HIIT And Circuit Training – Pure Torture Workout ( Lower Body )

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Hi Everyone,

Today’s workout was focused on the lower body and it was a mix between super high intensity interval training cardio, strength training combo and bodyweight exercises. Bam right in the kisser! ( I just write how I talk LOL ). The first part of this routine was only 5 minutes and it was the HIIT cardio, which I gave the lovely name of ” Plyo Cardio From Hell “. Normally we do cardio after the strength training, but since we want to give our muscles a little bit of a shock I switched it up ;).

Then after you’re done with the lovely 5 minutes of cardio from hell, you are going to pick up some weight ( in my case it was 40 lbs ), but you have to adjust the weight to your own strength level.

The last part of this routine is just enough to squeeze out the the last bit of what is left of you from the first two parts – and then we’re done to go about our day! Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

Before you proceed to complete this butt burning workout make sure you do a proper warm-up. I would like to remind you that a proper warm up is not jumping up and down for several times saying I’m warmed up. A proper warm-up needs to warm-up all of your joints so there is no crackling noise, it also needs to activate all of your muscles and prepare them for work, and that will prevent you from injuries.


Pure Torture Workout Video



Workout Explanation


In this workout I was using my timer, a 12 lbs medicine ball and my 40 lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems ( you can use a pair of dumbbells but make sure they are heavy enough for your fitness level ).


Part one

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 5 seconds ( break interval ) and 11 seconds ( max effort interval ), for the total of 20 rounds. There is 2 exercises and you will go through both of them for the total of 10 rounds.


  • Diagonal Jump Lunge with a Medicine Ball
  • Vertical Leap


Beginners – obviously this is going to be way too intense for a beginner, so you will set your timer also for 2 intervals but your rest interval is going to be 11 – 15 seconds and your maximum effort interval is going to be 10 seconds. Because before you can run you have to walk, and these intervals should be a nice stroll ;).


Part 2

This is time challenge, but never in sacrifice of the proper form. Set your timer as a stopwatch. This part of the workout is made up of one combo and you will do 30 reps total. I took about 10 second break after every 10 reps.

  • Two Weighted Jump Squats & 2 Back Lunges ( this counts as one rep ) – 30 reps total


Part 3

This is circuit training time challenge, set your timer as a stop watch. Make sure you watch the workout recap video where I explain how to do each exercise in proper form. There are 3 exercises per side with the total of 2 rounds for both. So you will go through the following routine twice.

  • Side Squat Kick ( using medicine ball or a dumbbell ) Right Leg – 15 reps
  • Back Lunge & Kick Up Right Leg – 15 reps
  • Booty Kick Backs Right Leg – 15-20 reps

Then you switch sides

  • Side Squat Kick Left Leg – 15 reps
  • Back Lunge & Kick Up Left Leg – 15 reps
  • Booty Kick Backs Left Leg – 15 reps


Repeat one more time :). ( Just the part 3 )


My time

I didn’t count my first part but I was averaging between 3-5 reps in the jump lunges, and – 4-5 and sometimes more on vertical leaps.

Part 2

My time was 9 minutes 28 seconds

Part 3

My time was 9 minutes and 23 seconds


Have fun!!!




PS – Nutrition Tip – we are all training to get and stay in shape, but some of us want to build muscle and some of us want to loose weight.  How our body will respond will depend on what you are eating ( I know what you’re thinking – common sense right? ).  If you want to loose weight then you should do that first, then try to put on muscle.  So if you are the one who is trying to loose weight, then it’s best if you don’t eat anything after your workout for 2 hours, only drink lots and lots of water.  You can take it a step further if you like such as workout in a fasted state, but then it will be quite a challenge to push through your routine, ( I personally can’t do that ).  But there is a very interesting article about fasted workouts on one of my very loved fitness blogs – Fitness Black Book.  I love this blog because it covers subjects on fitness that you won’t find anywhere else.  ( Check out the article here ).

If you are trying to put on muscle then I recommend you drink a Whey Isolate Protein Shake 15-20 minutes before your workout and 15 minutes right after.  And always drink at least 2 glasses of water right after your training.



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  • taltul73

    i watch you first thing in the morning with my coffee, and after im homeschooling my girls i do the workout. the truth im afraid to try this one….hehehehhehe. i will let you know later today. 

