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Hi Everyone,

Today I have another fun lower body workout which includes isometric training in the first part of the routine.  As you know if order for our body to keep progressing we have to switch the style of our training all the time, because our body adopts to training very fast if we don’t change it, we will hit plateau, that can be frustrating.  This routine will throw your body for a loop!

Before I explain your the workout I would like to say Thank you to Lilija for being a sweet Angel and sending me a new Gymboss, because on my old one the clip broke :(, and now I have a whole new timer with a full on working clip :).

As some of you already know if you are friends with me on Facebook that last week I hit a really rough patch and things seemed to crumble pretty quickly.   Right now things are still getting worked our and I pray that they do, if things do end up working out and I’m staying positive and keeping my hopes up, then I will share more details with you guys on what happened.

I’m just a big believer that when we have problems it’s best to keep the details to our selves until things workout, because when we share the negative things with others, we our selves as well as others invest energy into those things which makes bad things happen even more like plague.  I always teach people to look for lessons in life and not problems, and invest your energy only into positive outcomes, then the negative will disappear.   From my personal experience when life shakes us to the core it means that there is something we are not seeing clearly, and we have to get out of our comfort zone and look closer.  That’s how we find solutions.  In order for us to discover something new we have to let go of something old, it’s part of the 11 Laws of the Universe, or to be exact it’s the Law Of sacrifice.  We need to sacrifice something old to discover new possibilities, we need to not spend time mourning what’s lost only then the new things will freely come into our life.  If we sit around crying and thinking why why why is this happening then we are blocking our energy and we will become stuck until we learn to let go.

Now let’s workout!  But not before warming-up first 🙂 and practicing the proper exercise form in the mirror.  



Workout Explanation


Please make sure you watch the workout recap part of the video, because some of the exercises like ” Skater Lunge ” look deceiving in the video and need a proper explanation.

In this workout I was using a proper form, my timer, my 40 lbs Versa Fit Bag from Power Systems
, and a pair of 20 lbs dumbbells ( 10 lbs each ).  This workout is broken down into 2 parts and you will complete both 2 parts for the total of 3 rounds.


Part One – Isometric Interval Training

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 11 seconds and 11 seconds for the total of 10 rounds.  Or you can set your timer for 1 interval of 11 seconds and the total of 20 rounds, you pick :).  There is only one exercise and you will quickly switch legs as the timer beeps, trust me this is a lot harder then it looks so don’t bring your pillow !


  • Weighted Isometric Back Lunge – Keep your abs pulled in at all times and your back straight, try not to take any breaks at all and push really hard!


Part 2 – Proper Form Time Challenge

Set your timer as a Stopwatch.  There is 4 exercises.


  • Dumbbel Swing – 30 reps
  • Skater Lunge – 20 reps each leg
  • Proper Form Jump Tuck – 30 reps
  • Weighted Toe Raises – 25 reps


Both parts of this routine are done 3 times total.  I was totally done after this workout and I didn’t do any cardio.  But if you have a few lbs you need to loose then you can do 10-15 minutes of very light cardio ( not intense cardio or you will loose muscle ).


My scores

Part 2

Round one took me 5 min and 37 seconds, Round 2 took me 6 min and 54 seconds, Round 3 took me 7 min and 21 seconds.



Fitness Tip –

If you guys ever notice in my videos that I almost never move my face muscles when I workout, I hope you know that I do that on purpose, it comes with practice though.  When we workout the only muscles that should be working are the one’s we are working on, our face always needs to be in a relaxed state then you will create better results on your body.

Another thing that is absolutely necessary when we workout is visualization.  When we workout we need to visualize that our body is burning fat and building muscle, we have to feel it and concentrate on that, our mind is as much part of this process as our body, don’t’ ever think that you can build your body without involving your mind.  The mind is the one that gives results, exercise only stimulates the muscles but if you want to look a certain way, you have to have it down to a detail in your mind.


PS – I’m not sure if you noticed but I’ve started naming my workouts after my favorite China Glaze nail polishes, cause I am a bit of a polish freak LOL :).  I just though it was a fun and original Idea and it fits me very well :).

I also wanted to share with you another cool fitness site I found – Konkura Sport.  It is a website where people from all over the world share their fitness challenges and you compete agains each other.  Check it out it’s fun :).



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  • Chrissy

    Don’t think I didn’t notice your nails always look fabulous! I love nail polish too, I must have 30 bottles. Sadly I have a job now where I use my hands a lot and it chips the polish off the first day 🙁 but it is transitional, in a few years I will have a whole different life and my nails will be beautiful again!

    • Sometimes we got to do what we got to do, but don’t worry just like you said in a couple of years you can have all kinds of nails done!!!  For now you can have one of those super hold gel nail polishes, I’ve heard they last 2 weeks.  I have yet to try it because I get bored and have to change my nail color every few days :), but I’ve heard good reviews about it :). 

  • sus

    I love the idea of naming the workouts after nail polish.  There are some really creative nail polish names out there! I am still praying that everything works out and gets resolved.  I think I will do this workout tomorrow. It looks really hard! 

    • Thank you Sus, I am really praying as well.

  • Ellen65

    Boy you weren’t kidding about the isomeric holds. My legs were burning but it was good! It would be fun if in the video you wear the same polish the workout is named for. Maybe that is changing polish too often though.  Hope the blog problems are getting resolved! My positive thoughts are going your way!

    • Thank you so much Ellen, my fingers are crossed X.  I did think about wearing the same polish as the workout name, and in some of them I will definitely do that :).

