Lower Body Workout – Shake Your Sexy Tail

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Hi Everyone,

I have a new lower body routine 🙂 and it is a follow up to the ” Upper Body I Won’t Give Up Workout “. This routine didn’t come easy to me, because I didn’t get much sleep and I wanted to make all of the excuses in the world not to workout, so I turned to my motivator – the picture of Anna Kournikova! It just does something to me, when I see a picture of Anna I want to workout!

Do you have a motivator picture or something else?

I hope some of you already noticed the changes I made to the workout sections, now we have lower body workout routines separate from upper body workout routines, as well as full body routines and just abs. I think it’s so much easier to find them this way.

In this workout all I was using was my timer and my 40 lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems. I have to say even though I’m don’t like that I can’t adjust the weight in the bag, but I love the shape of it and how I can just lay it on my body without having it pressing on my spine like the sandbag does, maybe I have to figure out how I can adjust the weight without ruining the bag.

Before I go into workout explanation I would love to say and you know it’s coming 😉 – PROPER FORM IS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THEN SPEED! The second thing I would like to say, and you also know it’s coming is – WARM-UP. Warm up is the most important thing you can do before your training, it activates your muscles and prevents injuries to your back and knees, as well as the muscles.

One more little thing – at the end off workout explanation part, from now on there will also be explanations in Russian.  I had a lot of requests for that from my Russian subscribers on YouTube and of course I aim to please :).



Workout Explanation

This routine is a circuit training that I did for time. So set your timer as a stopwatch. There is going to be 5 exercises total and you will go through the following routine 4 times. The toughest thing for me was to keep the bag on while I went through the first 3 exercises, that’ was very challenging.

Complete 4 rounds

  • Squat to Backward Lunge & Knee Up – 20 reps ( Every Squat + Backward Lunge + Knee Up counts as one rep )
  • Jump Squats – 10 reps
  • Goblet Squats – 20 reps ( on the way up, try to make the movement slower then on the way down )
  • Bag Swing – 15-20 reps ( I did 15 )
  • Double Bridge – 20 reps ( Each bridge counts as one rep, so at the end you end up doing 10 bridges each way )


After I completed this routine, i did some moderate skipping and included different abs exercises in between. Since it’s closer to summer time we want to look our sharpest, that’s where a little bit of extra cardio come inn and fat comes off ;).

My time for this routine was – 25 minutes and 12 seconds ( I really pushed too ).


Have a wonderful weekend!



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  • Bibi

    Cool! I will do this workout tomorrow morning!
    Which abs exercise(s) would you recommend? 🙂

    • Hi Bibi 🙂

      Have you tried all around plank before? http://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/all-around-plank-exercise/  This is a killer core exercise, you pretty much raise your feet onto a chair and walk all the way around in a plank.  And you can also try this one as your cardio and abs workout http://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/killer-six-pack-workout/

      • Bibi

         Okay, thank you! The last days, I didn’t have the time to do this workout but I definitely will do it tonight! 🙂

        • I have to do a workout tonight as well 🙂

          • Bibi

            I did the all around plank, 3 sets of ten and 4 minutes of skipping between the exercises. And ooooooh my god, I was so done afterwards! First, my butt almost exploded from the combination of the lower body exercises and then my core did the same.
            And: My thighs and butt get firmer! Wohooo! Thanks to YOUR workouts!
            Wohooo! thank you so much 🙂 !!!

          • Bibi I am so happy to hear that!  You made my day!  Thank you sweetie 🙂

          • Bibi

             🙂 🙂 🙂

  • taltul73

    so excited!!!!!!!! i can feel the burn before i even started. i will do it later today. look so great and brutal. thanks.

    • Enjoy it! Have a wonderful day 🙂

  • inmotion

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    P.S. ??????????, ?? ?????????? – ? ???????????? :).

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha, skoree vsego ne pravilnaya fotka, nu a misli v drugom napravlenii toge normalno ( znachit vse otlichno so szoroviem 😉 ).

      • inmotion

        ??????, ?
        ?? ?? ???????… ?????, ????? ?? ?????????, ??? ?????? ????? ???????? ? ???????
        ?? ???, ?? ???? ????? :).

        ? ?? ???????, ??? ??????????? ???? ?????????????,
        ???????? ?? ?? ???. ????? ?????? ?????????? ???? ?????, ??? ????? ?????. ???
        ???, ? ????? ?? ??????????? :-). 

        • Da ya tak i podumala chto smotrya na Annu u vas poyavilas misl poigrat v tennis 🙂 LOL.

