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Upper Body Workout


Hello My Dear Lovies,

Get ready for a very hard upper body workout!!! Lately I’ve been feeling that every workout is been getting harder and harder, maybe because it’s autumn and I am feeling very motivated! Autumn is actually one of the best times of the year to start pushing your self, because in the autumn our internal clock want’s us to start analyzing and plan for new beginnings. I wrote an article about this on, which will be posted pretty soon and I will give you that link once it’s up.

Before starting this or any workout always remember to warm-up and practice good exercise form, stay tuned at the end of the workout to watch Workout Recap & Beginners Variations.



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my Gymboss timer, a pair of dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ), my Versa Fit bag, a brick for leg elevations ( you can use a chair or a couch ) and a Pull-Up bar.

This workout was broken down into 2 parts. First part was interval training without any breaks, but it was only little over 3 minutes long. This part will test your strength that you should of gained during the month of ” Sharper Abs Challenge “, this part will also get your muscles nice and fired up for the second part of this routine.


Part one

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 11 and 11 seconds, for the total of 10 rounds. There will be only 2 exercises and no breaks in between. Both of the exercises will be isometric. You will go through both exercises 10 times, but the time goes fast so don’t think about the number of rounds too much.

  • Pull Pike Hold
  • Push-up Kick Backs


Part 2

This part is a circuit. Set your timer as a stopwatch. There is only one very mean round of 8 exercises and there are lot’s of reps.



  • Elevated One Leg Clock Push-ups – 50 reps
  • Double Bike ( 1 up 2 down counts as 1 rep ) – 20 reps
  • Regenerate Row – 3 rounds of 10 per side
  • Bag Pick-up and 2 Press-Ups – 30 reps
  • Two Way Dive Bomber ( each time you push through, counts as 1 rep ) – 30 reps
  • Side Shoulder Raises – 3 rounds of 10 or 2 rounds of 15
  • Crab – 80 reps
  • Bent Over Side Raises – 3 rounds of 10 or 2 rounds of 15


Complete Beginners will cut the reps in half or just split the routine into 2 rounds.


After this routine I’ve done ” Good Posture and Core Challenge ” and ” Total Body Stretching “.


Have fun training my darlings and have a wonderful weekend!



PS – I got my tights on ebay ( everyone always asks me this question ).

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  • sedindriuke

    omg! :))

    • Naomi

      I know! I can’t wait to do this, but I have to be patient and save it for Monday.

      • This one was truly intense!!! Especially after the first part

    • πŸ™‚

  • inmotion

    “regenerate row”? πŸ™‚

    • Yep,

      That’s what it’s called mister inmotion, how have you been?

      • inmotion

        Been better… tired. I stopped by to see if there was a good workout I could do and when I saw this one, I was like “No way, that’s just too much”. So, I went to play tennis instead :), but I’m going to try it when I feel better.

        I thought you came up with that name for fun, but I’m not sure any more. You do know it’s “renegade rows”, right :)?

        • Yes, I do know that, but I try to have my names different that what exercises are usually called.

          I think you should try this workout anyway πŸ™‚

  • Chrissy Davis

    I am glad you say the workouts are getting harder and harder. I thought maybe I was just getting wussier and wussier πŸ™‚

    • Oh no, it’s totally the workouts, I am trying to test our strengths πŸ™‚

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    The first part looks very challenging. Very. Anything with a pull up bar is hard for me. I diligently completed the recent Abs Challenge, so will see how far my upper strength can go now.

    • Yes, it’s very challenging, and after you complete it, the second part is just cruel.

  • daybelis garcia

    Omg I can’t eat to do this Tati..this looks hardcore and you look beautiful! Red lipstick suits you well:)

  • gymlafrance

    c’est pas du sport, c’est de la torture!!! (merci quand mΓͺme!)