  • Tati,
    I totally agree with you! Sometimes we are good to complain, but we have to try to see things in another perspective, to be able to find a solution and keep advancing.  And when people says: “The only thing that doesn’t have a solution is death, if we are alive there is still something to do!” Is so true!!!  So, I always try to say to myself, when things go wrong…  Be thankful, because probably it could be worse! So, all what I can say now, is stay Strong and positive, because when you think positive, that’s what you get back to you (positive things)!!  And, I also wanted to say that we are also lucky to have you! You’re a good motivation and inspiration for us! You’re a kind person and I really think you deserve good things! So thanks for keeping up with all what you do and for making us part of it!

    I’m really glad you got another gymboss!! That was so nice of Lilija!!  So, now be careful and try to not break that clip!! loll (joke)! I never heard of isometric training before! I’m going to do this awesome and chalenging routine on Thursday! Thx for another great routine!

    Stay blessed,

    • Hi Eli, thank you so much for your support and kindness, I feel like things are starting to look up cause I am trying my best not to freak out and stay positive, it works so far :). I am definitely thankful cause as you said things could be much worst, and the good thing I am still alive so this will be passing soon 🙂

  • jt

    Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but mostly good things happen to them 🙂 so I wish there’s a good outcome of the unfortunate situation you’re living. You know we’re a bunch here sending the best thoughts 🙂
    On another note, what a wonderful gesture by Lilija!!! :DNow about the workout… The isometric holds were hard as hell! About to give up on the 16th round on the first round. The next rounds were somehow more “bareable” but I didn’t think I was going to have the energy to do them!! Oh and the jump tucks… what can I say… I have a love/hate relationship with them 😛 It took me 200% of concentration to get through them. I even had to strategize the rep count so that they didn’t feel so hard and long (count by 10). The skaters were a lot of fun though!! I have a great time checking form and keeping the best balance possible every time, because it’s such an elegant movement, you don’t want to look like a drunken swan lol. Oh and the toe raises!!! BURNNNNN!!!!My times: part 2 – 7.48 / 7.58 / 8.05 I used 1,5 kg dumbells (each) and a 4 kg sandbag. I’m having some thoughts on getting of making a weighed vest to avoid going to hard on my neck. What’s your opinion about them, Tati?Then did 5 minute skipping and the compulsory stretching 🙂
    Have a nice day everyone 🙂

    • Hi JT, I love weighted wests, I say go for it!!!  They are great to have you can even go for a run with them, the only thing is they can be hot in the summer.  You can also try making something like my bag, all the sand falls to the front when you place it on your back, so it’s not pressing against the spine so much. 

      I am like you with the jump tucks, I love, I hate it, I’m over it, I love it – that type of thing LOL 🙂

    • The drunken swan was so funny! loll
      Have a nice day too!!

      • jt

        Nice Thrusday over there 🙂

  • taltul73

    my dear dear Tatianna, i have one thing to tell you: Ouch, Ouch and Ouch. the Isometric back lunges…. that was a killer. and in part 2 the hardest for me was the tuck jump. after i did 2 rounds i almost gave up on doing it for the 3td time. but i did not. i used 10 kilo sand bag for the lunges and also for the swing and toe raises. 
    my time was 5:14
    5:03 and 4:48
    i wish you blessing and sending my prayers.

    much love 


    • Hi my sweet Tali :), thank you so much for sharing

      Hugs 🙂

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    First of all hope your problems are getting resolved soon, sending you positive thoughts..Ok, the  Isometric Back Lunges were KILLER, i was cursing you in the second round, in the 3rd round i drop the weight! But loved it!Tuck Jumps are my list favorite exercise, i almost gave up on doing the  3rd round, glad i did it tho.Part 2 took me.. 5.52/  6.18  / 6.11  The  Toe raises i did  bodyweight!Have a good day!

    • Hi, thank you very much :), your time is pretty fast, that’s great!!!

  • Tough cookie


    Hang in there!  I am sure you are a “tough cookie” too!


    • Thanx my little Tough Cookie 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    Wow, I haven’t lost so much sweat during a workout. I need a new yogamat. When I went downstairs to grab my proteindrink and banana, my boyfriend asked in shock if I was okay, haha. Yes. I’m okay, I feel amazing!! *weird look on his face*.

    I have used a 10 kg kettlebell, 10 kilo bag for the isometric lunges and toe raises, but in the end.. those jump tucks are seriously my menace! They are horrible, haha. I couldn’t do the high knee jump tuck, because motorically, I couldn’t figure it out… *arm went somewhere, knees flew up, forgot to jump, ect*, so that was my only modification.

    My score:
    round 1: 8:19
    round 2: 7:44
    round 3: 8:15

    ps; what you said about not implementing ninja tucks; I’ve seriously hurt my back in the past while doing a ninjatuck, it shot right up my back. Two weeks later I had an SI-joint infection. Never doing those again, scares me shitless seeying those. o.O

    • OMG that is crazy, yeah I know that those ninja jump tucks are extremely dangerous even to people who are advanced, it’s like a hernia waiting to happen, I just wish I could warn enough people before it does. You can use a variation ( I showed it in one of my older videos ) where you slowly roll off your knees into a standing position then do the tuck, but eve that variations has to be done very carefully. 

      • KirryKaatje

        I’ll definitely look into that variation. 🙂
        But, If I’m honest; that ninja-tuck experience and the infection got me a little scared, because I even modified those proper form jump tucks I did today, because I was afraid the firm landing on my feet would cause the same effect.
        My si-joint sometimes acts up again, so I wonder if you can give advice concerning this: when dealing with lowerback pains in the past, should I keep my jump tucks modified to beginners mode in which you land softer, or, what would your advice be? (I hope i’m not bothering you with this, but it keeps bugging me and the fear holds me back in my progress). Thank you in advance, Tatianna! You’re the best! Xx 

        • Of course you are not bothering me, I always love to help.  I think you should put your health first, I am also afraid for your joint, just do the beginner variation.  Trust me you don’t want to push it if it’s gonna cause you pain, because later it can get worst.  We have to listen to our body first. 