          Ya sejchas toge pojdu trenirovatsya, segodnya u menya Upper Body, mne nado plakat Anni kupit i povesit na holodilnike, chto bi ya ego otkrivala tolko dlya togo chto bi dostat ovochi :).

          • inmotion

            ?? ???????,
            ??? ??? ??????????, ???????? ? ????????????? ???? ???? ??, ????? ? ???? ???? ????, ???????
            ????? ?? ???? :-).


          • Nu mug vse ravno ne smoget potolstet emu rabota ne pozvolit, esli on poprovlyaetsya dage no killogram ego lavitor srazu ge daet emu ob etom znat :).  
            Nu a mne do moej lubimoj Anni Kurnikovoj echo prigat i prigat! 

  • Kane

    Tatianna, I have a suggestion. With exercises where L-R symmetry or multiple actions is involved, you might want to explain more clearly what one rep is.

    For example, in Squat to Backward Lunge & Knee Up – does left side and then right side count as one rep or two?

    And Double Bridge – does wide stance bridge + narrow stance bridge = one rep or two?

    • Hi Kane, 

      You’re right I din’t explained it so well :(.  I’ll explain it better next time, I will update this post too :).  Ok so here is how it goes:  Squat + Backward Lunge + Knee Up on one side counts as one rep, so all together is 20 reps with 10 on each side.  

      With the double bridge – one bridge counts as one rep.  So by doing 20 reps all together, you end up doing 10 reps for each.

      • Kane

        Thanks, Tatianna! I’m glad I didn’t do double this workout. It would have killed me 😀

        Also, Anna Kournikova needs to have a picture of *you* on her wall!

        • Me too cause I would of died if I went double.  But Bibi up there was super brave and went double, I’m sure I could’t handle that!

          You’re so sweet with you’r compliments, I’ve been in love with Anna since probably 10-12 years ago when I saw her playing tennis on TV.  I was like OMG who is that blonde Goddess?  I love her body so much and I love her hair even more.  I’m trying to grow mine now :).

      • Bibi

         Oh, haha, I did 20 per side and 20 of both bridges 🙂 ! Thats why my thighs are burning that much…at least I had an extra unit!

        • OMG, I don’t know how you came out alive, on the back lunges my legs were burning so much it was crazy.  I could of probably done 20 extra bridges but I wanted to keep going with the workout.  Good job you got an even better workout!

  • ltwin

    I did this one today and after 20 min. of interval skipping.. Feeling great!!! my butt is already sore ;)) so I think, tomorrow, I won’t be able to “walk like a lady” ;))
    Thanx for this amazing workout!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  • WorkItOutYourself

    This shook my tail pretty well :). GREAT workout ! when I was in the middle of the 3rd round I was thinking of not doing the 4th one, but I did them all ! I am so happy with myself. I didn’t time it, but it was well over 30 minutes, I needed some good breaks here and there.
    I really really like this format of exercising . I am so glad I found your website, Tatianna :).

    • Work It 🙂

      I’m glad you are liking the workouts, I also do love this format as well, it gives our body a break and I never feel overtrained.

      • WorkItOutYourself

        My legs and butt are a little bit sore today ( but only a little bit ). 
        Exactly, I always get the feeling that I recover and next time I feel stronger actually. I have to do some upper body today . I will search your upper body section :).

        • The new Upper Body Bootcamp is pretty good, it was pretty fun and made me super sore :).  It’s my lower body day today 🙂

  • Tough cookie

    Hello Tatianna,

    I have really appreciated this workout.  Drum roll!!!!!! I did it in 24:29!  Hooray!!!
    I am happy with myself!  Great energy today.
    Thank you.  And again : keep up the good work!
    See you later on for the upper body!

    • DAAAAARNN Tough Cookie you beat me!!!  

  • AlishisPhillips

    My time for this was 28:51…for 3 rounds.  I decided to quit…then I decided I WOULD not quit because my reasons for quitting were not good enough.  So I gathered myself together, and after a small break, I completed round four for an additional 7:48.  This was brutal.  I don’t want to do another squat for a long…long time 🙂

    • Ha Ha Ha, take a little break and recover.  I’m uploading a new lower body routine right now :).

  • Vivi

    Wow! I think this is my new favorite butt targeting workout. I’m sure me cheekies will be paying for it tomorrow! Slow and steady wins the race in this workout to be sure. I used a 40lb sandbag and did 20 reps for the swings instead of 15 reps. My time was 24:39.