  • taltul73

    Tati, Tati… Tati…. i called your name few times in this routine…LOL
    AND YES…. i love it… but it killed me… i was not sure i will be able to finish it….
    first part half way was easy… after the 5th round its was hard.. my arms were shaking..
    part 2: took me 33:30 and the first 5o push up.;.. i did all kind of them.. all full push ups but not only one leg…(some on the place. some walking push ups and some one leg elevated…)
    my time was 33:30 and i hope it was not to slow….
    no i feel i can do anything…..

    much love, and a wonderful day….

    p.s the bike exercise was a killer – do not look like that at first… but hoooo baby….. it was brutal

    • Ha Ha Ha,

      Yes, it was a killer. I went through it without rest and on the last one I just looked at the sealing for several seconds.

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    so I am finally home, unpacked, all my stuff clean and in order, and yesterday I did my first “comeback” workout…one of the Zwow.. and today I feel it :)))
    I am starting slowly as Tatianna recommended, so for today I have one shorter workout in plan, and I will start ab challenge as well…
    I am sad that I am not in the nature anymore, but happy to be with all of you again…

    kisses to you all

    • Nature is so wonderful, I would be sad too, but think about how you will again go there soon πŸ™‚

    • tee_w

      welcome home!

      • 1Ivana

        thank you tee πŸ™‚

  • I did it at the gym. Total time was 40 minutes and ended up with 15 minutes interval training. Doing Tatiana’ s workouts make me feel strong and powerful person.

  • Zivenaberry

    Sunday marks the first day in my workout week, and I am going to get moving on this routine in about an hour or so. I might be cursing your name in a little while! lol That isometric stuff is going to be a killer! I know my arms are strong enough to hold myself in an isometric pull up, but I’m unsure how well I can keep straight legs for every round. I’m hoping that a bent leg knee raise will be ok for a modification if straight leg becomes too much.

    • I always keep changing up the dive-bombers that way we don’t get use to the same variation, it keeps us strong all around.

  • Kathy

    Omg – thaaaaaaank you so much for this shoulder/arm burn πŸ™‚ need this badly *hehehehe* You look beautiful!! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Kathy,

      Thanx girl πŸ™‚

  • I’m gonna try it tomorrow! Thanks for your challenging workouts Tanya) I loooove your pants!

    • Thank you Maria :). How have you been?

  • KirryKaatje

    Ooooh, this is going to be my workout for today. <3 I like your pants, Tati; they look very 'steam-punky'.

  • After i watched this workout i’ve understood that we are a club of masochists! :))))))) Going to do this tomorrow, can’t say i’m looking forward to this torture, but i convince myself that i’m brave and srong πŸ˜€ Go go S&M!

    • Ha Ha Ha masochists – I love that!

  • great workout; thanks for putting this together. each exercise is a killer, though, even the renegade rows that look deceptively easy in comparison to some other combinations…^_^

    • Hey Laura,

      I am so happy to see you again. When I was writing Monday Mingle this week, I was thinking of you and all those amazing samples you sent me, they are lasting me so long and I just love love love your taste in perfume! Thank you so much!

  • Christian

    I broke it up to 2 rounds and took me 35.05 Min! I really enjoyed this one, i think its because i broke it up to 2 rounds!
    Have a nice Monday all!

    • Have a wonderful Monday darling ! ( it’s already evening )

  • KirryKaatje

    I’m too scared to begin, lmao.. Right.. lets do this… *grabs notebook, water and chases cat from the stool I want to use for the elevated one leg clock push ups… Jeez.. the name already. O.o If I don’t return. Tell my boyfriend that I love him and give the cat back the stool.
    Xx Kirry; female warrior and protector of the holy grail of Kittens salutes you.

  • Lattara

    Hi Tatianna,
    just wanted to ask you if you could please do a video where you show how you progressed to a full Pistol?
    I can’t keep my heels on the ground while lowering myself, and I’ve been trying to progress by making myself stay on heels by holding onto something, but I’m not progressing, and I think I might not been doing it right. So could you please make a video showing that, cause I know you used to have the same problem, it would mean a lot to actually see what to do?