    • I almost could picture the scene of you and your bf with a shock face! Hahaha so funny!!
      Have a nice day!!

      • KirryKaatje

         Hehe, thank you. Have a great day yourself. ^^

    • Vivi

       Oh my! That is serious business! I A sacroiliac joint infection is often associated with chronic inflammatory diseases with a genetic predisposition. Isolated infection of the SI-joint is rare and Staphylococcus aureus is responsible for most infections. If pain with warmth, swelling, (accompanied by fever) occurs just on one side, a pyogenic infection may be the culprit. I hope you have been thoroughly examined by a good doctor to rule out hereditary factors, and/or so you know how to prevent recurrence or manage ongoing inflammation that could result in cartilage or bone destruction, bone fusion, or joint widening. Good luck to you Kirry and take care!

      • KirryKaatje

        Wow Vivi, your information is pretty big. To be honest; I haven’t been examined by a good doctor. All I did was visit a physiotherapist for about 3 months and he told me this and the general practitioner just told me to take ibuprofen and rest… I don’t like practitioners a lot. -.-

        My back is still a very weak spot and I can’t ride my bike or go swimming for a long period of time anymore, because it just hurts for a week afterwards and sitting will be hell. I’m guessing the continues motion is the cause of the pain. I can walk for a long time, but had to give up on jogging. i guess due to it’s impact on the lowerback. Also, I did Nordic Walking, but this was also too sensitive on my back.. It sucks so hard, because I love to jog.
        I can bend over well, also to the sides,  but leaning backwards hurts. It’s just weird and it puzzles me.

        And I’m indeed very afraid that in the long run, I might end up with bone degeneration in that area or cartilage damage and it doesn’t help that I have a job that requires a lot of lifting and motions that are not the best for my back. (working on a new career as we speak. ^^) So I watch my form and motion all the time. (lift vacuum with no hump, haha.)

        When I work out, I don’t do crunches anymore, nor those scary ninja tuck jumps. Exercises that require raising your legs while laying on your back are also touchy, so I bent my legs to lessen the load. When I’m tired I just step back into plank when doing a burpee, instead of jumping. I have been religiously practising my squat and push up form to make sure my back stay well in form. I don’t know what more to do and I have noticed that when I stop working out, it gets worse, because the backmusles get stiff and lazy. I also noticed that I need to stretch my hipflexors and hamstrings very well to lessen the backpain. I know about a link between lowerback pain and tight hipflexors, so maybe the answer lies in that area, so I’m working on those stretches as well.

        Thank you for your post, Vivi. It warms my heart to see someone takes the time to share their knowledge with me, as Tatianna does as well. Xx And this was a good opportunity to actually write down stuff. I can just copy and paste this to a doctor. ^^

        • Evaleen

          Wow, am so sorry that happened to you. 🙁 But thank you for letting others know so they understand the risks in trying crazy moves! Hope too you find more remedies for your problem.

          I’ve fortunately always been hesitant to try those ninja-tucks myself. I’ve done very little in sports (so I’m not athletic) and being somewhat overweight, it just didn’t seem safe. :0 Even regular tuck jumps worry me, cause I think of my knee injury from many years ago, that took months to heal. But I was doing WAY too much exercise back then, three hours a day– so no wonder that happened to me.

          • KirryKaatje

            Thanks for your reply. 🙂 Aslong as I don’t do any crazy stuff I’m okay. I can still swing those lovely kettlebells or squat with 10kg. Just no sudden impact moves like those tucks and also no crunches, cause that area will compress too much. So, I find replacements and it all works out. 🙂

            You have a knee injury? That’s also a huge pain I can guess. I can imagen those tucks are a bit scary to do. Can you do mountain climbers or squats or are those also hard on your knees? Wow, three hours exercise a day. O.o If I do that I wouldn’t be able to stay awake the rest of the day. 🙂

          • Evaleen

            The knee thing is a past injury, but I’ve avoided most high-impact stuff (like extended running/jogging) since then… I’m afraid to push too far to see if it still affects me. Otherwise, if I just pace myself with jumpy moves, no problems. 🙂

            And it’s great that you’re making the best of your situation, I find it inspiring actually! In contrast, it’s so disappointing when I see those close to me just give up, instead of working around their obstacles. I realize I’ve been very lucky myself (no ailments or accidents most of my life), but I’m a firm believer that strength and health are ALWAYS worth fighting for– no matter what!

          • KirryKaatje

            That’s the spirit Evaleen. 🙂 And you’re totally right. Everyone can follow their own path to health and strenght. Nothing is impossible. 🙂

          • steffi_dk

            Yeah, I´m glad, too, now, that I wasn´t able in the past to do those. Have enough problems with my back already! 3 hours of exercising, that sounds crazy!

  • sus

    Just completed this workout.  I almost gave up after the 2nd round because I didn’t want to do any more isometric backward lunges. Haha, but I didn’t.  Those hurt SO much! I am drenched in sweat right now.  Here are my scores for Part 2:
    Round 1: 5.57
    Round 2: 5.13
    Round 3: 5.51

    I did have to modify the tuck jumps to jump squats because the neighbors below me get really mad if I do the tuck jumps. Jump squats don’t sound as much like an elephant when I do them. Ha.

    I used 20 lbs for the swings and calf raises. I am so ready to eat and shower now!

    • Ha Ha Ha, I can totally picture your neighbors!  It’s great to do them once in a while because they work the fast twitch muscle fibers, but we can’t do them too often because they are quite invasive to our back if we don’t do them correctly. 

      • sus

        I do my laundry at my brother’s house, so those are the only times I can do exercises like that. Their dog doesn’t like me doing them either…thinks it’s a game. 

  • HC

    I am calling this one the push your limits workout, cause I didn’t think there was any way I would get through the 3rd round of isometric lunges 😉 I made it though! My times for the second part were 5:40, 5:36, 6:39.

