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Cardio Workout


Today’s’ workout was really fun and it was some serious cardio! I absolutely loved this workout, it was tough, not boring and all over the place!
It was 30 minutes long ( my perfect number 🙂 ) and it had 7 exercises total. In the last round I was really struggling and loosing my breath, but I felt incredible once I was done.

I am also did some adjustments in my nutrition as I wrote in yesterday’s post ” My New Diet Refinement “, so far I already noticed my sugar withdraws, I felt a little cranky all day, and I was thinking about the container of honey I have in my fridge ( like Winny The Pooh, LOL).

Now let’s get to the workout!


Hot Cardio Madness Workout Video


Workout explanation

For this workout I was using a brick ( as an object to jump over ), you can use any object laying around the house. I was also using My Pink Lebert , but you don’t have to use this equipment, you can substitute with two chairs ( like I showed you in ” Love Your Body Workout “, make sure you place a mat under the chairs so they don’t slide ).


Set your timer Gymboss Max for two intervals 15 seconds ( rest interval ) and 1 : 00 ( maximum effort ), for the total of 24 rounds, you will go through the whole routine 3 times.   If you don’t have Gymboss you can use this free online timer ( so no skipping your workout 😉 )There is 7 exercises total, but one of them is on each side ( that’s why there is 24 rounds ).

Beginners: Set your rest interval for 20 seconds and your max interval for 35.

Always write down your reps!


  • 1. Jump over and drop down exercise ( every jump and drop down counts as one rep )

Notes: You can pick which ever object you like to for a jump over, I just happened to have a brick at my house.

Start at one side jump over an object and drop down, your stomach should touch the ground, push off with your arms.

  • 2. Half burpee & kick up ( one leg per interval )

Notes: If you are a beginner don’t do the push-up, you can also do this exercise with both feet on the ground.

When doing a kick up squeeze your butt on the standing leg.

  • 3. Wall Mountain Climbers

Notes: If you are a beginner do this exercise on the floor.

I did this exercise wit a tempo, not for speed but quality. You should always be in control of your body ( not just jumping back and forth ). Every muscle in your body should be working.

  • 4. Jump Lunges with a rotation

Notes: If you are a beginner, you can do just regular lunges without jumping.

Always keep your back straight.

  • 5. Side to side leg lifts

Notes: If you are a beginner bend your legs, this will make this exercise much easier to do.

In this movement you are using your abs to lift the legs.

  • 6. Twist Jumps

Notes: If you are a beginner just do regular squats ( no jumping ).

Always remember to keep your back straight.

  • 7. Hanging Abs Twists

Notes: If you are a beginner do just regular knee raises.

I was bending my arms just a little to give me the extra push.


My scores

1. Jump over and drop down – 10, 9, 8

2. Half one leg burpee & kick up – Right leg – 9, 9, 10 Left leg – 9, 9, 8

3. Wall mountain climber – 45, 41, 38

4. Rotating Jump Lunges – 18, 17, 17

5. Side to side leg lifts – 22, 23, 19

6. Twist Jumps – 24, 22, 19

7. Hanging Twists – 19, 21 18


Share your scores!


PS – If you are having a hard time viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.


Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener


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  • Yay been waiting for this:-) and btw just love my Gymboss Max, I went to the gym and some guy tried to speak to me but when my gymboss beeped I said sorryy ( no interruptions ever again!!).  Also have you seen Spartacus 2.0 the new one for this year?

    • Hi Francisca :), I just love the Gymboss Max, its’ a much updated version of the older one, I love your no interruptions trick with the guy at the gym :). I haven’t seen the Spartacus 2.0, I would love to try it, the first one was so great I loved it. I am going to look it up right now. Thank you so much.
      I also found the 300 spartan workout from Men’s health, that looks insane. So I made my own version of it and added a few exercises extra, and tonight I will be shooting it. It is going to be a killer! My muscles are already hurting just thinking about it, LOL.

      •  Yeah, I did the Spartacus workout yesterday using some of your adjustments,  I only made it through 2 killer rounds but next time I’ll shoot for the full three:-).  After I saw the versatility of the Gymboss Max on your site I knew the ten extra dollars was worth it, it took my workouts to the next level!  I’ll be looking up the 300 spartan, with all these variations you never get bored.

