Pike & Twist Exercise – Abs

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Abs Exercises


Pike & Twist Exercise targets your entire core on the way up, and obliques during the twist.


Laying down on the floor, bring your arms overhead and lift your legs a few inches off the ground.


Abs Exercises

As you come up, you are using only your abs keeping your back in locked position. Rise up slowly into the V-Position.


Abs Exercises


From V-Up you are going to twist your body to the side using only your abs, you can place one hand on the floor for balance.


Abs Exercises


From Twist position you will go back to the V-Up and do twist on the other side.


Abs Exercises

Beginners –  can bend their legs on the way up, and during the twist.


This exercises alone can give you an amazing Abs workout if you do it properly.  Since you are using your full core and obliques.

Do 3 sets of 10 – 12 repetitions.

If you are more advanced, you can hold each position for 10 seconds before moving to the next.





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  • Hi Tat, wish you a great start on 2013 and hope you had a great New Year’s Eve as well 🙂 I just did this one. I couldn’t keep on repeating it once my abs were burning so I did the 3 rounds, but always the 12 reps per round (I struggled a lot on completing 12 reps in a row! :)). So I did 36 reps in a total of 6 min. and 22 sec. I’m still feeling my abs a lot, and the twist is a true challenge to one’s core strength, and also to one’s balance (I never helped myself with the hand, I always extended my arms up, but sometimes I would collapse XD). Just to finish this up with that great final burn feeling that I know you love and know as well XD, I completed this with a 4 min. (divided in 12 rounds of 15 sec. of effort and 5 of pause) workout of mountain climbers (always with a football below my hands for extra challenge) alternating with high knees. Starting the new year the best way! 😉

  • I was looking for a quick abs routine and came across this one. I will appreciate a mini video tutorial on how to excute it with proper form. The tutorial doesn’t need to be a seperate video on P &T alone…Pike and twist abs exercise can be included in an interval training routine. 🙂