    • Hey darling, I already have a video like that, it’s in the fitness section.

      • Lattara

        Yes, I remembered just after I clicked the post button! Duh! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the reply anyway, I guess I’ll just have to do the challenge and stick to it without missing a day..
        I really like all these challenges you’re posting they’re amazing. The posture challenge came in right time I need to work on that too, I often forget to sit straight! πŸ™‚

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    This workout was a real challenge! It took me 47 minutes to complete the second part, but I am so glad I didn’t give up. I used 16 kg for the bag pick up and press up, instead 12 kg like usual, and it was brutal. For the other exercises, I used 3 kg weights. I did the posture and core challenge after, and some stretching as well. Awesome workout Tati, thank you once again πŸ™‚

    • Glad you finished and didn’t give up!

  • Naomi

    31:51 for the second part! The first 50 clock push-ups were the worst part for me; especially since the only elevation available was a pretty tall workout bench. I used 4 kg for the rows, my 16 kg sandbag and 2.5+2.5 kg for the shoulder exercises. Even though it was hard I enjoyed it much more than yesterdays Strength Couture (my legs hurt today). The fewer reps made it more bearable! Love your workout pants Tati!

    • Thank Girl, I got those on ebay. I find that it is so much better to buy stuff on ebay because I can find things that are not sold in US.

    • Naomi

      I am revisiting these “old” workouts to test my strength – this time I used a 18 kg sandbag, 4 kg for the rows and 4+4 kg for the raises. My total time was a little better than the last time, 27:01. However, I also timed each exercise individually. The bag pick-up and press is my weak point!

      1) 4:45
      2) 2:09
      3) 4:06
      4) 6:20
      5) 2:55
      6) 2:42
      7) 1:55
      8) 2:07

  • Wow. Wow. Hard. Very. Hard.

    41:09 for the second part for me. I used two 10lb dumbbells for all the dumbbell stuff. 35lb sandbag for the pick up thing. For the first exercise I used a chair, which was pretty high. If I do this again I will find something lower because it’s about 18″ off the ground. I don’t know where to start. The first part was great. I changed it to 12 seconds in the round because I had to turn 180 degrees between the two exercises. The push ups were rough, and so were the bikes, but those regenerate rows were truly brutal. I couldn’t get through 10 in a row without stopping. It really gets the upper tricep. The bag pickup was one of the easiest exercises just by comparison. The dive bombers were great and hard; actually shaking up the format made them go faster. Shoulder exercises always good. By the time I got to the crabs, though, my arms and shoulders were too tired to keep me up, LOL!

    I was careful not to rush on this workout because it was all very challenging, and while I know it’s good to push through to failure, on some of these exercises that require so much coordination I feel that when I do that I lose perfect form–like with the regenerate rows. Those require so much core strength and stabilization, plus isometric hold on the other arm, that I felt I would be rushing to push through all 10.

    Anyway, I’m long-winded as always. πŸ™‚ One of the best, hardest upper body workouts I’ve ever done. Afterwards, not because I needed to (because I didn’t), but because I’ve been kind of bloated and also because you know I love my new fivefingers, I did a 10 min interval run around the neighborhood. I did 30 seconds harder run, 30 seconds slower jog for 10 min. Stick a fork in me!!! πŸ™‚

    • You are so adorable!!! OMG I can’t even imagine how hard it is to do 50 of those push-ups on a chair, I did entertain that idea for a second but then I came to my senses and I am so glad I did. Today is Monday and I still feel my arms sore, crazy!

  • Kane

    This was an amazing workout! I am completely wiped out. That’s how I know it was amazing πŸ˜€

    On a side note, Tatianna, I must say that your workouts have totally helped with my recent move to a new apartment. I’ve been assembling a lot of furniture (crab motion, lots of getting up from sitting on ground) and cleaning high shelves (one-legged squats, lots of precarious one-legged balancing), and I’ve been so much stronger and able to do those things because of your workouts.

