Legs, Butt & Abs – I’m Alive Workout

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Legs, Butt and Abs Workout Routine


Hi everyone,

Today’s workout was lower body focused routine and it was a follow up to ” Break The Rules Workout “. I got the name by the suggestions of one of my readers on Facebook, and this name of today’s routine fit perfectly, I was barely alive by the end. This was no joke, one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I used the concept of combos one’s again and there were a lot of reps. It’s good to switch up the training from time to time, this way we don’t hit plateau.

One thing that I always cannot stress enough about is a proper form. When we workout and use the proper form for every exercise, our body develops faster and better. Proper form is keeping your back straight, shoulders back, abs tight ( these are the basics for every exercise ). Try to use mirrors when you workout, and alway s watch your form.

Please remember to do a warm-up before starting to exercise. I have a full length video warm-up video where you can follow me along.


For workout recap and beginners variation fast forward the video.



Workout Explanation


In this routine I was using my timer, a chair, a pair of dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ), a balance ball and a 40 lbs Versa Fit bag from Power Systems ( if you don’t have a this then you can use either a dumbbells or kettle bells, or you can make your own bag that looks like mine, you can find full instructions on how to make a bag that looks like mine very un expensively, here is post with a video and the instuctions ).

This workout is broken down into 2 parts, first part is timed and second part is interval training ( with super short intervals and no breaks ). There is only one round of this routine, but there are enough reps to stress your muscles out efficiently.


Part one

Set your timer as a stopwatch. This routine is made of combo exercises and each combo counts as one rep.

  • Dumbbell Swing, Star Leap & Low Squat with Side To Side Leg Lifts ( all counts as one rep ) – 30 reps total
  • Chair Kicks ( 2 kicks counts as one rep ) – 30 reps
  • Bulgarian Split Squat & Bicep Curl – 30 reps per leg
  • Bag Clean, 2 squats & 1 overhead squat press ( the whole thing counts as one rep ) – 30 reps
  • Bridges On The Balance Ball – 30 reps
  • Myostatic Crunch – 30 reps
  • Toe Lifts ( I used my 40 lbs VersaFit ) – 30 reps


Part 2

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 15 seconds and 15 seconds and the total of 8 rounds. Or you can set it for 1 interval of 16 rounds. There are 2 exercises and you will go through them back and forth 8 times.

  • Jump Lunges with hands behind your head
  • Side To Side Forward Jump


My Scores

It took me 27 minutes and 56 seconds to finish the first part.

Part 2

1) 10, 8, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 5

2) 8, 7, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4



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  • WOW!!!! This is the best workout for our butts! ??? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ?????????? – ??? ???? ??????, ????? ????? ? ????????! ??????, ??? ?? ?????????… ? ??????! ?????? ?????????? super hard, ????? ???????? ??????????? ? ?????????, ??? ?????? ??????? ??? ??????????? ???? ?? ?????, ? ??????? ? ? ?? ??????????? ??????! ??? ??? ????????? – ????? ?????? ?????????? ???? ?????? – ? ?? ??? ??? ???????? ???? ? ????? ? ???? ?????, ?????? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ?????????????, ????????? ???????? ?? ???? ????)) 

    ??? ????? 41 ??????, ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ?????))

    ????? ???? ??????????? ??????????? ?????? ? ?????????? ??????????!)??????? ???? ???????????! ?? ????? ???????!

    • Isus spasibki bolshoe :), mne toge ponravilas eto trenerovka ochen, nado inogda menyat sistemu sklasivaniya upragnenij.

  • ??????! ? ??????? ?????? ?????! ? ???????????!! ? ???? ????????, ?????? ? ?????? ????? ???????? ????? ????????, ????? ???? ? ???)) ? ???? ????? <3, ?????? ??? ????? ?????? ??????????? ? ?????, ??? ??? ??? ??????, ??? ????????? ???????? ? ???? ? ??????,  ??? ?? ?????????? – ???????????? ? ???????? ???????)))) ?????! ??, ??? ???? ????? ???????? ????? ?????? ????????, ??????? ??????????? ?????, ? ????? ???? ??????????????? ??????? ??? ??)), ? ?? ???? ???????, ??? ? ??????? ????????? ? ??????????))

  • It was a true massacre workout, my time for the first part is 29 min 33 sec. and I really proud of it :), I didn’t even count my reps for the 2nd part coz my goal was to manage to finish it :D. But after all it was WOW!

    • I had fun with it as well :), I haven’t been this sore in a while!!!

  • Levanen Aeres

    OMG…it’s a tough tough workout and Iwill give it a try this week with some modifications (my weights are not heavier enough so I willl try with my kettlebell …I think I will be crying right in the middle and feel very alive (lol).

    My youtube ID is also LevanenAeres and I am waiting your cool down/stretching routine.

    Take care

    • I will definitely make a stretching routine, It’s time 🙂

  • Bibi

    Ooouuuuch my thighs!!! To be honest, I didn’t feel that much in my thighs and my butt after I had done  the first part. But when it came up to the jump lunges … oh my god. Afterwards, I couldn’t move my legs anymore and neede to pause in lying on my floor for  while 😀 !
    Great workout!!! Thank you!!