        • Me too I want to go for the full 3 next time. I did it last week with 2 rounds again, but I am totally doing the full three next time.
          Glad you liked the Gymboss Max, I want to start coming up with workouts specifically with Gymboss Max but not a lot of people have it yet, so it will be hard for them to follow my workouts.
          My version of Spartan will have more reps and a few different exercises. I can’t wait to do it tonight :).

  • Anonymous

     i am  brazilian and  i am so happy to find your site , amazing

  • Absolue killer, but a lot fun! I like the workouts without (or little) equipment. Had to make a couple of adustments: I did regular moutain climber, because my dinner was coming up with the wall climbers. I have weak knees so I could only do a smaller angle with the twist jumps. 1 leg burpees are killers. I have to do two steps to get back to maintain the proper form. Anyways my scores:
    1: 11/10/10
    2: R: 5/4/3 L: 5/4/4
    3: 45/71/65
    4: 12/13/12
    5: 20/15/12
    6: 12/14/17
    Thanks for this workout!

  • Diana

    Ohmylooooord!!! 😀 I know now why you wrote “madness” in the title. I am still sweating like crazy. Absolutely amazing cardio! I will definitely repeat it from time to time!:) (Beautiful make-up, Tatianna!:) )

    • Thank you sweetie :). I stopped wearing much makeup on my eyes in videos, especially mascara, cause it’s always drips into my eyes and begins to burn just as I am trying to focus on my form.

      • Diana

        Awww, I know the feeling. I do my workouts in the afternoon back from work/school when I still have my make-up on. Tough life for women! lol

  • Did this today! Really intense and hard, but I manage to get through it. Those wall mountain climbers are a little too much for me, I did about 20 against the wall, but then I had to go on the floor. Also I modified the last abs exercise; I don´t have a dip station, and if I use my kitchen chairs, they try to kill my hands after a few seconds, so instead I just sat on the chair, and did twisting leg lifts. One leg burbee was my favourite! I just love those! =D So much of fun!

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    Morning Tati….Dec. 12 /12 Did this one but changed out the wall climbers with plank cross knee drives to save my shoulder. My reps

    1/ 13-11-12
    2/ both left and right 9-9-9
    3/ 41-35-37
    4/ 21-21-21
    5/ 30-29-30
    6/ 32-29-30
    7/ 23-24-24

    finished off with Sun Kissed Abs

  • My butt is still a bit sore from “Cardio Shock” 4 days ago. I picked this routine because it didn’t have a lot of squatting.
    Warm up: 10mins; Plank Variations 4 x 1mins; GPC: 3mins
    1. 11-10-10 (jumped over sandbag)
    2. Right leg: 7-7-7 Left leg: 8-7-7
    3. 27-26-22 (this was tough to do right after doing #2)
    4. 17-18-15
    5. 18-19-16
    6. 27-25-21
    7. 11-11-10 (Dip Station. I needed to drop my legs after each twist)
    Cardio: I left my time on the same interval but dropped the rounds to 12 for moderate skipping
    Skipping/rope forward: 85-81-80-69-75-80
    Skipping/rope backward: 60-58-54-50-53-51
    Cool down / stretching was 10mins.

    • OMG that cardio shock!!! It was a crazy workout, I was sore for 4 days as well after it 🙂

      • hehehehe…I think 4 days is the pain threshold, I’m feeling fine today. Strangely, I’m looking forward to more routines like CS 🙂

  • I did this again on November 22/13

    15 sec / 1 min = 24 rounds
    1. 11-12-10
    2. Right Leg: 8-8-8 Left leg: 8-8-8
    3. 40-40-34
    4. 27-27-26
    5. 23-19-21
    6. 30-30-29
    7. 20-19-18 (dip station)

    Mini Challenge: 3 minutes of two way grip pull up…completed 17 reps. Cool and stretching was 10 minutes.

    • WOW check out your new picture, blue butterfly – so gorgeous!

      • Thanks! I wanted something peaceful and vibrant for winter

    • I did this after doing Perfect-abs-afterglow routine.

      1. 13-11-12
      2. Right Leg: 9-10-9Left leg: 10-10-10
      3. 53-49-51
      4. 29-33-30
      5. 21-23-21
      6. 32-30-32
      7. 22-22-21
      Cool down & stretched for 15 minutes.

  • Olga Tihencaia

    10 9 9
    8 7 7
    7 7 7
    55 54 54
    21 24 20
    23 24 26
    29 29 32
    17 19 24