  • 51 minutes with 20 seconds, I cannot believe how slowwww, way too many breaks in between.
    For the regenerate rows I used 3kg on each arm, it took me forever.
    For the rest of the dumbbells I changed them to 2.5kg on each hand.

    Run to the shower now, way too late.
    I am really slow, lol.

    • It’s actually a good time, I can tell you focused on your form πŸ™‚

  • Jeanne

    That was a very hard workout! I don’t have a pull up bar, so I had to substitute it with some other exercise for the upper body. The second part was done in 32 mins and 13 seconds, but it was damn hard. I don’t think I have done so many push ups in a row before, although I did interchange regular push ups and ones with a leg up. Since I don’t have a sand bag (way too expensive here!!!), had to use a backpack loaded with weights, which wasn’t the most comfortable thing on the planet. I really have to think of a better substitute or spend some money on a real sand bag.
    In the end I did some interval cardio and loooong stretches. Let’s see if I can get up tomorrow…
    Hugs and thanks!

    • Evaleen

      What kind of weights did you use? If your bag was very lumpy and uneven, fill up the space with clothes, towels, etc, or wrap that around your weights, to provide some cushion.

      • Jeanne

        Thanks for advice, Evaleen, that is a good idea! Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before?! Clothes around the weights next time it is!

  • This was deliciously brutal. I forgot my workout book and timer but I called my hubby at home and had him email me a picture of my workout book so I could at least attempt his bad-boy. How’s that for dedication?! πŸ˜‰
    Because I didn’t have my timer, I counted to ten during the first interval part. I have to tell you, I couldn’t hold a full Pike Pull Hold for one second, let alone 11! This isn’t me complaining, it’s me being inspired! Hold crap-a-cola girl, you are STRONG! Can’t wait to be able to do that!
    I also don’t have a time for the rest of the workout, but can tell you it was incredibly challenging. I had to take lots of breaks, but tried to maintain good form. Those Double Bikes…deceptive! They were SO hard! The Clock Push Ups, CRAZY! and the Regenerate Rows, don’t even get me started. INSANE hard! But of course, all of these are compliments and said with great gratitude and inspiration! πŸ™‚
    It’s weird, but compared to other ways of working out, your unit training programs make me feel like I’ve worked my muscles from the inside-out. it’s totally different – and I totally love it!
    Thanks lovely! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, it always looks so much harder on video. We did an abs challenge last week, it got me pretty strong so I was able to do those pike hold at ease, on the 8th one it got pretty hard.

      I came up with the bicycles idea by a complete accident, and they do look easy on the video too, thank God it was only 20 reps, cause I had a crazy idea to make it 30.

  • Evaleen

    Only did part two of this routine yesterday… used an approx. 8 inch elevation for the clock PU’s and with NO leg lifts (but even just that way, GEEEEZ razors in my abs!!!), a 30lb sandbag for the presses, and two 10lb weights for the dumbbell moves (except for the very last 10 reps of the workout, switched to 5lb weights). And maybe I should add, my RoM for the close-hand bombers wasn’t so great, as my tricep strength needs some work. πŸ™

    Took me right at 42 minutes to complete all reps straight through (again, that’s without the ISO part right before), though it seems I could have pushed a lot harder as I feel barely sore today. Still an awesome(!!!) workout, left me drenched and now I have a new favorite push-up– the dreaded clock! xD Thanks!!!

    • Yes the first part was quite important cause it was like a nice warm-up for the second part, since the muscles are already burning from the isometrics the 2 part I knew was gonna be evil.

      • Evaleen

        I do regret not trying it now, but I definitely will soon along with another workout of yours… older one I think, that has less reps. Or maybe I should stop going easy on myself. :p

  • Evaleen

    I’ve also gotta add, given all this fuss lately over what’s the best workout (15 min of HIIT or a somewhat less intense 45 min)… if a trainer wants to show me “proof” of how effective their routines are, don’t just show me your body– show me your STRENGTH! And Tatianna, wow… your strength just doesn’t cease to impress!!! I mean, those pike holds… dang. o_0 Can’t say it enough, your work is simply brilliant.