    BTW Tatianna, like you, I found that having the sandbag on my shoulders for that length of time became a such a burden by the last round. My chest and upper back muscles started to constrict to the point that it was becoming difficult to take a deep breath. Thank heavens it only felt like that for the last round. I have a lot more admiration for Navy Seals with this new revelation. They have to train for hours and hours on a daily basis with even more weight on their back!

    • Oh yes, the navy they do some serious training.  I love to use navy and marine style routines, those are the best of the best!!!  I think it will also be fun to train in the actual sand cause its’ so much harder when you are on an uneven ground! 

  • Anastasia

    I was dripping sweat and finished this routine in 22:38. Great workout as always! Could feel my chest and triceps today from your yesterday’s upper body I won’t give up workout. Very intensive, challenging and motivating as always! Thank you very much

    • Hi Anastasia, 

      You are always welcome 🙂

  • Jos

    I have a 25lbs sandbag so would it be ok if I hold the sandbag in front of me instead on my back? For some reason my elbows feel hurt if I hold the sandbag on my back and doing jump squats with a sandbag on my back might not be the best choice to do since it’ll keep hitting my back. Any thoughts? This looks like a killer lower body workout!

    • Hi Jos, 

      You can definitely hold the sandbag in front of you, when you do so make sure your posture is straight and you are using your abs to hold the bag up. 

  • sus

    I decided to do this workout as my lower body workout. Let me say that I am covered in sweat right now! Good burn in the legs and booty!

    • Then you totally shaked your sexy tail !!!

  • Hi Sannia, nice time!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Did this one today because I was looking for a lower body workout, and I did the upper body one from this same week, so it felt good to “match” the workouts! This was a great, solid workout, and because it didn’t have a lot of one-legged stuff I felt less prone to possible injury. I think I have gotten WAY stronger because I don’t think a month ago I could do those three weighted squat exercises back to back–no way! I took my time on the first exercise, too, watching my form. It’s funny how things get harder once your form gets better!

    22:28 for me, then followed with an ab and cardio circuit that I mashed together from Strong Like Susan and just some other moves.

    I am off work for the week and going away, so I’m looking forward to switching it up with bodyweight workouts and some more running. We are going to this place with a state park with some amazing views, and I want to get some open air training in. 🙂

    • :), hey girl, I’ve been missing so many comments lately, now I’m seeing this one for the first time and you posted it 20 days ago.

      • Aw, you’re so sweet to respond! But it’s okay–you can’t always keep up with everyone’s comments! Although you somehow manage to, and we very much appreciate it. 🙂

        • I try all the time, I always want to make sure all of us communicate back and forth. But lately I’ve been noticing more and more comments I missed 🙁

  • aloen

    I started your pull up program today, and then I tried this workout.

    I dropped the weight and did 2 rounds in 13:47 before I had to stop – I’ll be coming back to it, though 🙂

    • I can’t wait to see your pull-up results 🙂

  • tee_w

    I was looking through my workout log tonight and I did this workout back in april but for some reason I was shy to put my score! 28min 17sec I loved it! (better late than never! lol)

  • Naomi

    Hope you don’t mind that I modified your workout, Tati! 🙂

    I have been missing some high intensity interval training so I decided to do high knees with the skipping rope after every exercise (making it 10 in total). I put my timer to 15 sec (rest) and 1 min (work) for 10 rounds. I went through the whole thing, took a little break and then repeated the whole thing one more time. Total workout time 20 mins. To finish I used the combo exercise from “Light As Air” but instead of spiderman push-ups I did 10 a tempo mountain climbers, roll, pike up, roll, push-off for another 5 mins. Then 5 mins on the treadmill!
    1) Squat, Backward lunge with knee-up 13, 112) High knees 99, 1113) Jump Squats 11.5, 134) HK 109, 114
    5) Goblet Squats 23, 22
    6) HK 113, 113
    7) Bag Swing 23, 25
    8) HK 95, 99 (?)
    9) Double bridge 19, 19
    10) KH 110, 118

    10 Mountain Climbers, Roll, Pike up for 5 mins – around 18 in total, but lost count.

    • Of course I don’t mind if you modify! Listen to your body and keep form :).

      We will be doing HIIT for the rest of the month and beginning of next, cause when it’s hot like right now, its’ better to just do it short and sweet workout.

  • Hey Petra,

    4 lower body days is too much, cause large muscles need more time to recover. ( I just saw your comment now )

    Next time do 2 lower body and abs, and just moderate cardio in the other 2 days.