  • WorkItOutYourself

    Dear Tati,
    I am sorry to hear you have problems, but as long as you are healthy and have the loved ones on your side, you will sort it out, whatever that might be. And you have the right attitude ( that everything is a lesson somehow ), so you’re on top of it :).
    I so so love the fact that you go for the safe exercises. I many times wonder what’s the point of doing those ninja jump tucks ( which have high risk of injury ) when you can get the effects with a safe exercise ? and many other exercises for that matter. You’re not in it to show it off, you’re doing it for your own health and strength.
    Positive thoughts going on your way :). Look how many readers you have lately. Word is out about you, my friend ( wink :).

    • Thank you my sweet love :), where have you been I’ve been missing you :).  I know that things will pass, and you are right I have my health and my loved one’s, and of course I have all of you guys, the rest will work it self out!!!

      Hugs 🙂

      • WorkItOutYourself

        Tati, I have been missing you too :). This month was a tough month for me and couldn’t workout properly. I even had to drop my push up quest. That’s why I say, you have your health, that’s priceless, everything else is doable.
        You have all my support. Things will work out for something better :).

        • Thank you Work It :), now we need you to get better as well and you will I am sending you positive vibes :).

          • WorkItOutYourself

            Thank you, Tati !

          • 🙂

  • sarroz21

    Hi Tatianna,
    My brother and I did one of the challenges from the Konkura website (love it by the way). it was 20 squats 20 split jump lunges, 20 lunges, 20 jump squats times 5 rounds. The time to beat was 7 minutes ,but i managed to finish is 12:22 and he beat me w/ 11:50! I love a little competition 😉 As soon as I am able to properly walk again I will tackle this workout.

    • I am so glad you guys tried it :), that’s awesome!!!

  • Hi Simona, thank you so much, you’re comment made me smile 🙂

    I will definitely make a vlog about training myth 🙂

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  • Jenny the Swede

    Bam! Breezed through it! ;))) It was some really good pain. I wonder how it will feel tomorrow! I used 2×5 kg for weighted lunges and 1×5 kg for swings. Didn’t feel any problems in the shoulder (as we wrote about sometime ago). It might be because of the low weight.

    Round 1: 07:14
    Round 2: 06:53
    Round 3: 06:51

    After a lovely protein smoothie, I will hit the shower. See you!

    • Hey Jenny, 

      Thank you for sharing :), enjoy your smoothie and shower 🙂

  • Hi Nina, 

    You make me laugh girl!!! I am so happy you finally tried my workout 🙂 🙂 :), thank you so much for sharing.  Let me know if you ever have any questions I am always happy to help.  You will definitely loose those extra lbs, it’s all about good nutrition and switching the style of training which I do quite often so we don’t hit plateau :).

    See you tomorrow 🙂


  • WorkItOutYourself

    Hi Nina ! Good to see you here, girl ! You finally came to the GOOD stuff 🙂

  • ltwin

    Dear Tati,
    WOW – my legs are burning after this torture 😉 I loved it!!!
    My scores:
    Round1: 05:44, Round2: 06:16, Round3: 06:03
    After this great workout I did an abs WO and now I’m done.. and very satisfied 😉 Thank you so much for that!
    You’re such a good trainer!
    All your work and effort will pay off…see how your blog is becoming famous 😉 more and more people are coming to your fabulous site..and it’s all because of you and your great work!! I wish you all the best – ti prosto klass!!!

    • Lilija dorogaya moya, spasibo ogromnoe za poddergku 🙂

  • midimidi

    whoa! I have just left another site and have happened upon this one and i am thrilled.  it was hard for me to give up on the other site, I was a devotee but there was so much negativity that that became the focus and not the workouts.  i slowly quit doing their workouts and was just putting my own together….finally, after a lot of frustration I am ready to not  care about that drama.  I don’t even want to look at their site.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to work out and stay motivated but I know I can and that their website and drama was sucking me in and making me feel negative and worked up.  lo and behold you came and I feel inspired again and not like I am at by myself.  thank you for the nice post and the workout!

    • Hi there, 

      I am very happy that you regained your motivation again.  I’ve learned in order for us to attract new things into our life we have to give up the old things, sometimes it can be hard because we form a certain habit, but if we do, than even more great things will start to happen.  

      Let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

    • Tish

       I was on that other site as well and was thrilled when I came across Tatianna’s site.  I tell everyone about it !!

      • Thank you so much Tish :), I really appreciate your support 🙂

    • 1Ivana

      Hi you…nice to have something like this when we needed it…
      How do you like this workouts?? I just tried one but I will most definitely come back for more..:)

      • midimidi

         hey Ivana!  I really liked this one it was super hard with just two dumb bells 12lbs each.  I am doing the abs later today. I like the variety here!

  • Jos

    Did this one today at 4:30 am and totally killed my quads, especially the first part! I had to ditch my 35lbs sandbag at the last 5 intervals in 3rd round.

    Part #2:
    6:23 / 6:05 / 6:39 – used a pair of 8lbs dumbbell and 35 lbs sandbag

    Will share my vid sometime this week 😀 Hope you could criticize my forms 😀

    • Jos, I’ve seen several of your vids, you’ve been pretty good with form 🙂

  • Tish

    Finally got to this one today.  I used a 30 lb sandbag and two 10 lb weights.  Those isometric lunges were brutal!!  I actually thought I could only do 2 rounds but kept going.  Part 2:  7:01; 5:54; 5:44.   I did 40 minutes of cutting the grass after this workout. 

    I have to say I really feel confident doing these workouts because I know I have a knowledgeable trainer to follow.  Thanks again, Tatianna !!