    • Thank you sweetie :),

      I actually wrote an article about the whole subject of short workouts ( for, it’s gonna be out soon ), I had a plan to write it before I even read Alfonso’s article, cause It’s one of the most asked questions I get. Alfonso got some heat for it for his article, but I don’t think he meant it in a way some people took it, he was just coming from a professional point of view, and some people got it all twisted up.

      • Evaleen

        I feel completely the same way about the whole thing. And sorry to say it, but if some people simply forgot their pride for a moment, they would’ve realized that he just wants people to succeed– and that means having ALL the info! Whether I’d personally agree or not, I will always respect that kind of honesty… and speaking of, I look forward to your article cause I know that’s exactly what I can expect from you. And for that I’m truly grateful.

        All drama aside though, I hope people learn from this, to benefit their own fitness journey… that’s what it should be about after all, finding success and helping others find theirs.

        • Yep Exactly!!! He just wants people to succeed and have all the info, he is very knowledgable trainer and his advice and articles are aways very professional.

  • Maybe my upper body is not as strong as I thought, this routine decimated me. I did my usual warm up and etc.
    Part 1: I replaced the pull pike hold with knee hold on my dip station. I’m inspired by all the Lovingfitters that did the pull pike hold. I bow to you all.
    Part 2: I came in 50:00 (30lb sandbag & 8lb set of dumbbells). I would have enjoyed the the Side Shoulder Raises and Bent Over Side Raises, but all the other exercises took the joy away.
    Cool down Stretch: 15 minutes.
    I’m looking forward to Tati’s full body stretching tomorrow. I will be back on Monday.

    • Ahh I love that full body stretching, I also do a lot of intuitive stretching where I would just lay down and try to see where my body needs it the most, then I would try different stretches until I feel pain no more.

      • This is very interesting…a more focus way of stretching.

  • yboog

    Good evening Tatiana,
    I did this burning ass routine tonight…
    I confess, I did no warm up : / I regret it cs they r so fun!
    I had few modifications and had to lower weights little by little.
    Part 1
    I was able to do the Pull Pike hold regular for 5 rounds, the rest I had to hang arms extended and knees tucked.
    Part 2: 28:32
    ALL OF THE MOVES WERE INTENSE! Here r my modifications and weights:
    1leg clock PUs: by 24 I had to take my feet off the elevation but stayed on my toes : )
    8lbs for regenerate
    20lbs for bag pick up
    2way dive bomber: I was only able to do 10 like you, the other 20 were on my knees on the push away.
    sd shoulder raises: round 1 w/8lbs…round 2&3 w/5lbs
    5lbs for the bent over sd raises

    10 min hulahoop
    10 min stretch ; )

    • Evaleen

      Ha! A hulahoop, what a great idea for cardio! πŸ˜€

    • 5 rounds is pretty good Y, It was quite easy for me the first 8 rounds, and the last 2 were much harder.

  • Trish

    I did this workout this morning….and just realised I missed the “bag pick up and press” exercise when I wrote it out! I’ll try to fit them in later today…that was a tough workout. When I got to the double bicycles, I thought I was going to get a break – HA! – those were suprisingly TOUGH!!! I had to take breaks with the divebombers and elevated clock push ups (both I did 1/2 reps, rested a min, then continued). Great and challenging workout – thanks :))

    • I totally missed the bag pick ups, I am glad I added them. Had to cut of all of my nails cause it was a pain in the butt to pick up the bag with them.

  • midimidi

    sheesh this one was crazy hard! i have only been doing 2-3 of your workouts a week. I am moving and it’s been crazy to find time. but it helps me with keeping my sanity! my time was 32:09. part one was soooo tough! thanks sweetie!

  • DiBi

    This was great! I was sooo whipped, but I need that for the feeling of having-done-something :)! I really love those intensive workouts! The Diver Bombers almost “defeated” me :D!
    But I never take my time as I know I would rush if I did it and then sacrifice proper form.
    Could we get such a workout for the lower body as well ;)!?

