Light Cardio & Abs Workout

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Cardio and Abs


Today’s workout I wanted to take it easy a little bit so I did some light and fun cardio routine. This type of training is good to do in between High Intensity Interval Training Workouts, because it gives your body time to recover and at the same time it keeps you moving ( we recover faster doing something better than nothing at all, it keeps the blood flow going ). This was a a very fun circuit and it went by pretty fast. I will share my time at the end of the post.

Read the workout explanation with full attention ( not just skip your eyes over it ), this way you will always know how to do the exercises properly!



If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.

Workout Explanation

In this workout I was using my pink toy aka “Lebert Equalizer “, but you don’t need this equipment to do this workout. You can use 2 chairs for leg lifts and a balance ball ( like in the picture above ) for bridge exercises, or just a chair ( I use to do that all the time ).

Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stop watch, if you don’t have a Gymboss you can use this free online stopwatch. This is a circuit workout made of 4 exercises, complete 8 – 10 rounds ( I did 8 ). Don’t take any breaks in between the exercises or rounds, the reps are not very high so it will give you the leverage to keep going without getting tired right away.

  • The skipping – on one leg with the other flexed – 30 reps each leg
  • Power Jacks – 10 reps

Notes: It is important to keep the bent leg flexed ( not dangling ), use your abs to hold that leg up.

Power Jacks are NOT like the regular jump rope jacks, they require more power from your legs to push off the floor. The feet should drive up as you jump back and forth, also it is very important to use your abs in this movement.

If you are a beginner – you don’t have to flex your leg, just do a regular jump on one leg. Instead of Power Jacks you can modify to regular Jump Rope Jacks.


  • Lebert Bridge – 10 reps on each side

Notes: In this movement it is very important to squeeze your butt at the top ( give it all you have! ), otherwise it will not be effective. I love to do these types of exercises because they firm the muscles from the outside inn ( lunges, squats etc, firm the butt from the inside out ).

It really requires both types of exercises ( inn and out ) to firm your glutes. I have a post about the techniques I use – ” How To Get A Firm Butt “.


  • Extended Legs Knee Lifts – 10 reps

Notes: As you can see in the video, I was extending my legs backwards while squeezing the back of my legs and butt. This move is very effective in firming the back of your legs and butt, but also giving your abs time to stretch before you contract them. Exercises where your abs stretch further are the one’s more effective.

Don’t rush, really pull your legs up you can even give it a hold for a second. This movement should be controlled ( not dangling ).

If you are a beginner, try just lifting your knees up, you don’t need to extend your legs backwards.

It took me 21 minutes and 17 seconds to finish this workout.


Share your scores!


The Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

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  • Hi, something seems to be going on with my commenting system, I just saw your comment right now.

  • Hi, something seems to be going on with my commenting system, I just saw your comment right now.

  • Gwyneth

    Just what I needed today:) I had an intense dressage lesson on my horse for 45 minutes,(Core! Core! Core!), but wanted to have a workout done today so I picked this and loved it. I did 8 rounds in 20:15. I used my Swiss ball for the bridge exercises. I used my dip station for the extended knee lifts so when I extended back I stayed suspended and never touched down–phew! That was tough! Thanks for another super workout, Tati. This site pretty much rocks my world.

    • Gwyneth, I am soooooo happy you like my site!!! I love that all of you guys are working out with me and sharing your scores, that totally rocks my world!

  • Christian

    Today is my active rest day! I did 4 round of this, followed by Yoga and long stretch!
    Have a nice weekend dear!

  • Did this today!
    My time was 14:54! The one leg skipping rope was a new to me and a killer!
    Rounded it up with the Booty Challenge;)

    Thanks again, Tati!:)

  • I was aiming for 10 rounds, but had to throw in the towel at 8 rounds. I did my bridge with a balance ball. I’m going to buy a lebert next year… find the dip station harder to use on bridges and also too high for me on some exercises.
    Warm up: 10 minutes, followed with 3 rounds of 1 minute elevated plank. I completed the 8 rounds in 25:52…by the 6 rounds my shins were feeling the PJJ. After the routine, I did 3 more rounds of 1 minute moving planks. My finisher was the full body stretching routine…is like giving myself a massage.