    • Petra

      Thanks so much for responding! I did two lower body workouts with planks, no other Ab workout and on the days that I typically do upper I did full ab routines. Thanks as always:)

  • Jeanne

    Heya! Did this workout yesterday and struggled a bit with the first 3 exercises and too much weight. Then reduced it a bit and did the workout in 27 min 54 sec. Loved it because it uses minimal amount of equipment. It looks so easy, but it certainly isn’t. I love your VersaFit bag, it looks really comfortable and soft! Unfortunately, it is impossible to get it here (Norway), so I have to use a backpack (I look dumb with it, but who cares). Woke up this morning and had no pain in my leg muscles, so I thought that maybe I didn’t use enough weight, but man I am sore now!!! Sweet pain 🙂 Tomorrow is time for the Upper body and I hope my poor legs won’t prevent me from doing it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiration and great and innovative exercises. Cheers!

    • I realized that the versa fit is not worth to buy, that’s why I stopped linking to it. Cause you can’t adjust it and I noticed it started to get ripped a bit, you would be better off making your own.

      • Jeanne

        Oh, that is a good point. Maybe I can ask my handy bf to make me one. What about a usual fitness sandbag? They are less flexible and soft, but at least you can regulate the weight. They are also pretty expensive, but maybe it is worth it…

        • Hey Jeanne,

          You can get a regular sandbag on Amazon for half the price, or on ebay also for half the price and bigger one. I do love the shape of VersaFit and how it’s dropping the weight onto the front, it’s much less heavy on the back. I’m thinking about getting the sandbag, but the large 85lbs kind, that maybe a bit much but at least I can regulate it.

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Hey sweet Tati 🙂

    Thanks for a great butt burn! I did the workout in 15:19 min. and I truly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I only had 5 extra kilos on hand – but better than nothing! I have a few questions for you:
    Regarding cardio: which kind do you prefer and recommend yourself? I was a runner several years ago, which I started to dislike and stopped. Then I started to focus much more on strenght training, while still doing tons of cardio (cycling minimum 30 km. a day!). I was way more thin/slim back then but had much smaller muscle mass. Is that due to all the cardio? I still love cycling (fast and long!), but I am afraid it will ruin my muscle/strenght progress?I also really enjoy high-pace walking. Is that beneficial? Last one: would you NEVER recommend 2 lower body days in a row, if one of them is less intense? I hope I have explained myself well enough. Thank you in advance 🙂
    Much love, Maria

    • Hi Maria,

      Yes, if you want small muscle mass or no muscle mass then you can do a lot of cardio. If you want to have muscle then I recommend to only doing 10-15 minutes of light cardio after the workout.

      Fast pace walking is very beneficial, but again it will make your muscles mass get smaller if you do too much of it.

      A bit no no on the 2 days in a row lower body, because on our legs and butt we have very large muscles, these muscles need more rest, such as at least 2 and sometimes 3 days ( depending on a workout ) to recover and develop.

      • MariaBjørgJepsen

        Thank you so much for replying, Tati 🙂 It’s very kind of you to sacrifice your precious time for me! Great getting some beneficial tips.
        Love, Maria

        • Ahh Maria you are too kind, it is my pleasure to reply :), I do it with happiness!!!

  • Thank you so much for helping girlie 🙂

    • daybelis garcia

      No problem love, I know you’ve been busy and we are here to help you out:)

  • MariaBjørgJepsen

    Thanks a lot for helping out, garcia 😉 Very sweet of you!

    • daybelis garcia

      You are very welcome love

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    morning all. I decided to wear my weighted vest at 40 lbs for this entire WO. I didn’t add any weight for the swings, just did the motion….trying to rest my shoulder. Felt like a turtle stuck on its back trying to get back up after the bridges…lol. Nice combos….tried really hard to squeeze my booty at the top of every movement with a short pause.

    my time was 19:41

    did 1 minute plank before and after

    • tee_w

      turtle – hee hee! been there done that 🙂

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        it’s bloody hard getting back up when you have a 40 lb vest on….added a bit to the bridges too :)))

        • tee_w

          🙂 when I started this journey I weighed a good 30 – 35 lbs heavier … I remember it being very hard to get up off the floor, doing a get up ha ha! zuzana was holding a dumbbell, I tried to copy and discovered I couldn’t get up, dropped the dumbbell and still couldn’t get up, had to turn over onto hands & knees!
          we’ve come a long way baby! ain’t it cool!
          I can even do pullups now! 🙂

          • Gerri Lee Schafer


  • This was my second workout from your blog, and it was hardcore. it’s been a while since I sweat this hard, and I’ve been doing Bodyrock and Zuzana workouts before this! Can i just tell you I love you? Thanks for these great workouts!