    • Can’t wait for you to try it 🙂

  • Bibi

    just a little question: Before you state your time, your write “repeat one more time”. Does this apply for the whole workout or just for the part 3 🙂 ?

    • Hi Bibi

      Just the part 3.  OMG I can’t even imagine to repeat the whole thing from the beginning one more time, I’ll pass out.

      • Bibi

         😀 Haha, okay, now I am relieved!

        • I know, imagine if you had to do the whole thing one more time :), that would of been too much, Ha Ha

  • Marijkab85

    ??????????, ????!)) ??????? ?? ???????? ??????????!)) ??- ??????! ???????, ?????? ??????????! ??????? ? ????????? ????? 3-? ???. ???? ????????? ?? ??? ????? ???????!))) ??? ?????? ??????? ?? ???????. ??????????, ??? ??? ?????????? ?????? ???????? ?????!:)) ???????? ?? ?????? 4-5 ?? ?????? ??????? ????? ? ????????? ?????. ??????? ???? ??????????: ??? ??? ????? ???? ????? ?????????? ? ????? ????? ?????, ? ??? ??????. ???????? ??????????!:)) 

    • Sdravstvujte 🙂

      Chtobi vam ubrat girok i v toge vremya sohranit mishsi vam nugno delat imenno intensivnie trenirovki.  No ne kushat nichego posle trenirovki kak minimum 2 chasa.  Takge ne kushat na noch 5-6 chasov do sna.  Ya vsegda zamechau chto kak tolko ya perestau kushat 5-6 chasov do togo kak logus spat, to smenya gir splivaet ochen bistro.  

      Echo ochen otlichnij sposob delat intensivnoe kardio po intervalam ne bolshe 10 minut po utram do zavtraka, toest na golodnij geludok.  Utrom kak raz nash organizm nahoditsya v mode fastinga i pervoe chto ogranizm nachinaet ispolzovat dlya energii eto gir.  Poprobujte, napishite mne pro rezultati.

  • Marijkab85

    ???????, ????! ?? ??? ????? ???????!)) ???? ???? ??????? ?????? ? ??? ???????!)) ? ???? ?????????? ??? ????? ?????????. ??????? ?? ??????? ???????? ????????????! ??????? ????, ?? ???? ????!)) ?????? ? ???? ??????? ???????????? ??????????. ? ??????????? ??????????? ??????! ?- ????. ????? ?? ???? ?? “??”!:)
    ???????? ???? ???!))

    • Spasibo Mashenka 🙂

      Vot zabila tebya sprosit, pro edu kotoruu ti kushaesh.  Kakie produkti chasto upotreblyaemi? I skolko raz v den ti kushaesh na dannij moment.  

      Horoshego tebe dnya i pozitiva 🙂

  • Marijkab85

    ??????? ? 5 ??? ? ????. ???????- ??? ???? (???????, ??????), ??? ???? ? ????? ???? + ?????? ????????. ?????? ???????- ???-?????? ?? ???????, ????- ???? ??? ??????,??? ???? + ????? ??? ?????. ????? 2-3 ???? ????? ?????- ??????. ???? ????? ?? ??? ? ????, ?????? ???????? ??????. ?? ???? ???? “??”!:)) ? ????? ????? ???????!)) ???????? ?? ???? ????????. ?????? ?? ?? ??????! ? ????? ??????????… ???? ??? ??? ?? ???????. ????? ?? ?? ????-???? ?? ??, ?? ?? ? ??????? ????? ???. ?? ????????? ????????, ?? ? ??????? ? ????? ???????!)) ???? ?? ?????? ? ??????? ??????????? ?? ?????????.:)) ? ??? ????????: ??????? ? ????????????? ? ????? ?? ????????. ?????? ?? ?????????????? ????????? ???????. ? ??? ? ?????? ? ??????? ? ??????? ?????. ??? ? ?????????? ? ???? ?????-?? ????????? ????.(( ?? ? ?? ???????? ? ???????, ??? ?????? ????, ? ??????? ??????!:) ??? ?????, ??? ????? ??? ???????? ????????? ????????????!)) ??? ?????? ???????????? ??? ???????? ????????. ????? ? ????? ? ????????? ????? ?????? ??????.
    ? ????, ???????, ????????? ???!))