    • Of course we can πŸ™‚

      I already have a lower body workout for next week, but the week after I will create something similar to this one πŸ™‚

      • DiBi

        You are just great :D!

  • Lindsey Shepard

    HOLY SHOULDER BURN! Just finished this and man that was tough. I could only do 10 full dive bombers and then had to switch to my knees, even those 10 were all wide stance because I’m still building up my tricep strength. I skipped the crab because I’ve overdone it on my foot since I was released to put partial weight on it and I was worried that could make it worse. Tati, do you have any suggestions for exercises similar to the crab that done require all your weight on one foot at a time? Even with my mod’s this was killer, thanks girlie!

    • Evaleen

      Would it feel easier to only lift your leg while keeping your hands down to support yourself?

    • That is a good question, I will have to think about it and come up with a variation.

  • Okay I did this one yesterday and it was a toughie. I managed to get through it and although my arms were toast, I also noticed my core and lower back really felt the strain of this workout too. I was still super energized afterwards but decided to stick to just the workout since I had lots of housework to do so needed the energy. It took me 42:47 and I used a 35lb. sandbag, 8lb. barbells for the first set of regenerate rows then 5lbs. for the remaining two sets. 11 & 8lbs. for the standing shoulder side raises and 8lbs. for the first set of the bent over shoulder side raises and 3 lbs. for the other set. I only managed to do half of the bomb divers two way and the other half regular bomb divers. Thanks for inspiring me Tatianna, another steller workout!!!!!

    • Have a great weekend Kristen, thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Jos

    First day coming back working out after taking 5 days off from 6 weeks of 4-5 days training!

    SUPER HARD I could tell you!

    First part I could only hold the first 2-3 rounds with leg raise on my dip station. The rest I had to do knee raise hold. I had a crazy idea to do seated pull up hold with extended legs with dip station to mimic what you do on a pull up bar but I think my core strength isn’t quite there yet. The triceps hold with leg lift wasn’t too bad actually.

    Second part took me 39:07 – OMG I am SO SLOW!! πŸ™ Btw what was your time, Tati?
    I used 35 lbs sandbag and a pair of 8lbs dumbbells.
    1. I did regular one leg push up using dumbbells as my push up bar2. I did regular dive bomber and had to go down to knees for the last 10 reps

    • Welcome back Jos!

      Don’t worry about the time, it’s your first day back! I just realized I didn’t post my time, the second part took me about 35 minutes, so we pretty close together.

  • ? BodyRocker ? Beth ?

    Thanks to you, Tatianna, I finally made it ! πŸ™‚ I completed one of your mean WOs !!!

    Part 2: 18:51, but I stopped it after doing 2 diff Exs in a row – total WO time was around 50min, so I wasn’t the fastest, obviously πŸ™‚

    THANKS AGAIN !!! πŸ™‚

    I’ll soon send you my Email as well !

  • Jilleen


    I no longer have access to a pull up bar where I am working out. πŸ™ Is there any exercise that I can use to substitute for these, or an “at home” method of doing these? I started the new semester, and schedules changed, so I am fitting in my workouts at home with minimal equipment. I have been able to substitute nearly everything BUT these!! Any suggestions is appreciated! THANKS! πŸ™‚

  • annebelwind

    Hi Tati.. Nice routine! The first part was not so good for me. I had no energie today and couldn’t even do one pull pike hold. Only with my knees tucked.. so I did a pike hold on the dipstation. The second part I wanted to do everything proper form.. Only used no elevations. I took me 39 minutes.. Had to take many breaks. Did all push ups in series of 10… Stil am proud that i finished it.. Wanted to stop so many times because of my energie level today.. But didn’t.. Have a nice day…

  • Kate_CZ


    I finally found time and energy to do this upper body torture.

    GOOD ONE! I especially loved the first part. I think I will repeat it as a finisher/starter more often. ItΒ΄s short but very intense.