    • You are very welcome Tish :), let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • sarroz21

    I finally did this one after being sick for a few days and just resting, drinking tea and stretching with yoga. I am back! The first part was sooooo painful, but in a good way! the other three rounds were 5:29, 4:37 and 5:04.
    good workout tatianna, thanks

    • Samantha, you know you were suppose to do the 1st part twice right?  Both parts were suppose to be twice 🙂

  • sarroz21

    we did part one, then part two – three times? i thought that is what i read above. either way i am sore! lol

    • Yes, part 3 was 3 rounds, but you were suppose to do both of them twice 🙂

  • midimidi

    did it, it was crazy hard, the isometric training. i am very used to interval training, timed challenges, but I haven’t done any isometric training ever, besides wall sits.  10 seconds is very long.  i did 2 12 lb weights.  part two is 4:49, 4:39 and 4:09.  Good to see other workout buddies here!  Tati can I do weight training afterward? hamstrings and butt?  I am trying to build  more muscle.  I also do cardio 20 minutes of skipping or 40 minute runs or 20 minutes stairs sprinting. I just recently added these in because I want to lean out a bit. am I going to hurt my muscles that I am building? thanks~!

    • Hi there, 

      You can definitely add more hamstrings and butt if you like, but if you want to build muscle then 20 min of cardio is a bit too much.  You would want to do 10-15 minutes of very steady not too intensive cardio.  This will lean you out without making you loose muscle. 

      • midimidi

         thanks tati! I don’t want to lose the muscle that took forever to put on!

        • Yes that’s what I always say and that’s why I don’t do too much cardio.  We want our muscle 🙂

  • Kate I am really happy you finally tried one of my workouts, they always look more simple then they are :).  I have another pretty interesting isometric workout which I remember was insanely hard, check it out when you get a chance :

    • Kate_CZ

      Spasiba! 🙂
      For tomorrow I have already chosen Limbo Bimbo (not only because I love the name ;->), so I will try that other isometric killer some day later.
      I´m worried now if I will be able to work tomorrow 🙂 but I stretched as much as I could, so hopefully it will be more or less ok 🙂

      • :), careful not to overtrain, cause if we don’t rest long enough our muscles don’t develop but break down. 

        • The thing I love the most about this blog is that you are so so so focused on proper form and sound training methods.

          • Thank you Marilyn, yes form is so important and it should be the first thing the people learn before they begin a training program.  

  • Hi Annebel :), 

    So happy you liked my workout, let me know if you ever have any questions :).

  • 1Ivana you are Kate…we stick together don’t we?? Not just two of us, but I see a bunch of us are here..:)))

    • Kate_CZ

      Hihi, yes. Seems like lots of us have started to find some more inspiration 😉 Lets rock it together!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    OMG…so many of familiar faces here..:)
    Thank you Tatianna for making us all motivated and eager again for the workouts…
    I have spent hours on your site in this past few days that I can not remember when I was so excited about workouts…
    Thank you


    kisses to you all …:)))

    • Thank you  darling 🙂

    • Hi Ivana glad to see you here.  You probably remember me as Esal on BR.

      • 1Ivana

        Hi…so more and more of “us”…How do you like it here?? I think it is what I have been missing…I finally feel my muscles again…:)

        • Love it here Tati is awesome!!  Feels great to find a place that works huh?  I am sure I will see you sooooon!

  • AlishisPhillips

    Ok, I told you once and I will tell you again:  I love isometric training.  This workout was really great.  It was fun, fast moving and even though it was a major burn for my legs, I really enjoyed it overall.  My time for the proper form challenge was:
    8:07 / 7:11 / 6:53.  Only in the second round for the last half of the set did I have to jump without doing the knee tuck.  All the other ones I tucked.  I even recorded myself on my phone and reviewed it later to make sure my form was correct.  Good one Tatiana.  Looking forward to more. 🙂

    • YAY!!! I can’t believe you recorded your self on your phone, that’s awesome.

      Don’t worry about the knee tuck Alishis, as long as you do your best with the variation that’s all that matters!

  • sedindriuke

    What can I say… killer ..first part… ouch… three times… 4 rounds with 15 kg, other parts bodyweight only..still it was ”please stop beeping, please stop beeping…. no more rounds..” 😀 2nd part: 5:10  5:20  5:13.
    Later i did ZWOW 18 😀 

    • Ha Ha Ha, I totally know what you mean by ” Please stop beeping “, I was the same way.  How long did it take you with ZWOW?  I saw it yesterday it looked like a killer 🙂

      • sedindriuke

        because i did ZWOW after Yours one and had to move the chair to make the space – i did it in 34 min and some seconds. Killer those dips 😀 But overall good training today 🙂 Tomorrow Yours Total body workout… dont remember the name. Love your blog and Im glad that I found your blog mentioned in BodyRock comments :D:D:D haha 🙂

        • I’ve been wondering about that, I’ve noticed so many people told me that they found my blog through bodyrock and I wasn’t sure how.  Now I know it was through comments and I’m surprised those comments didn’t get deleted over there, cause they delete anything that has to do with other sites. 

          • sedindriuke

            Oh I rememeber we found your blog name in the comments under the essay about the BR, which was spread among internet community… One guy wrote very long essay about all the BR…
            Yep BR were deleting and i think still delete it… i do now care in fact now about it because it is so commercial now and it is not for me… even they delete old workouts w/Zuzana, lucky i have my exercise notebook 😀

  • Another ex BR here 🙂 I’m suggesting you should meet Zuzana. You are now my trainers and I wouldn’t trust no one else 🙂 And BR is now commercial as hell and too f….n selfish site with monotonous workouts… what a waste…

    • Hi Diana, 

      Welcome to Loving Fit :).  Yes Z is so wonderful 🙂

  • Welcome back to working out sweets 🙂

    • Daybelis2393

      Yay lol

  • Ha Ha, I think a few others did that as well, next time I will outlined it better 🙂

  • :), yeah I just love isometrics, they are awesome for that burn!