    • Hey Bibi 🙂

      That was the idea, the bodyweight at the end was just a good finisher to pull those muscles inn really good. I was pretty much on the floor my self, it’s tough to go through without rest, but sometimes it’s good :).

      • Bibi

         Hehe, you rather mean “burn out” those muscles than “pull them in” ;)! And yes, it’s tough at the end but the burn feels sooooooo good! And now, a few hours later, I am even able to climb the stairs again 😉

        • Yep, that’s what I meant :). I have another cool workout we will be filming tomorrow, omg it’s going to be crazy hard and it’s for the butt and legs as well, and some core of course. I usually put them together in a way so it tires out certain muscle groups, and when you add those extra exercises it gives it a really good burn, which will gather them all up and make them tight. 🙂

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  • Kane

    I consider myself fairly fit, and I’ve been doing Tatianna’s workouts for a while – and this was one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done! Split squat jumps + plank moguls were evil! Awesome!!!

    • Hey Kane,

      It was pretty tough for me as well! The reason It was harder then usual for us is because I switched up the way I put together the workouts, since it’s only one round, we have to get as much work as possible to activate all the muscle fibers.

      We’ll keep it this way for a bit longer and then we will switch it up again :).

  • Levanen Aeres

    Hi Tatianna,

    Did it this morning before going to
    work…this is the first routine since a very long time done before working and
    I’ve paid more attention to my warm up routine…

    I’ve made some modifications because
    my dumbbells aren’t heavy enough:

    Part one

    Kettlebell Swing, Star Leap
    & Low Squat with Side To Side Leg Lifts Chair Kicks Bulgarian Split Squat & KB
    overhead pressOne arm Kettlebell Clean, 2
    squats & 1 overhead squat press Bridges On The Balance Ball Myostatic
    Crunch Toe Lifts with Kettlebell in a
    wide squat position  (more
    challenging as my KB weighs only 6kgs)

    My time:
    33 min and 41 seconds

    Part 2

    (timer set it for 1 interval of 16 rounds)

    Jump Lunges with hands behind
    your head : 7, 6, 6, 5, 6, 5, 4, 4Side To Side Forward Jump 6, 6,
    5, 4, 5, 4, 3, 3, 0 (not able to finish… lol)

    Curiously, there will always be exercises you actually
    try to avoid because it looks scary…and all kind of side plank jumps or half
    burpees are part of my “black” list…this is very tricky to overcome
    self-restriction in your fitness journey. I was very tempted to change the
    second exo of Part 2 but this morning I told myself “Just give it a try” and I
    was thinking about the other title of one of your latest routines “Break the


    So I have to admit than even if the burn reached
    its height with this workout, my core is strong enough to do this kind
    of exercise and it’s time to break my own rules of kind of self-limitation.


    Thanks for those great combos.


    I wish you a belated very Happy Birthday:
    Health, Love, Peace of mind as always and a successful life journey!!!!

     Take care…

    • Yes, we have to break our own limits all the time. With exercise you just have to give it a little bit of a try and see if you can get the hang of it, the body adapts super fast, as long as you learn to do it in the proper form. If you learn with the proper form, it will become a habit.

      I use to practice this very simple trick when I did trapeze, and in the beginning I was so afraid to let go of the bar, it took me number ( a lot of numbers LOL ) of tries to actually let go, but I was still afraid to turn my body. It was seriously so scary, I would get tears in my eyes from fear. But once I overcame that fear and actually let go, I realized that it was a lot more simple then I thought, and the fear went away.

      I think the more we put things away and not try them, the harder it becomes to try it.

  • Tough cookie

    Hi Tatianna,

    First workout after a week off.  I know I’m gonna feel this one tomorrow!…Ouch!

    My time was 26:48.

    Thank you!

    • Awesome! Welcome back! I need to take a week off as well, maybe next week. But I will still film videos, probably about nutrition.

  • carmen riveira

    What an amazing routine. I loved feeling my legs burn with dumbbell swing, star leap and low squat and I thought I was either going to pass out or puke when doing part two. My time was 28m33s using 7.5 lbs dumbbells; although for bag clean, 2 squats and overhead squat press I did 15 reps using 7.5 lbs dumbbells and the other 15 reps with 10 lbs dumbbells. I hope I can biuld up to do the set with 10 lbs soon.

    Part two was challenging but here is my score and

    • Hey Carmen,

      That one was definitely a burner, you would be surprised how quickly your body will adopt.  Next time you will do this workout it will be so much easier.  Next time if you feel like you’re going to pass out, take a 30-40 sec break.

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  • ltwin

    Sdrawstwuyte Tatianna,
    I did this one today, it was a BRUTAL workout… I felt my heart pumping like crazy all the 28 minutes long.. The first part was more psychical challenge and the second part just… wow.. pure cardio and pure sweat 😉 spasibo boljschoje za etu trenerowku! o4nj o4enj ponrawilasj!!!
    Have a great day and lots of positivity!
    Poka, Lilja

    • Spasibo ogromnoe Lilija :), ochen rada chto vam ponravilas trenirovka 🙂

      Have a wonderful day 🙂

  • Christian

    Did this today, took me exactly 28 Min. This wasn’t only physical but also mental WO. Was happy that its only one round!