    • Thank you so much for so much for your support girl!

  • September 17/12. Woke up cranky, felt cranky. I was glad I did this afterwards because its gave me the push I needed this morning.Yippy!!
    Warm up: 10 minutes
    Good Posture Challenge: 3 minutes
    Week 1 Round Booty & Firm Boooty Challenge: 60 reps Bridges
    It took me 26:78 to complete 4 rounds of SYST. I was packing all weekend and was kinda tired from that, so I used light weight (8lb set of Dumbbells).
    Week 1 Round Booty & Firm Boooty Challenge: 3 rounds
    – one leg bridges 15/15 per leg
    – Thight Booty Hold 30 Sec
    Cooldown & Stretching afterward for 10 minutes.

    • I know, we all have those days, usually if I wake up cranky I do my heart chakra meditation for 5 minutes and it totally lifts me up.

  • Sandra

    I just did this workout again and it’s a killer every time. I used a book bag with only 25 lbs in it. You rocked it with your 40lb bag! My time was 30 min. LOVE, LOVE,LOVE your workouts!!!

    • Thank you Sandra, I am so glad you love my workouts!

  • Evaleen

    I remember seeing this workout posted around the first time that I found LovingFit. (The picture above was instantly one of my favorites!) I was very unmotivated back then, but finally tried it last night, few hours after dinner and before bed. Used my 30lb bag for 3 rounds, and dropped it for the 4th as my back was starting to feel it (still had 15lb for the 20 swings). Time was 31:20, rather poor but I did at least manage about 20 min of bodyweight stuff afterwards, plus the booty extras.

  • Petra

    I revisited this workout today and was able to finish it in 24.46. Back in July (7/26) my time was 29.43. Even little improvement feels good.

  • OMG how do you do it? I made 3 rounds bodyweight only in 35 minutes, my legs are shaking! Great workout 😀

  • I did 4 rounds in 31 minutes using my 30 lb. sandbag and did 20 reps of the swings. As per usual I am amazed at you 25 min. finishing time with 40lbs. You can tell you were a figure skater, with such powerful legs……. I added 4 rounds of 10 reps weighted single leg squat and another 4 rounds of the double bridge exercise. I have a feeling my tush will be sore tomorrow. Thank-you:)

  • TatiFan Kathy

    27:28 with a 25 lb sandbag. SO HARD!!!!! Did 20 swings. 🙂 Thanks again, Tati!!

  • I did it in 27 minutes and 10 seconds using 8 kg weight and 20 reps of bag swing. Gracias Tati

  • Patricia Acosta-Ramirez

    wow, this workout killed me!! I did it in 32:10, no modifications and using a 31lb sandbag. Next time I will use an Olympic barbell because I can keep better form that way, the sandbag is too bulky and affects my spine posture it doesn’t matter how much I try to keep it just over my shoulders, if I try to hold it at the front my arms burn, ha!! or I can also try a weighted vest. we’ll see, I will try it again next week! Also, I don’t eat added sugar nor sweet treats and yesterday (Easter) I indulged in homemade merrionberry pie that I made for our family gathering. oh that was too much sugar into my system and today I felt so lethargic and with very low energy!! Yes, I confessed! 🙂

  • Brutal! Love it
    First two excercises 14kg sandbag
    Squats 23kg big dumbbell
    Swing 14 kg (I did 20)
    Bridges 14 kg (like to do it weighted)

    Then 20 min of HIIT burpee jump over bag (no push up) one death lifts, more bridges, jump lunge and twist with ugi… Sooo done!

    Thank you tati!,!

  • Cassidy

    30:21 with 30 lbs~
    This was my first fasted workout in a couple months. I stopped doing that for a bit to see if I liked “fed” training better, and I think I definitely do. I feel more motivated to push myself in the afternoon, too. 😛
    I wasn’t going to have time to workout later today, so I’m glad I did this early!

  • Cassidy

    25:38 with 30 lbs. again…I’ve decided to ask for heavier dumbbells for Christmas, so I can’t wait to try this again with a heavier bag. >:)
    I was craving simplicity today, and this hit the spot. <3 And I beat my old time by five minutes! I know it's about form, not speed, but I do love beating myself. 😛