    Thank you!

  • oceansoul

    Oi finally after 3 weeks (holidays + moving) of no time for any workout I started out with this one.. it is so mean how fast strength decreases I guess I have some work ahead to do..
    I loved the workout though, my arms burnt already during round 4 of the first part πŸ™‚

  • tee_w

    hey guys! just did this workout today! part 1 was funny looking but I did what I could! lol
    for part 2 I did half of the reps as I thought it would have took more than an hour if I had done all. turned out half was perfect for me as I was spent at the end!. Pushups were not elevated, regenerate row I used 10lbs and did three sets of 5, bag pickup – my ball weighs 20.5lbs and has handles so I felt like I was cheating a bit! lol it could have been a little heavier, dive bombers were a little high on the narrow part and the last 5 were on knees, side laterals I used 10lbs sets of 5 reps, and lastly I did the sets of 10reps for the bent over laterals as I couldn’t lift the 10 lbers so had to use 5lbs and they were too light to only do 5 reps! great workout it took me 17min 32sec

    • Woot!! Good job.

      • tee_w

        thank-you, blush, blush!

    • Tee :),

      You’re making me so happy right now :)))

      • tee_w

        glad to! πŸ™‚

  • yboog

    I did this again tonight, love comin back to my favorites!
    Part 1: I was again only able to hold my body up with legs out for 5 of the holds.
    Part 2: 29:52 , a lil longer than before but I used 8lb for the 2 shoulder raising moves.
    Also, I was on my knees for the bombers after only 9.

    10 min hula hoop ; )
    10 min stretch

    • Hey Y:)

      I need to get a hula hoop or 10, cause these things are amazing and more of them you spin the better. I’ve always wanted to spin a bunch of them, they really tighten the abs.

      • yboog

        OMG! please as soon as you get 1 OR 10 please make a vid!!!

        • I know I totally need to, I’m gonna ask my husband if he can find me those professional hula’s and then I’m gonna practice :). One of my friends does a huge amounts of them, I think there is 20, check out her video:

        • tee_w

          I’d love to see you do a video of that (or Tatianna)

  • Lovies

    An other good workout! I wanted to die!! during the 50 push ups, sweat was falling from my forhead. Really loved this one too. Keep up the good work Tatianna, you make us work our but off… or arms for this one ;o)
    Good night!!!

    • I am so glad I can make you work your butt off! πŸ™‚

  • Skippie22

    Note to self: When Tatianna *herself* says that it’s a “very hard workout”, just prepare to pray for death! :o) WHEW!
    Seriously…”very hard” doesn’t really describe the hilarious incoherent babbling coming from my mouth as I stumbled to the shower after this one.
    I am following Tati’s “Advanced Workout Plan” weekly schedule after doing a “week off” (I’d been having overtraining symptoms AGAIN! After trying to get it together for over a YEAR! Gah!). For my week off, I did 20-45 minutes of yoga every day followed by 12-20 minutes of jumping rope. And it really helped. Monday I did the “Couture Strength” workout and felt GREAT…and I haven’t felt “GREAT” after a workout in a really long time.
    Uh…anyway! So I began with 5 minutes of Planks because that’s what the “Advanced” plan suggests. Minutes 1,3 and 5 I did (feet on floor) straight leg “reptiles” and minutes 2 and 4 just plank with elbows pushed out ahead as far as possible.
    I LOVED PART 1!!! It went by so fast and I was so happy to be feeling good working out, I was practically singing. :o)
    Those push-ups were fun and creative, but 50 was “mean” (just like she says!). And the rest of it just. kept. going. I used 40 lbs. sandbag, 10 lbs. dumbbells and it took me around 30 minutes (I forgot to end the timer because I just lay on the floor whimpering for a while).
    So yeah YIKES!!! SO glad that the plan suggests stretching tomorrow!
    Thank you Tatianna! It’s hard not to put you on a very high pedestal because you seem supernatural, but thank you for ‘doing life’ with us and teaching us so well! ~~love~~

    • Trust me girl, you will build up that strength easily :), the other day one of my Russian subscribers asked me on my Russian social site right underneath my video, she says : Is there anyone else alive in this world who can do this “. I was like, of course come to my blog, my whole group over there is doing it!

