Tough Love Fitness Workout

Jun 14, 2012 by

Upper Body Workout


Hello my Darlings!!!

I have a new upper body workout!!! It’s more like a challenge because it’s very mentally challenging. I’m gonna warn you, it’s gonna look easy, but trust me it’s not!!! The first part looked more intimidating to me than the second part, but in reality the second part was the one to beat me with a stick!!!

I hope you guys are doing great with your sugar challenge, there is only few more days left and then you can have a cookie or two :).

Before you begin the workout always remember to do a good warm-up and practice the proper form in the mirror!!!



Workout Explanation


All you need for this workout is your timer and a Pull-Up bar.  If you don’t have a pull-up bar I hope you have a door :), in the workout recap part of the video I show you a variation you can do without the bar.

This workout is divided into 2 parts, both part are a circuit and are done for the Proper Form and time.


Part one

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There is only 2 exercises and you will perform them as a sequence for the total of 10 rounds.


  • 3 Pull-Ups ( assisted on the way up, unassisted on the way down )
  • 3 Dive Bombers & a Mini Push


Part 2

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There are 10 more rounds of 2 cool exercises.


  • Oblique Climber Jump – 10 reps ( watch the workout recap for proper explanation of this exercise )
  • Crab – 10 reps


My time

First part 9 min 2 sec. Second part 11 min 24 sec.


The magic food that I was talking about in the video is Mulberry.  I have an article called ” Mulberry An Energy Boosting Superfood “.  Seriously, it’s amazing before a workout ( 30 – 40 min ).  Every single time I eat a handful before my workout I grow wings and the energy it gives is very clean and pure.  I so recommend this!


PS – I aways get a lot of questions where I get my tights, I got them on ebay.

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  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    well, I’ve got to say you look way better in your tights than any of the models on e-bay…lol…they have no shape….sadly I’m not able to any upper body work right now…shoulder problems, but I’m getting a good back log of your awesome work outs for when it’s better..take care, Gerri Lee

    • Thank you Gerri :), I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  • daybelis garcia

    ahhh love the door idea lol, my mom will see me hanging by the garage door more often . As always such beautiful form:)

    • Trust me I feel to my knees a few times, I need to start adding the outtakes !

  • I will try and fit this workout in today 🙂

    What is the magic energy food that you mention after part 1? I watched the rest of the video but I don’t think you mentioned it again (or maybe it’s just too early for me to pay proper attention)

    • Ohh thanks for reminding me, I’m gonna update it right now :), It’s Mulberry I add a handful to my non sugar granola. Every time I eat a handful of mulberry I feel like I have wings, and it’s a very pure energy, just wonderful.

  • steffi_dk

    Great workout. I really have to work on these Pull Ups!

    • Pull-ups are so awesome!!!

      • steffi_dk

        Are they? 😀 I´m glad that I found your site. Love your warm up routine!

        • Yes Yes They are!! They really help you to develop strength and a very very nice back 🙂

  • It’s a tough fun, my time for 2 parts is 22 min. Dear Tatianna, I have a question about a dietary supplement – Country Life CLA Tonalin. Did you hear something about it? Country Life is known as a manufacturer of organic products, and CLA Tonalin is claimed to promote overall health and well-being, to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. I’d like to ask you if this supplement is really good with no side effects. Maybe you can ask some professionals about it? Sorry for troubling, thanks 🙂

    • Hi Tatyana, definitely. Let me look into it, I am curious my self cause it’s a first time I’ve head about it.

  • Christian Gieldanowski

    Such an enjoyable WO, love the push you add to the Dive Bombers Push Up.
    Part one 10.21 Min For the last 5 round i use the chair to go up.
    Part two 10.29 Indeed very hard.

    The first time i heard about Mulberry was from you blog, a month a go i found them in the farmers market, they are so sweet.
    To bad i only bought like 100gm. Normally i eat one dates before my WO.

    Have a wonderful day all!

    • I’ve never tried them fresh, I would love to, but the dry kind before my WO is like WOOOOOOOOWWW energy burst 🙂

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    Nice tan! And, of course, a great workout. The pull-ups are still very challenging to me. Three in a row is a hard work, 10 rounds were brutal. I had to use a chair to support my legs at the end. Hope I will develop my strength to complete this one without the chair-cheating next time.

    • Thanks Elena :), I’ve been laying by my pool while my videos would upload to the computer and I just get tan right away. You will definitely develop strength, you just have to do a few pull-ups every day, and within a week you will see how much you will progress.