    • A vot ono v chem delo :), da sladkoe eto trudno zabrosit, eto ochen vredno.  Znachit tak:  Poprobuj ne kushat molochnoe 2 nedeli, eto srazu pomoget chut chut pohuded ne menyaya nichego drugogo.  Potom, kagdij raz kogda ti kushaesh obyazatelno dolgen prisudstvovat polnosennij belok, naprimer esli kushaesh ovsyanku to dobabvlyaj k nej 2 yajsa.  

      Takge na noch ne kushaj 5-6 chasov do sna, eto ochen vagno, rezultati budut vidni ochen bistro kogda ne budesh kushat na noch ( osobenno frukti tak kak eto uglevodi ).  Kogda ya ochen hochu kushat nochiu ya piu goryachij chaj.

      Ot hoteniya sladkogo men pomogaet mineral nazivaetsya po Russki ” Hrom Pikolinat “.  Eto mineral kotorij balanciruet sahar v organizme, i potom sovsem ne hochetsya sladkogo.  Ya ego prinimau po 2-3 mesyasa a potom prekrachau na 1 mesyas.  Ya ego dage babule v Rossiu otsilau, on ej toge pomogaet.

  • Marijkab85

    ???????, ??????? ???? ??????? ?? ??????! ??????????? ??? ???????????? ? ?????? ???? ? ???????????!:))

  • taltul73

    Tatianna, Tatianna, i hate you and love you the same time ;-). that was a killer workout. here are my numbers:
    did not have time to write down part 1   3 kilo medicine ball
    part 2 with 10 kilo sand bag 6:42
    part 3     7:02 with 3 kilo ball

    now im going to see if i have any strength in me to do your ab routine again

    • He He He, I bet you can totally do an ab routine :).  Push it girl!!!  We are always stronger then we think ;).

  • AlishisPhillips

    I’m so glad you said what you did at the end of your video.  I have been getting into great shape for the past year with short but VERY intense workouts, and I was at a plateau.  I couldn’t figure out why.  My diet is good, and I worked out 4 days a week, but I just wasn’t seeing any more changes.  Now I know why.  No more 12 min workouts.  Time to step it up with you.  Thanks again.  I have learned a lot from your blog.  Now, off to drink my protein shake and get cracking on this workout.  Enjoy your day! 🙂

    • Hey Alishis 🙂

      Yes, 12 minutes is not enough for someone who is advanced or intermediate, it’s only enough for beginners.  In order for our body to change and evolve we have to change the way we train and confuse our muscles.  The intervals and the workouts them selves always have to keep changing.

      • AlishisPhillips

        I suppose I’m no longer a beginner! 🙂 
        Here are my scores:
        Part 1: Didn’t have time to write down my score but I averaged between 4-5 Diagonal Jump Lunges (the first round I did 7!)
        Vertical Leaps I averaged 3-5.

        Part 2:  Completed in 9:19

        Part 3 Completed in 5:25

        Focused the whole time form.  Then I completed your ab/core workout, and took my puppy for a walk.  Great workout!

        • Sounds like a perfect training day!

  • Yoslaine

    Hi Tati, I’ve found you on YouTube yesterday while watching Zuz new video, and I feel blessed because I love love love your workouts, keep up the good work. Also I’d like to ask you a question, your work outs are very intensive, is it o.k if I focus on my butt everyday? It is my problematic area. Thank you again, you are amazing!

    • Hi Yoslaine 🙂

      Welcome to Loving Fit, I’m glad you found me :).

      I would recommend you to do lower body training including your butt 2 times a week, because the muscles of the butt and legs take longer time to recover.  But you have to rest those muscles in order for them to develop.  If you workout on the same area every day then you will stop seeing results from your training.  

      The way I workout and I recommend others to workout is 4 times a week.  2 upper body and 2 lower body with day’s off in between.  But when you do workout it has to be intensive, and you have to push to the max.

      I will be happy to answer any other questions you might have 🙂

  • ltwin

    Privet Tatianna,
    WOW this workout is also a great one! already my 4th of your workouts.. and it feels really great..I’m so happy I found you!
    I have one question.. sometimes, after workout, it happens that I get cramps in my feet…what can I do to prevent those?
    Thank you, spasibo boljschoje za etu sait!!!!

