t need fancy things to get in shape, you just need your imagination and some instructional videos ;).

I attached several videos this way you can get different ideas.

If you click on the link in the videos, it will take you to the channel of the people who created these videos, some of them also have websites you can check out as well.


How To Make Dip Bars ( or Lebert Equalizer )






How To Make Bulgarian bag ( VersaFit bag which is what I use is very similar to Bulgarian Bag, but not quite like the Sand Bag ).

This first video was made by a blogger friend of mine Troy from Cube Dweller Fitness.





How To Make A Jump Rope




How To Make A Medicine Ball






PS – If any of you guys find blog posts or interesting videos about homemade fitness equipment please post the links in the comment section :).



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  • Troy Pesola

    Tatianna, thanks for including my video!  Great stuff.

    • Tatianna

      Hey Troy, you know I always include your video :).

  • Mitchell Wright

    I’ve got a page on my site that sorta resembles this…great minds think alike, right? I even have Troy’s video.


    • Tatianna

      Omg Mitchell, that’s cool, great minds do think alike!!! :)  Where is the link to your post?

      • Mitchell Wright

        I’ve got a few reasons why I like working out at home over the gym, one of the bigger ones is the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with creating a piece of workout equipment.

        Here’s the link to my page:

        • Tatianna

          Thank you for the link to your post Mitchel :), I also love working out at home, I feel uncomfortable when I workout at the gym :)

  • Elizabeth_Pty507

    Nice post!!
    I need a dip bar, so I will buy some pipes and a purple spray to give it a nice look! 😉

    • Tatianna

      Yes, it’s quite easy to make.  Purple is a good color, will bring some brightness to your training :).  

      • Elizabeth_Pty507

        Yay! When I get it done, I’ll send u a pic! :)

        • Tatianna

          Can’t wait :)

          • Elizabeth

            I’ve actually bought the black pipes back then and did the dip bar with my bf, unfortunately it didn’t work (I think the pipes weren’t “thick” enough), I can just use it for inverted rows, for the rest it wobbles too much to the point I feel I’m gonna fall down, I even water filled to see if it could help a bit, it didn’t work either… :'( I spent 50 canadian dollars in materials, so disappointed!

  • taltul73

    hey everyone, i use a old people walker as a dip station. its strong and very good i like it.
    I could not get her a real one so this is doing the job pretty good and was not expensive. get the one without the wheels 

    • Elizabeth_Pty507

      That’s a good idea! Thx 4 the share!

    • Tatianna

      That is super creative Tali I love that!

  • taltul73

    Tatianna, Tatianna……. im missing you…. new workout pleaseeeeeeee . im  addicted to you and your workouts 😉

    • Tatianna

      Hey Love :)

      We are filming today, and the workout is gonna be super fun :)

  • Tatianna

    Hi there :), 

    If you can find a link that would be great :)

  • Katerina

    Thanks to my boyfriend and my father, this is my home-made equipment :)

    • Tatianna

      That looks great, I love it!

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  • Tatianna

    Da konechno mogno :)

  • Bruna Moliga

    loved it !

  • Yoly Martin

    I found an easy way, just go to homedepot or any hardware store and buy this for people in europe I found it at leroy merlin but even Ikea has it from 4 to 20 euros.

  • Yoly Martin