  • Hi Ana,

    Right now I only take vitamins for Hair Skin Nails and L-carnitine ( which i’ve been taking for a really long time ). That is the only supplements I take. For your tummy you need to do planks before and after each of your workouts, then you will be able to straighten it out 🙂

  • Tatianna, wonderful workout and thanks for the tip on the Mulberry. I’ll have to give it a shot.

  • ltwin

    Dorogaya moya.. ya segodnya sdelala twou otli4nuyu trenirowku!
    Tatiann, u menya bolit lewoye ple4o na samom werhu kogda delau oblique mountain jumps.. delau ne-prawilno? ya smotru 4tobi spina bila rownoi i moi press zazhimau..

  • Thank you Renee :), I am so happy you are enjoying the workouts :), let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • Mariasole Verdi

    love these split routines they work better on me and are very effective.going to save this for tuesday as i am following the intermediate workout plan. cool exercise the dive bomber with mini pushup. really like your fresh ideas about fitness. bye all.

    • Ohh yes, I love the split routines as well 🙂

  • sus

    I will be doing this today. Can’t wait. It looks really tough.

    • Let me know how it went 🙂

      • sus

        Part 1: 12 min 3 sec
        Part 2: 9 min 55 sec

        I have to disagree with the 2nd part being harder than the 1st. Those pull ups and dive bombers back to back were pure torture to my arms. I know my arms are going to be sore tomorrow. YAY for rest days!

    • sus

      Part 1: 12 min 3 sec
      Part 2: 9 min 22 sec

      So I have to disagree with the 2nd part being harder…Those pull ups and dive bombers back to back was pretty much pure torture to my arms. i already know my arms are going to be sore tomorrow. Yay for rest days!!

      • For me it was the opposite, the first part was breezy but the second part I was struggling, it’s the oblique climber cause they are hard to do in proper form every rep.

        • sus

          Oh I know. My core was hurting. I really focused on form for that. The explanation of the crab really helped me in the recap. But part 1 (especially the pull ups) really got me in this workout. Another great workout from you!! THANKS!

  • It was really tough!!!!
    Part 1 – 9:17
    Part 2 – 6:10
    I was so exhausted!!
    thanx for the great workouts!!!!

    • OMG you were so fast on the second part!! Wow! I was struggling

  • Hi CrysyJ,

    I am very happy you like my workouts :), let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • This was a great workout! I did it yesterday. I am pretty good with pull ups when it’s a narrow grip, but wide is really hard for me. I could do unassisted pull ups for round one and 2 of the 3 for round two, and then it was using a chair to assist. I rely to heavily on my right back and shoulder (at least that’s where I feel it), so instead of kind of jumping up, I did a slower pull up to concentrate on form. it’s funny how just 3 reps gets so hard, especially with adding that little push! And yes, the second part was torturously fun. 🙂

    part 1: 10:26
    part 2: 8:29

    I am following Strong Like Susan’s ab challenge, so I did one round of day 9 plus some skipping rope and I was toast. Cooled down while watching Cars on TV with my family, quite a happy camper. Happy Sunday and Fathers Day to everyone!

    • Nice training Kendra! We always have to do the exercises that are the hardest, for me the wide grip is also pretty hard but the hardest grip for me is Neutral Wide Grip, that one is just a killer.

  • ltwin

    Dorogaya moya.. ya segodnya sdelala twou otli4nuyu trenirowku!
    u menya bolit lewoye ple4o na samom werhu kogda delau oblique mountain
    jumps.. delau ne-prawilno? ya smotru 4tobi spina bila rownoi i moi press

    • Privet solnishko 🙂

      Ya dumau ti gdeto chto to zadela pri drugih upragneniyah i poetomu bolit plecho, daj emu otdohnut paru dnej, poka ne delaj oblique climber ))

      • ltwin

        Ladno Tatianna-dorogaya…;)
        ya ih poka ne budu delat… no zawtra opyat budu lower body znayu poka esho kakuyu u tebya ih stolko horoshih 😉 naidu kane4to superskuyu ;))
        zeluu i prekrasnogo dnya

        • Spasibo solnishko :), ya sejchas pojdu delat legkoe kardio, prosto skipping 🙂


  • nncrns

    Hey Tatiana! I’m Anna from Germany. I discovered your site about three weeks ago and just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching your videos, doing your routines and reading your very interesting articles! I love your professionalism, sense of responsability and sweetness! I want to encourage you to keep sharing your knowledge and experience to help all of us lead a healthy lifestyle 🙂 Your approach and style really stand out from most of what can be found on the internet. Thank you so much for all your effort!