    • Privetik 🙂

      I think the biggest reason why you are getting cramps in your feet has to do with lack of a good warm-up.  Usually before I begin to workout I warm-up for 10 minutes, including my feet, knees, back, wrists until I stop hearing the cracking noise in my knees.  I am sure that’s why you are getting those cramps. Also, do you stretch?  That can also be the reason for cramps.

      • ltwin

        Spasibo za otwet ;)!
        I did a warm-up today but it wasn’t that long.. only 5 minutes without streching..usually I do the streching after the workout but today wans’t able to, because of the cramp.. I will definitely warm up longer..thank you..
        have a nice wednesday!
        poka 😉

        • Spasibo Lilija 🙂

          Have a wonderful Wednesday too !!!

  • Jenny the Swede

    I force myself to write this, in order to push myself to do the workout above – before I fall a sleep tonight. It looks – as always – fun and challeinging! (It’s now 5 pm here, so within a couple of hours…) 😉

    • Hi Jenny, 

      I hope you did your workout 🙂

      • Jenny the Swede

        I sure did! You did not lie; pure torture! 😉 No, I actually liked it a lot. But even though I looked at the clip carefully and wrote down every movement and so on, I missed some details. Which means I got to the end faster than you. BUT: form over speed, so I will learn to do the moves more controlled and full length. For example, I didn’t go so low in my lunges, and I missed the squats in the side squat kicks (despite the name!!!)… Still proud though! 🙂

        My scores
        Part 1: to crrrrrazy to count (5 kg dumbbell)
        Part 2: 06:48 (5 kg x 2 dumbbells)
        Part 3: 08:22

        *melting away to the fridge*

        • You are so adorable :), pay attention next time!  I always explain the exercise because it’s important how we do it, and sometimes it’s tough to see how every muscle suppose to work to get the full benefit.  You have to watch the workout explanations 🙂

  • Lucia

    I’m new to your site and I loved this workout. Here are my scores:

    Part 1
    Diagonal Jump Lunge: 4,4,2,2,2,3,2,2,2,2
    Vertical Leap: 4,3,3,3,3,2,3,2,3,2

    Part 2   12:16:12

    Part 3    I only did 1 round here. I must’ve written it down wrong. My time was 6:06:46

    • Hi Lucia, 

      Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Glad you liked it sweetie 🙂 and I’m happy you watched your form!

  • sedindriuke

    Today’s workout for me. First hit the job duties as always and in the evening relaxing leisure time- killer Tatianna routines 😀 afterwards i will do Perfect ABS afterglow routine. I like planning in the morning while Im having breakfast, then I have something to wait 🙂

    • Ha Ha I do that as well :), plan while having breakfast 🙂

      • sedindriuke

        First part… tough…as in Isometric training as it was..  i did with bodyweight as it was really hard and unconfortable to keep the bottle above my head (bottle with stones and water :D)Second part took me 5:49 min (15 kg bag)Third part took me 9:18 mins  (side lunges with that bottle)I was sweating so much… Then I hit ABS Afterglow workout in 12:50, additionaly some bridges for my butt 🙂
        Now time to choose upper body workout 🙂
        Thanks Tatianna 🙂

        • That’s a nice little workout day you got there!

  • AlishisPhillips

    I did this workout the first time 3 months ago. I’m happy to report that I shaved 15 seconds off of round 2. I also realized I did round 3 only once through when I did this 3 months ago, so I can’t compare my score. This is such a great torturous workout. Thanks Tati, I’m happy to be able to revisit these older workouts and see my progress.

    I started this workout with day one of the “improve your pushups”, as well as a few rounds of plank holds. I also finished with more planks and ab exercises. I’m going to love seeing if I can improve my pushup scores because I’m totally weak in my upper body.

    • Alishis you are so gonna improve, everyone who tried reported great results! The challenge will begin at day 3, because you will feel very very sore, but it’s normal. On the 4th day you will feel like all the soreness is almost gone, just as long as you push through the day 3.