  • oooeewww just did this workout…..KILLER! But woooww sooo good!!!!
    Good to see (former) bodyrockers on this page as well. For me you and Z are my trainers outside the gym too 🙂

    • Ahh thank you so much Marilyn, I think Z is so wonderful too 🙂

  • Lucia

    This workout left me dripping in sweat also. It was great! My times were as follows:

    Round 1 = 8:54
    Round 2 = 8:46
    Round 3 = 8:28

    • Thank you for sharing Lucia 🙂

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Morning Tatianna,

    I decided to tackle this one after doing weight training for my legs. Those isometric lunges are real burners!!!!!!  I could really feel them on the inner thigh muscles.  The first round I used 37.5 lb in my sand bag, the second round I dropped 5 lbs, so 32.5 lbs  :)))  I used the same weight for the toe raises, and 2 x 10 lb dumb bells for the swings.  I only did 2 rounds as i had already worked the legs pretty hard.  I love the explanation of the skater lunges.  I figure skated until I was 13 years old.  Found myself really going into the pose, like I was on skates…lol…I work out in front of a mirror and find it really helps with keeping good form.  Round one took me 4:25 and round two took me 4:37.

    I felt that my abs have been neglected so I grabbed my dip station and told myself I was going to do 50 knee raises without touching down, and damn if I didn’t…abs could have done more, but my hands hurt…hahaha.

    Also got my 4 sets of 25 push ups in.

    Have a great day every one, Gerri Lee

    • Wow 50 knee raises without touching down, so cool!  I think I can only do 30, but I always do them quite slow, I definitely can’t do more than 30.  I can tell you are very strong Gerri, you should try to do some handstands after your push-ups, cause if you are going to do them it’s better to finish it with a move that will gather all of your upper body muscles together 🙂

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        first time I’ve done that many in a row, I think 35 was my last best #, but it’s been a while since I tried…just put the number in my head and did them. I think I would crack my head open if I tried a handstand, although I haven’t tried one in over 25 years…who knows…our friend Chris Lee does hand stand push ups against the wall all the time.

  • yboog

    Buenas noches!
    So tonight I tried 1 round of this after my SLS Day 5 and wow! the isometric training is crazy!!! 
    The proper form Jtucks were intense too! love these!

    I know you are not a hater of other trainers and sometimes do other’s routines, so I was curious if you have ever done Susan’s workouts. I just started her ab challenge and am mixing them with your lower body routines for my June fitness plan.  

    • I absolutely love Susan, there is a workout that she has that I want to try.  Her videos are so awesome and I hope to do a collaboration with her someday.  We briefly talked about it so in the future it’s definitely something I would love to do.  

      I always have respect of other trainers and I can always tell an amazing trainer when I see one, and Susan is definitely one of the best on youtube.

  • yboog

    Tonight I did SLS Day 6 (19:38) and 1 round of this awesomeness again!  (5:52)
    I chose to do the 11/11×10 Isometric Back Lunge AFTER the reps OUCH!!! Also, I did not use weight for this.
    I gotta tell you I LOVE THE JTUCKS THIS WAY!!!!!

    Then I hit my friend Bonnie’s Combo Bomb #1: 5:49 <LOVE< LOVE< LOVE!
    3×10 high knees & 2 push ups (5 times)10 mountain climbers – roll over – 2 V-Up crunches – roll over back to MC’s (5 times)

    100 lay and open and close legs
    15 min FLOW!!!
    Thanks again Tatiana!

    • yboog

      what the heck is that? ^^^

      • tee_w

        you must have been worn out, looks like gibberish! lol

        • Gerri Lee Schafer


      • Gerri Lee Schafer


    • yboog

      What I MEANT to say was:
      My friend Bonnie’s short Combo Bomb
      10 High Knees+ 2PU x5
      10 mountain climbers, roll over, 2 Vups x5

      100 lay on back and open and close legs (Is there a name for this?)
      15 Flow stretch!

      I think I can add a round of this Sunshine POp to my workouts for the rest of my life ; )

      • Gerri Lee Schafer

        Bonnie?????? do share!!!!!!

        • yboog

          I was trying to share her little “Combo bomb” but all those weird digits came up : / 
          So I tried again and it worked lol!

      • OMG you are so funny! 

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      WTF Yboog…..

      • yboog

        WTF is right! I don’t know why it did that! lol!

    • Kate_CZ

      Hmmm. Looks like some fun stuff 🙂 Is it some rap music? or maybe it could be the kind of game where we must write a poem out of these words? Is that so? Who´s in? 🙂

      • yboog

        Poem out of the words, I will go first:


        • Kate_CZ

          Hahaha! Great one! Let´s see what I can think of:

               < LOVE< LOVE!
                         When did we turned from happy CLIMBERS
                         BACK to these awful blamers?
                         Few MIN ago you say
                         you would never LAY.
                         We were CLOSE AGAIN,
                         PUSHed TOgether in the rain.
                         I wanted just to FLOW and lie,
                         then AGAIN get pretty HIGH…

          🙂 sorry… it´s getting late here, I wanna go to bed and mainly English is my second language 😉 good night everyone!

  • Evaleen

    My variations:
    – No weight on the isometric lunges, though I was STILL whimpering and cursing out loud from these! Torture lol
    – 20 lbs on the dumbbell swings and toe raises, which were non-elevated and lowered to 20 reps
    – Forgot the knee-up on the skater lunges (balance kinda sucks anyway); also alternated after every 10 reps till I completed all 40
    – Used the beginner variation for the jumps, and lowered reps to 20 (I feared for my knees today lol)

    I was drenched again after this workout, but I think some of my variations made it too easy on me. Still took about 31 minutes total. But I added 10 min (10/20 intervals) of regular skipping afterward– med. intensity, 45 reps or so every 20 sec.