    • Anna thank you so much for your kind words, I am very happy to share my knowledge and I am very thankful to all of you guys for doing my workouts with me and all of your support 🙂

  • Lena

    Priwetik Tatianna! ja o4en rada sto nashla wash Site, teper menja mysh ot compa otorwat nemoshet!:)
    ja sanimajus yshe neskolko mesjazew etim Sportom ( Bodyrock) no teper kak naschla washy strani4ky i washi trenirowki 4esno skashy bodyrock mene bolshe kakto ne interessen stal. y menja est neskolko waprosow k wam nashjot pitanie. Ja prosto neywerenna mne sdes waprosi moshno postawit ???

    • Privetik Lena 🙂

      Ya vsegda rada otvetit na lubie voprosi, vi mne ih mogete zadat pryam sdes 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Okay, before I post my times– have to say that I did the pull-ups completely assisted. I tried the lowering part without the chair, but I either ‘fell’ or felt like I was pulling muscle nerves. But, it has been quite a while since I worked on em.

    Part 1 – 7:53 (did these in sets of six, to save time as I had to move elsewhere for the bombers)
    Part 2 – 8:26
    Followed with some “to failure” planks (55 sec, 55 sec, 40 sec) and 10 min of 10/20 skipping.

    Good thing Tatianna reminded me not to be lazy with the crabs, :p I made sure to lock my knee straight as I touched the toe, that caused some extra burn. And about the climbers… I know I must not’ve worked hard enough to finish that fast, but I swear I didn’t race lol. Did try to use my abs instead, but my knees kept taking the most burn (which still lingered after the crabs), so it distracted. I feel like such a clutz with my legs, :/ but I’ll practice them again tomorrow, promise!

    • Don’t worry about the pull-ups, as long as you do every exercise the best you can, later you will be able to develop more strength 🙂

  • midimidi

    okay I did this one. i wanted a shorter workout and this was perfect and very tough. i am supposed to be working out my back today so the pullups were ideals. I did wide grip.
    part one is 7:19, part two was 7:31. each kick up was one rep, so i think i didn’t do as many as you did, which is fine because what i did felt like enough. have a great day!

  • Lena

    Sdrawstwuite Tatjanna! nakonezto y menja wremja nashlos sadat wam pary waprosow. Ja tolko sto sakon4ila Lower Body Smoke and Ashes Workout! ( Super Trenerowka) majo wremja bilo 25.06. NO ja trenerawalas without Weights! Posle perwogo Rounda y menja bili Misli 2 ja ne widershy no wsjo taki ja widershala!

    Ok k moim Waprosam na shjot Pitanie. Ja w danij Moment schitaju Kalori. i s etim mne ydalos ne ploxo poxydet! Ja smotrela washe Video gde wi gawariti, ne w koem slu4ae ne schitat kalorie i ne kakie diäti!! ja toshe togo mnenie sto shitat kalorie newosmoshno wsju schisn, no ja bojus esli ja se4as perestany shitat to potirjaju kontrol nad edoi! ja dymaju sto eshjo poka poshitaju poka ne wstany namoi schelanij wes a potom kakto nado perestat shitat. kak mne eto sdelat stobi ne poterjat nad edoi kontrol? kakie porzie edi nyshno prenemat? wed y was 4asto rezepti s orexami I.T.D no tam sche yshasno mnogo kalori ja bojus ix kyshat 4esno skasat.

    wtoroi Wopros: y mneja tolko est wremja dlja trenerowok posdno we4erom poka ja moix detei spat ylashy, gde to w 9 we4era, mogy li ja posle moei trenerowki pit moi Proteinshake?

    I na shjot Chrom Picolinate! sdes w Germani ja nashla Chrom 200mcg bolshe dosi sdes nety, mne skasali w opteke. Tatjanna mne togda 2 tabletki w den brat?

    I poslednij wapros. Kakuju Dosy wi prenemaete L- Carnitin?

    Bolshoi Priwet Lena!

    • Sdravstvujte Lena,

      Pervij vopros : Ya vam dam rekomendasiu po povodu pitaniya a takge kak perestat schitat kalorii. U nashego organizma est naturalnij reflex, on nastupaet kogda mi golodnie, kogda mi sitie, kogda nam hochetsya sladkogo, solenogo ili kakogo nibud produkta. Esli mi prislushivaemsya k organizmu vmesto togo chtobi pitatsya kontrolirovat obiem pishi i sodergimoe kalorij to vi vsegda budete znat kogda vam nado perestat kushat. Ya kushau imenno tak, i eto samij luchshij sposob poddergivat ves i takge bit sdorovim.

      2) Vecherom posle trenirovki vi mogete skushat 2 varenih yajsa + yabloko.