  • Mary Lou

    Loved it! Amazed what 2 months of the sharper abs did for me, I could actually hold the pull pike’s for all 10 rounds! My toes weren’t exactly as pointed as yours, but I’ll take it, as I’m sure I couldn’t have done them a couple of months ago. I halved the reps as I did this on a weekday and didn’t think I’d have enough time to crank them all out. 10 lbs on the regenerates, 20 lbs on the bag pickup (need more here), side shoulder raises were too hard with 10lbs so I dropped to 5lbs but those weren’t real challenging, need to get some 8lbers I think. 10lbers on the bent over flys. Followed by some serious stretching! Whew! Thanks, Tatiana.

    • Congrats Mary Lou! You’re words made me super happy πŸ™‚

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      hi Mary Lou, nice to see you here

      • Mary Lou

        Hi Gerri! Good to hear from you and it’s nice to be here for new and improved torture. It was getting too weird ‘over there’. Tati’s explanations are making my form so much better. Love it! I was going to do the strength beast today, but decided to wait until Saturday to really get into it. Wish me luck. I’ll be a puddle afterwards.

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          her wo’s are a many steps above BR stuff….we have a page you can join if you want …bunch of old timers and new people that just want honest dialogue

          • tee_w

            have facebook, have no idea what to do now! lol

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            go to the disavowed page and send a friend request….I’ll let Ethan know to watch for it

          • tee_w

            ummmm already been there, don’t know how, I have to figure that out! lol

          • tee_w

            asked my kid!

          • Gerri Lee Schafer

            cool…did you send a request? what name are you using?

          • tee_w

            Tati always called me teewee so thats what I used! Oh and I think I did, did the same with tati and she got it lol so I’m assuming ethan will as well! Lol

          • Gerri Lee Schafer


          • OMG Tee congrats πŸ™‚

  • sus

    I did this one last month. My time was 26 min 52 sec with some beginner variations.

  • oberlee

    This is a great workout. It wasn’t as hard as last time because I was expecting the worst this time! Ha! Plus I was actually enjoying the ass-kicking. I needed it today. πŸ™‚ Took me a few minutes less than last time. I finished in 38:44. I used all the same weights as you did. My clock push ups I did on my hall table, which is about 14 or 15 inches high. Last time I did it off my kitchen chair, which is about 18 inches high–that was too hard! This worked better. πŸ™‚ I did about 10 minutes cardio at the end. Oh–really great ab work in this one, too, especially at the beginning. The push ups, sit ups and regenerate rows are all great for abs! πŸ™‚ Hugs.

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    Thank you for this amazing workout!

    Started with a 10 minute warm up, 2-1minute plank variation sets, then Part 1, I did reverse pull up holds all the way up with straight legs using a dip station because I don’t have a pull up bar. Part 2 done in 35:40 without modifications, used 10lb dumbbells and 30lb sandbag. Finished with additional 2-1 minute plank variation sets and “Real Time Cardio #3” well, I am very energized for sure!! THank you Tati!!!

  • I did this routine about 10 month ago and it was very hard for me then. Today was a different story, the routine is hard for such but I was able to handle it better. I think I’m starting to like crabby …no longer feeling pain in elbows when I do it…pull ups here I come …lol.

    I used a 35lbs sand bag & 8lbs set of dumbbells for this routine.
    Warm up: 10 minutes, then 5 minutes of dynamic stretches….mainly trying to talk myself for part 1.

    Part 1: I held by hold with bend knees. for the 11 secs…no pull pike hold.
    Part 2: 43:28…Half of my regenerate rows done on my knees.

    For finisher: Real time abs & core routine, followed with Good Posture Challenge; and 10 minutes stretching.

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  • Olga Tihencaia

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