    • Yes be very careful with your knees! You are gonna need them 🙂

      • Evaleen

        Hehe, indeed. :p Have had just one knee injury before, but it was the worst, 🙁 I was so misinformed back then, so it took months to get healed. I have no problems using it now, though it’s still a bit squeaky.

        My elbows are worse though. You know those tricep extensions that go behind your head? I can’t move my elbows like that (even with no weight at all) without big loud pops and discomfort at feeling things shift around. Haven’t noticed that with any other tricep exercise, thankfully… but I avoid that one. They’re what I used to do when I was younger, and apparently, I did them very very wrong. 🙁

  • Evaleen

    Btw, you’re such a delight to watch Tatianna 🙂 And whatever was troubling you when you shot this video, really hope things are better by now… just heard about this a few days ago, had me concerned. 🙁

    • Thank you so much Evaleen, it was getting pretty crazy at that time, I woke up one morning and all these things were starting to happen I felt like I was dreaming, I really got saved by an Angel in this world. I am so thankful, it’s all behind me now, thank you so much for your support 🙂 Hugs

      • Evaleen

        So happy to hear!!! 🙂

  • Skippie22

    Brilliant workout Tatianna! You are so right about never assuming “I know everything” when it comes to form…the name “skater lunge” means a very different thing than the move you did, and I so much want to follow what *you* are doing since you are the trainer here!! 😉
    Also, your way of doing “jump tucks” is waaaay harder than I’m used to–phew! Holding momentum in a squat between each jump is just killer, and I could barely do more than 5 or 6 in a row before I had to straighten my legs. Thank you for pushing my body in the way it needs to go!
    I used a 40 lbs. sandbag for Part 1.
    I used 8 lbs dumbbells, and I substituted Lying Straight Leg Raises instead of Weighted Toe Raises (y’know, from Rusty Moore! I try to incorporate his stuff whenever I think it will fit!)
    Part 2. Per Round 1) 4:07 2)3:48 3) 3:51
    I did 1 minute of full Bridge in between each round (that is what Rusty Moore suggests after Lying Leg Raises) and I finished with the 4 min. Plank Combo: 2 min. standard plank on elbows, then 1 min. each side.

    Thank you Tati! 😀

  • steffi_dk

    Hi there! I´ve noticed, that you disappeared on BR, now I know why:-D

  • AlishisPhillips

    Just did this one again. This time my time was:

    I know, right?? I got faster with each round. I think the reason is the first round I pittied myself on the jump tucks. The second and third round I gave myself no pity. So I just pushed throgh them with minimal breaks.

    The isometric portion of this is killer. By round 3 my legs were screaming, pleading with me to find new owners. They didn’t want to be part of team Alishia anymore. Well, I showed them and we pulled through. I’m gonna finish with the afterburn ab workout because, hey, why not right?

    • I sometime get faster with every round as well, the first one is always hard cause it’s the first one, then the second one is easier cause the first one is done, and then the third one is a breeze cause it’s the last one 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    I forgot to add one more thing. Last time I did this, I had to modify on the jump tucks. Well, I’m happy to report that this time NO MODIFICATIONS!! So even though I didn’t beat my old time, I was able to do the entire workout with NO beginner modifications!!!!!!!!! Three cheers for me!! Pat on the back for me!! High five for me!! 🙂

    • YAY High Five and High 10 for you!

  • Lindsey Shepard

    Tatianna, your workouts never cease to amaze me! It never fails, as soon as I start doing the workout I think to myself, “geez, Tati makes this look so easy but I’m already dying!” 🙂 Just into the first few intervals of the isometric exercise my quads were screaming at me and I didn’t use any weight! I’m doing the pushup and one-legged squat programs this week (starting today) and you say not to do any other upper or lower body workouts while doing these. Does this include running for the lower body portion or can I still run?

    • Hey Lindsey, thank you so much, I am so happy you are loving my workouts 🙂

      You can still run, but don’t go crazy, moderation is key. You can do about 15-20 min, 3 times per week.

  • Naomi

    Lots of unexpected events this weekend and yesterday so it’s been 3 days of active rest for me… Started up again today with the Abs Challenge (week 3 day 1); I am seeing so much progress on those leg lifts. I sound like a broken record, but I am soooooo happy with the results..!

    Then on to the isometric lunges – my legs felt like they were dying, but it was a good death. The jump tucks were especially hard on the timed part. Tried to do 10 and 10, and 5 and 5 after that. After two rounds of everything I really wanted to quit, but I pushed on since I felt this was just me being lazy. So, I did the entire thing and my time was pretty consistent as well. 5:30 on the first round (took some time to figure out the moves) and ca. 5:25 on both the second and the third. I think I will have to do a interval training for my upper body tomorrow so I don’t have to struggle with any motivational problems..!

  • Superb lower body routine. Warm up for 10 mins, dynamic stretching 5 mins.
    Part 1: Used 30lb sandbag, 11 sec/11sec for 30 rounds. I know this as Static Back Lunge, the highest reps I’ve done before was 10sec for 10 rounds. I’m proud I did all 30 rounds without stopping…wobble every now and then.
    Part 2: Used 30lb sandbag, 8lb set of dumbbells. My total time for 3 rounds was 25:19. Good Form Jump tucks were killers.
    Cardio: 10/50sec 8 rounds Step Touch; 10/50sec 4 rounds Crab toe touch ; 10/50sec 4 rounds Jumping Jack. Did my second Ab Challenge for the week and I finished with a good 15 mins stretch.

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      great job Lvette….that was a tough routine

      • Thanks! I’ve decided to push myself the next 6 weeks by following the advanced workout plan Tatianna posted on Evilcyber.

  • Yay….DONE! I’ve been wanting to do this one ever since I started with you, Tatianna, because I think at the time it was the new workout. Or one of the new ones. The first part of this was brutal, but I’m glad you said to position so you feel it in the butt, because it’s still killer for 20 rounds of those BLEEEPers, but it would have been unbearable to hold a lunge all the way down.