      3) Chrom dlya nachala prinimajte tolko po odnoj tabletki v den, 200 mcg. Bolshe poka vam ne nado.


  • Lena

    Bolshoe wam spasibo sa otweti! bydy staraza slushat moi organism! Tanjush a L- Carnitin kakuju dosy nado prenamat sto bi bil effekt?

    • Ne za chto :), ya prinimau Liquid 1000 mg ( za stolovuu logku ), i ya ego prinimau utrom na golodnij geludok.

      • Elena

        Ytrom? No poskolko ja snaju kogda prenemaesh Liquid nado sport delat gde to Cheres chas ato effecta nebydet?! Eto prawelno ? Ja tak slishila!

        • L-carnitine mogno prinimat tolko utrom tak kak eto 12 chasovoj vitamin, ya ne sovetuu prinimat ego blizko k vecheru tak kak togda vi ne smogete spat.

  • This was definitely “tough love” for me. I did’nt do my 15 minute cardo, this routine was enough for me.
    Part 1. 11:56 (chair assisted pull ups) -doing the mini push makes it tougher to use momentum to come back up.
    Part 2. 13:35 (modified OCJ)
    I’m a bit stiff from my Pool Party Workout. Thank goodness tomorrow is off day for me, I plan to do full body strenching. I’ve not been this sore from a workout for a long time and this is only my second workout with Tatiana.

    • Hi Lvette 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing, you definitely need a full body stretch. You should try mine, it’s in real time and you can follow me along 🙂

      • I was with you real time…I’m doing another full body stretch today. Muscles are just a bit sore, but not like the first day.

    • My first run at this was June 19/12; I went back to this today again Sept 1/12.
      Warm up:10 mins; dynamic Stretch: 5 mins; Plank walk 1min x4
      Part 1: 9:12 (Chair assisted pull ups)
      Part 2: 10:56
      Cardio: Ab Inferno & Light Cardio

  • Tish

    Hi Tatianna. I wanted to ask you if I should avoid all oblique exercises if I want to achieve more of an hourglass figure (I tend to have more of a square shape) and what you would recommend in place of those exercises to help achieve that I also tend to be “thick” in the ab area, although I do have ab definition, and would like to work on that I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks so much. I really respect and admire your work. You are definitely my new “go to” fitness model !! So glad I found you. Sorry for the long post but want you too know how much I appreciate your dedication and commitment. You are the real deal !!

    • Hi Tish,

      Thank you so much for your kindness :). I would recommend you still do planks and some side planks ( but not too many side planks ), but to make your waste look smaller you have to do side bends like the once’s I did in Sky High Top Workout. You can do them about 4 times a week 20 reps ( slow ), 3-4 rounds at the end of each workout. This will stretch your sides and help you make the waste thinner.

      • Tish

        I’ve been away for a while and just wanted to thank you for answering my question. I’ll work on the side bends for sure.

  • Lucia

    Did this workout today. Here are my times: Part 1 – 11:49 Part 2 – 16:49

    • Thank you for sharing Lucia 🙂

  • jt

    Did this one yesterday, but threw the paper away 🙁 I remember the first part took me 13 minutes something. Anyway my pull ups from the door were soooooo lame!! I assisted myself with a big flowerpot upside down which I also used for the isometric contractions of the other day 🙂 (instead of a brick which I don’t have).
    The dive bombers with a push, tortureeeeee!!! On top of that I did a little rock climbing later in the day, my arms and the sides of my back are soooore in a nice way 🙂

    I replaced the oblique climber jumps with “scissor” plank jumps (feet together, then apart) because my knees were a bit sore and felt fragile and didn’t want to push it in a bad way. I did 6 rounds of crabs because my wrists are not that strong either (also those puny things only measure 13 cm in circumference) and were quite sore at that point, so did 10 bicep curls with a 3 kg dumbbell, 2 rounds each arm (it was a nice biceps burn too!).

    I like that you always introduce us challenging exercises in the timeline of the routines, so our body doesn’t get lazy! 🙂

    Have a beautiful weekend Tati and everybody! 🙂

    • Ohh I just noticed your comment girl :), I hope you had a nice weekend 🙂

      • jt

        No worries at all Tati, you have so many messages, mine was just sharing, you definately need not to reply to every single one (of mine at least), I can feel you care 🙂 Much love and take some rest, even if just a bit 🙂