      When you will take your test on Monday, you are going to be very surprised at your self 🙂

  • aloen

    Hi Tatianna,

    I haven’t been able to work out much over the last week or so, but I did this workout today and it was just what I needed – thanks 🙂

  • Okay this kicked my ass! It especially kicked my ass because I fell asleep on the couch at 5pm today, and after evening naps my energy always seems sapped, as little as I like to admit it. For all medicine ball things I used my 10lb-ish ugly ball, and for part 2 I used my 35lb sandbag. I took more breaks than the recommended on part 2, but still came through with an okay time. I really watched my form, too, so I’m happy about that.

    part 1:
    no scores, but jump lunges were usually about 5-8, and vertical leaps 4-6.

    part 2: 8:54

    part 3: 9:51

    I followed this with Six Pack Abs and Core…and I’m toast! Thanks!

    • OMG you’re rock ! Especially in this hot weather :). I prepared the most meanest full body workout for tomorrow, and it’s gonna be short in comparison to my usual workouts, but I am still very afraid of it 🙂

      • ha ha, only here in Berkeley, CA, the weather is NOT hot AT ALL. I think it was about 65 today. Good for working out, bad for general summery-time-ness.

        Hey–I have to ask–what is this funny room with the funny headless mannequin? Is this another house, or another room in the house? I have to say, I’m sure you’re more comfortable in the room you’re in now, but I do kind of miss the mannequin. 😉

        • tee_w

          I love the colour! red!

    • must be something about yesterday – I worked out, swam, and then fell fast asleep on the sofa at half nine and didn’t wake up til about half an hour ago. I was totally wiped and still feel cream crackered so happy its rest week now 🙂

  • Wow 20 minutes of skipping in this weather, good Lord!

  • Hi Tati,
    Well, I must say this workout is a RRRRREAL torture)))

  • I’m slowly working my way through lower body routines. I still have about twenty-three lower body routines to do. I completed this about 2 hours ago. At first glance it looks hard on paper, but total time was less that 30 minutes. I’ll consider this a light leg routine.

    Warm up: 10mins, Dynamic Stretch: 5mins.

    Part 1: Completed. 6lb ball.

    Part 2: 6:53, I used 30lb sandbag.
    Part 3: 10:19.
    I did not take a break, I went straight to week 2, day 1 of Bum & Thigh challenge.
    Cool down and Stretched for 10 minutes.

    • Oh wow! Light leg routine? This one killed me. I think I might do it again today, LOL…looking for a short but intensive lower body tonight because I have limited time. I’m working my way through her old routines, too. I have done all the upper body except the Gun Show one, and I have about 8 lower body ones to go! I am addicted to Tatianna’s routines, so I am starting to double back now. 🙂

      • This was fun for me, I’m not a fan lower body routines. I’m addicted to Tati’s routines too, I want to complete the routines once before I double back. I still have 23 lower lody, 20 upper body and 25 full body routines left to do. There is never a lack of choice here, Tati have posted a lot of routines to choose from.

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          this one looks like fun…pretty sure i haven’t done it yet…on the slate for next week

  • I did this one again! It’s wonderful and torturous!! 🙂 Oddly, my time for part 2 was about 1.5 min slower, but I believe that last time I put it on my back because it was before Vanessa had posted that video on how you SHOULDN’T do that…I almost did, though, just because the sandbag is easier to handle. So for part 2, reps 1-10 I held it in front, but found that VERY hard on my arms. For reps 11-30 I switched back and forth between shoulders, which was better.

    part 1:
    jump lunges: 6-8, mostly 7
    vertical leaps: 5-7, mostly 5, maybe 6
    part 2: 10:27

    part 3: 7:44

    Also, I just want to say that this whole workout is planned beautifully. I love how in part 3, my muscles were totally wiped out so those simple workouts in that progression really worked them. Brilliant.

    Before this I did my once-weekly Evil Abs, aka Sharper Abs Challenge. 🙂 It’s slowly getting easier, but still very challenging. 🙂

  • Mary Lou

    This was INSANELY hard! I started the first round with 2 10 lbrs and dropped it to 5 lbrs really quick, I really need to get a versa bag like yours… The 2nd round took me about 13:30, but I had a phone interruption that I had to take errrggghh. 10 minutes exactly on part 3. Whew! Finished with 150 bikes, 50 leg raise/butt lifts and treadmill time as it’s STILL winter here.