    I kind of love isometrics…they’re brutal, but you can really get a clear mind while holding your muscles in contractions. I practiced holding thoughts of lovely things I want to attract in my life. That made it a lot more fun.

    I loved the second part of this workout, too. The skater lunges were super fun–I love anything dancey because I danced for a long time, and it’s fun to make the movement pretty while feeling a nice burn build up. I had to go outside for the jump tucks–always amazing burn and cardio. Although I am still getting used to my fivefingers so my left foot muscles are hurting a bit.

    I was going to put off doing Evil Abs today, but I realized I’d have to spend just as much time warming up, so I DID IT! Yayyy! One more day to go! Although methinks I should keep it up for another week, because I’m still not quite where I want to be with those leg lifts.

    Scores! 35lb sandbag. Two 10lb dumbbells (20lbs total):
    part 2: 7:30; 6:01; 6:06

    The first time was slower because my boyfriend told me I shouldn’t jump tuck inside, evne on top of the cushion, so I huffed and puffed my way outside. 🙂 He was right, of course!

    Feel so good and happy now. Looking forward to the weekend. xo

  • Vera G

    Did this one today and I almost drowned in my own sweat!!!!.. it looks like a Bus hit me 🙂
    It was really a great workout. Thanks Tati.
    My scores: 5:04 – 5:01 – 5:30 and isometrics killed me…


  • Kristin

    Oh my gosh – I did this one today for the first time and was cursing during those isometric lunge holds! They were brutal and fantastic all at the same time! Great workout, as always. 🙂 My times for the circuits were: 6:22, 5:58, 6:20. I then did the 10 minute HIIT Workout as my extra cardio. Stick a fork in me because today I am done!

  • Hi Des 🙂

    Welcome to Loving Fit! I’ve been falling a little behind on answering questions lately, but if I ever don’t reply, you can always remind me :), I am always happy to answer all of your questions 🙂

  • OMG!!! I could only make 2 rounds 🙁 My legs are shaking so bad.
    Part 2 round 1= 9:50m and round 2= 12:45m. I don’t how you guys can do it so fast!

  • Amazing!The first part was a KILLER! My scores for the second part are: 7:58, 6.02 and 6:00

  • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

    Did it this morning, waz AweZoMe !!! 🙂 really liked the idea of keeping the pressure of the exercise for longer periods of time.. really enjoyed it !

    Thanks again Tatianna for being such a great mentor of mine,

    <3 & appreciation… Beth 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    Yay! I have just finished this late night workout. I did two rounds, because I have used a lot of weight in every exercise, since I want more muscles on my skinny legs. 🙂 I was so wiped out after 2 rounds (and 30 min in) that I called it quits, since my form started to suffer and I was beat! Now I’m heavily enjoying my Greek yogurt with blueberries, ginger and cardamon, nommy nom nom!

  • Mary Lou

    Man those jump tucks are something else. I had to do 10 at a time and then try not to fall down. 6:41, 6:44 and 6:17 respectively. I used 2 – 15lbrs for the first 2 isometric rounds, then switched to the 20 lb sandbag as the dumbbells were killing my shoulders even though the weight was manageable.

  • oberlee

    Did this one again! Great workout, and fun. I used a 35lb kettlebell this time for the swings, and a 35lb sandbag for part 1 and 2 20lb kettlebells for the toe lifts. 🙂 6:27; 6:39 and 7:04 for the times.

  • This is one of my favorite lower body routine from LovingFit. My second time around, I’m surprised at the improvement I’ve made. For the weighted exercise I used a 35lbs sand bad, and a single 25lbs dumbbell for the swing.

    I started out with the basic warm up routine; then 4 rounds of one minute reptile plank.

    Part 1: 11 sec/11sec for 1 interval of 30 rounds.

    Part 2: completed 3 rounds in 20:87.

    Bonus: 30 reps deep weighted squats with a 3 sec booty squeeze using a 35lbs sand bag. I followed this with a 1 minute bridge isometric hold with a med ball. As always, I finished with 10 minutes of stretching.

  • perla

    Doing this workout today!! so excited 🙂 thank you, thank you!!! love you!!!! 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    Completed all 3 rounds. I’m in for se sore legs tomorrow!! 🙂

  • Cassidy Croskey

    Oh. My. Goodness. x_x
    Part 1…wow. I didn’t think it was going to be that hard. I did the first round of it with 30 lbs, but had to break halfway because it was too hard. So for the next two rounds I used 20 lbs…still hard. But achievable.

    The jump tucks nearly killed me. I had to break them into sets of 10-12 and take mini-breaks between. 😛 I’ve never done them in the correct form like that…it makes them soooo much harder. Thanks for showing me the right form!

    I didn’t time rounds individually, so my time is just 34:41. ^_^

  • Cassidy

    I was *terrified* to try this again. Last time, it was beyond tough. It was murder. I knew it would be a challenge to get through without taking taking a million breaks, but I was cocky today, so I upped my weight to 30 lbs. I was using 20 lbs. for Part I before.

    I somehow managed without decreasing the weight! :O AND I beat my old score. 33:31! Wooo! <3

  • Michelle_G

    This was an awesome workout!!!! First workout back after a scheduled week off, felt very strong, even though it was very hard!!!
    Round 1: 6:36
    Round 2: 7:22
    Round 3: 7:06

    Used 30lbs for isometric lunges.

    Definalty be doing this workout again! LOVE

  • Genevieve Fraiser

    This is awesome! I recently discovered the tremendous benefits of HIIT. I started doing short 1 minute bursts on my commercial portable stepper about 4 months ago and have lost 15 lbs! Its all about Anaerobic training. I’ve dieted and worked out for about a year with minimal results. High Intensity Interval Training is ideal for people who don’t have much time to work out.