  • Katerina

    Surprisingly, the crabs were the hardest for me 🙂 I was forced to take a week off my training because of some health issues and I’m still not quite myself, but I’m getting there. The first part took me 12:28 and the second 16:21 – it felt like forever :)) I don’t have a pull up bar so I used a part of my wall that looked handy, it’s sort of like a shelf. I tried to come down as slow as I could but I definitely need more practice 🙂
    Thank you Tatiana, I love your workouts and your loving and caring attitude! I’ll do another one of your workouts tomorrow 😉

  • Naomi/nabi

    Part 1: 8 min 45 secs
    Part 2: 6 min 19 secs

    I thought part 1 was gonna be the hardest – not to say it wasn’t hard – but I recovered pretty fast. Next time I will do full pull-ups instead of one-leg assisted ones. I can do about 6-7 pull-ups in a row, so it’s time to up that number… Part 2 was tiring, my legs were shaking as they were already exhausted from the Pool Party workout that I did the day before. I didn’t really feel part 2 in the upper body, but maybe I wasn’t supposed to? Really loved this format though with two exercises combined.

  • Did this again today because it’s a short one that’s fun, and I have a limited amount of time. I did much better than last time, and I’m proud to say that i did ALL pull-ups through round 7 UNassisted! Yayyy…

    part 1: 7:47

    part 2: 7:47

    Yes, that’s right–I got the exact same time for both rounds!

    Finished with a 10 min cardio/ab routine I made up with my medicine ball. 🙂

  • JB

    11/13/2012: just did this workout and wow it was tough for me. I really need to focus on upper body strength so I think the 4 day split is going to help me tremendously.

    1st part: 11min, 59sec. I had a really tough time with the dive bombers – need to watch the video again on form. I modified them probably every other round. The pull-ups: need to get it together with these 🙂 I had to do all assisted. After the first two rounds, I could no longer lower myself down so I kept my foot on the chair and made a conscious effort to slowly lower and concentrate on my lats. But like you said Tati, you get stronger by doing so I will not be discouraged.

    2nd part: 11min, 83sec. I really liked this round but my left wrist was aching soooo bad on the crab – I am not sure why. Had to stop every few rounds and do wrists rolls and some stretching.

    Finished with 3 mins of plank holds (1 min per plank) and felt like my arms were going to shake off and my core was screaming! Did 10 mins moderate cardio on bike and stretched.

    Well, at least I know that I will be training for my “weakness” which is my upper body. Off to watch the dive bomber video :). Awesome workout!! Thanks Tati 🙂

  • JB

    1/9/13: second time doing this workout (11/13/12) and I definitely have become stronger after doing these workouts!!! Yay!! Part One: 10min, 62 sec (97 sec better than last time). Did not have to modify the dive bombers this time around although still have to do pull-ups assisted.
    Part Two: 10min, 91 sec (92 sec better than last time). No modification for the oblique climber jumps!
    Finished with Part One of Light as air and did 20 of the combo move (last time did 15). I was wiped out so didn’t do cardio, just stretched.

  • Annebel Wind

    Nice one Tati. I liked it very much.. First part: 11.40 min.. Second part: 7.08 min.. For me the first part was much harder.. Think my arm muscles are a bit weaker than they used to be.. Still getiing back in shape… Thanks sweety! for this great one..

  • This was my second LovingFit routine June 19, 2012. I wanted something quick and simple so I revisted it today May 7, 2013. I improved just a tiny bit time wise.
    Warm up: 3 rounds of 20 high knee, 10 knee push up, 10 Ninja, 10 lat pull down with band and 2 mins light skipping. Also did 5 minutes of dynamic stretches.
    Part 1—>11:13; Part 2—>11:20.
    Cool down and stretching 10 minutes.

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    I really liked this workout!! I started with a 10 minutes warm up. I used a door for the pull ups 🙂 no modifications on the rest of it and all in advanced form.

    Part 1: 12:18
    Part 2: 13:27 I believe I counted wrong so I did two extra rounds 🙂

    I added a Crossfit type of workout
    21-15-9 Reps of

    Shoulder Press using 15lb dumbbells each.
    Dip using the dip station, I did my best to do as many as I could unassisted.

    Finished with Real Time Cardio #6 and stretching!!

    Thank you Tati!

  • Cassidy Croskey

    I love workouts that don’t leave me wiped but still give a good burn. This is one of them. 🙂

    Part 1: 12:22…I did most of the pull-ups unassisted! I’ve gotten a lot stronger over the last few weeks. 😀 I was really feeling it towards the seventh round.

    Part 2: 8:15…those climbers are funnn~

    I think I’m going to do a little cardio so my workout is at least 30 minutes long. ^^

  • Kane

    Only now did I realize how cool those pants are, with fake belt loops and pockets. Awesome! [Now, to stop procrastinating and actually do this workout :D]