    • I need to do another one crazy round workout ))

  • Vivi

    I debated whether or not to do this WO because of the DB curls (my inner elbow muscles are still sore from another WO), but did it anyway. HOLY MACKEREL-Y! I had rivulets of sweat streaming down my face within minutes. The first exercise combo looks deceptively easy, but it WASN’T. At all. I had to shake my legs out after every 8 reps or so. I used 10lb DBs for Swing-Leap-Squat-Lifts combo and Bulgarian squat curls; 25lb SB for Clean-Squat-Press combo, and 40lb SB for Toe Lifts.

    I completed the 1st part in 22:55. I couldn’t remember if I counted left and right Chair Kicks as 1 rep, so at the end of the circuit I added another 30 reps counting each kick as 1 rep.

    Part 2: 14-7-5-5-6-5-6-6
    I can’t believe I remembered my reps for part 2 without writing them down immediately after the beep. That never happens. It must be the powers of the Maca powder. :):)

    • Ohh the Maca can have that effect on people :))), how are you taking it now?

  • OOOOHHH my gosh!!! Why did you add on part 2, why? WHY? WHHHHYYYY???!!! 🙂 Part 1 was definitely hard enough. I couldn’t keep score on part 2. I didn’t even count. Part 1 I used two 10lb dumbbells, my 35lb sandbag and for the toe raises I used two 25lb dumbbells, so 50lbs. Oh, and my balance ball, of course. I love the balance ball–one of my favorite pieces of equipment. 🙂

    Part 1 took me 30:11. I was careful to really watch form for all the exercises. This workout actually reminded me of Zuzka’s old workouts. She used to put together combos like that. They are really challenging, doing those sorts of combos with a high number of reps all at once. They are challenging mentally as well as physically. They aren’t the most “fun,” per se, but it’s great to hit that 30th rep!!!

    Well, I loved this workout. Definitely don’t need cardio after this one. I was huffing and puffing and groaning the whole way through, LOL! No ab add-ons for me today. Thanks, Tatianna! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  • ????? ??????????!!! ??? ?????? ?????? ????? ? ?? ?????? ???????. ?????? ?????? ????? ? ?????????? ??? ???????? ? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ???.
    ??????? ???? ??????? ??????!!! ?? ????? ???????, ? ??? ???? ??? ????? ????

  • daybelis garcia

    well i dont know how I am alive after this grueling workout, i have to say hands down this is the one I struggled the most. The first combo and the bulgarian split squats were hell. I focused on form nevertheless and finished in 35 minutes. Before i warmed up and did 3 minutes of planks, after I did 19 minutes skipping and planks again:)

  • daybelis garcia

    oh yea part 2, I didnt even bother to count lol

  • Anastasia

    Hi Tatiana,
    Thank you for another great “toughy”! I did this workout today after taking a recovery week and it was not easy, but I pulled through and felt great as always 🙂 I also did the booty challenge which was very challenging considering that there were many exercises incorporated in this routine which already involved booty muscles. Looking forward to experiencing a nice masochistic burn tomorrow 🙂 P.S. Have V. Zeland’s books finally arrived? Greetings from DK

  • I did this one today and I almost died (well, that’s a bit dramatic). I thought I was closer to the advanced stage, but with this workout, I felt like a beginner! But even after just a few weeks of your workouts, I already see improvements. Definitely less of cellulite, and I’ve pretty much given up on that aspect before! Pretty darn exciting!

  • Yay! This is a really great workout! I redid it, and I totally did NOT go fast for the sake of going faster (I promise, Tatianna! I feel your third eye watching!!! 🙂 ) and I shaved about 3 min off my time–not bad! I think it’s because I was able to push through more of the big combos without as many breaks–like the first one and the squat/press one especially. Anywho, Two 10lb dumbbells for the star leap combo, 35lb sandbag for the squat and press combo, and two 25lb db’s for the toe raises.


    part 2: no scores, but I managed 11 jump lunges round one, and 8 or 9 v-hops, and by the end that was down to 6-8 jump lunges and 4-7 v-hops.

    Finished with Simply Cut Abs! Feeling spectacular! 🙂 Thanks as always.

  • Naomi

    Part 1: 31:44 with 4+4 kg dumbbells and 18 kg sandbag.
    Part 2: I had no chance when it came to counting my score! So hard for the core..!

    This workout was long, hard and draining. Exactly what I needed for the weekend!

  • Warm up: 10 mins, then good posture challenge
    Part 1: set of 8lbs DB, 35lbs and bag & medicine ball
    Part 2: Completed 16 rounds …since there was no rest interval I was not able to write reps.
    Cool down & stretched for 10 mins.

    • Did after doing Legs-butt-and-thighs routine.
      Part 1: 26:32 used 10lbs KB for #1 & #3, 35lbs bag and med ball
      Part 2: Average 9-10 reps for prisoner jump lunges. 7-8 reps for SSFJ.