Power Mountain Climber Exercise

Jun 1, 2011 by

Bodyweight Exercise


This is exercise is just like a regular Mountain Climber, but I use a Non Bounce Medicine Ball. It makes the exercise a lot more challenging, especially on the Abs and Shoulders.

Mountain Climber is a perfect for a BodyWeight Cardio Workout. But when you do it with a Medicine Ball, it is great for Strength Training as well.

Lately I also been experimenting with short intervals of Mountain Climber, such as 15 seconds of maximum work, and 5 seconds rest for 10 to 15 rounds.


Body Weight Exercise


Balancing on the Medicine Ball, you will jump your feet back and forth as if you were climbing a mountain.


Bodyweight Exercise




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  • Christine

    Very good workout and I will try to find a not so expensive non bounce ball as you suggest.
    Thank you so so much for your wonderful site , that is so kind of you to share all of your extremely helpful knowledge.
    Thank you so much , I will continue to enjoy your site and use it for my body it has been through some bad times with poor health illnesses that I caused.
    G*d speed ,Shalom

    • Hi Christine 🙂 OMG, I am so sorry to reply so late. I just installed new comment system and still trying to figure out how to use it. You are very welcome, I am always happy to you like my site. What’s going on with your health?

  • I used this as my cardio today setting my timer for 10 rounds of 10 sec rest 25 sec max. I need to remember to look at the post in the archives every now and then.

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      nice find there Lvette 🙂