Flip Flop Fantasy Workout

May 16, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout


Hello my dear lovies,

Hope you are ready for another lower body workout routine.  And the good news is – It’s Summer Themed Workouts Time!  This little number looks simple but trust me it’s a butt burner. This workout consists of only 4 exercises, two of them are bodyweight only and for the other two I was using my 40 lbs VersaFit bag.

I can tell you right away that you will easily beat my time, cause today I was really struggling. The weather here in FL had reached 90 degrees, and everytime I am working out I feel like I am soon to faint.

I also wanted to congratulate all of you guys who have tried the push-up challenge program, and shared your progress. I am really happy that all of you guys had so much progress with your push-ups!

Now have a good warm-up and let’s workout!



Workout Explanations


All I used in this workout was my Gymboss timer and my 40lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems. Don’t worry if you don’t have the bag that I use, you can make your own by checking it out ” Fitness Equipment On A Budget ” post, or you can use other equipment you might have such as dumbbells, kettlebell or a backpack filled with something heavy.


Please watch the workout recap part of the video for proper form explanations.

Set your timer as a stopwatch. There is 5 rounds of the following sequence.


  • Half One Leg Squat & 1 Pulse Up – 10 reps on each leg
  • Side Jump Lunge with Rotation – 15 reps on each leg
  • Mini Dead Lifts – 30 reps ( Please watch workout recap video for this exercise )
  • Bag Swing – 20 Reps ( you can do 30 reps if you like, but with my bag being 40 lbs 20 reps was enough )
  • My time for this routine was 34 minutes and 43 seconds

After this workout I did 3 sets of Bridges on a balance ball, 20 per side. And 3 sets Toe Lifts, 25 reps each with my 40 lbs bag.

Then I did some jump rope skipping for 10 minutes and a stretch after.


Nutrition Tip:


If you are having a terrible craving for a certain food – have some! There is no need to feel guilty about it. When our body craves something you better give it what it wants, otherwise later you will crave it even more and end up eating a lot more. We don’t really need to live our life in deprivation, it’s all about a healthy balance. I’ve written a great article called ” Is It Healthy To Always Eat Healthy? “, give that a looksie, it’s quite interesting.

Have fun with your workout!


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  • ltwin

    Privet Tatianna,
    I simply have to say: You look incredible!!! Just awesome!!!

    Thank you so much for another great workout!!!

    • Radost moya, ti vsegda menya odoryaesh pozitivom 🙂

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    Cool workout. I did my WO for today, gone try it soon! 
    Can u please share your working scheduled for a week? 
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Sure, I can share mine, I also have this post here where I made several schedules : http://www.lovingfit.com/fitness/creating-your-workout-plan/

      Mine is different from week to week, but I always start with a lower body routine, then next day upper body, then a day off, then again lower body, upper body.  If I run low on time I would do a full body instead, but only when I am short on time. 

      • Swiss_BodyRocker

        Thank you so much for the link . It was very helpful info!Have a good day!

  • Bibi

    Oooh, I am looking forward to do this workout! I love One Leg Squats but not because they are easy ( they are all but easy!!) but because I feel a nice burn afterwards in my butt :)! I think it’s a quite good exercise.
    But I will do it only the day after tomorrow because tomorrow will be my active rest day. I plan to go for a nice jog – or is this too much for an active rest?
    And I have another question: Although I do warm-ups my joints crack constantly and I don’t know what to do. Do you have any ideas?

    • How long do you warm-up for?  Do you do specific joints warm-up as well?

      • Bibi

         I do similar movements you show us in your warm-up video for about five to ten minutes. I used to be a semi professional dancer and actually thought I know how to warm up; plus my joints never cracked like this – they have done it just for some weeks…

        • Have you changed anything in your nutrition approach?  

          • Bibi

             Hmm…. not really… but I have developed a hypothyroidism and get hormons.. this is the only thing that has changed during the last months…

          • That’s what it is, hormones really effect and change the body, they are quite unpredictable and complex.  Have you ever used While Yam Cream?  It’s natural cream and it helps to balance out hormones.

          • Bibi

             That’s a good idea, thank you! But won’t it constrain the purpose of the hormons i get?

          • No Bibi it won’t because this cream works with your body because it’s natural, it will just calm the hormones you have that are overbalanced. 

          • Bibi

             Okay, I will try it! Thank you!

  • Don’t worry sweetie, you will get to them next week 🙂

    • Daybelis2393

      Lol you are right . Quick question: I can’t do the half leg squats just yet can I substitute for a bulgarian split squat?

      • Sure, I don’t see why not 🙂

  • Then it’s good for you to take a day off 🙂

  • See I told you :), and you will gain strength too!

  • KirryKaatje

    Tati! I’ve never stared at your butt so often as I did when watching this video, haha! Off to do this one now! Yay, I love me some deadlifts! <3

    • Ha Ha Ha, had to explain how the butt muscles work in the dead lift 🙂

      • KirryKaatje

        It helped. ^^

        I’ve just finished this workout.. Oh my.. I’m soo happy it’s over! This one was one tough cookie. I bet you 100 bucks that I can’t get off the toilet tomorrow, thát sore!

        My time was: 36:31
        I was struggling quite a bit with my energylevel, so I had to take minibreaks, I was one big puddle of goo after those 36 min. I have used my 10kg kettlebell for the lifts and swings and I did 30 reps each.

        Off to enjoy the day. Have a great one yourself, Tati. <3

        • daybelis garcia

           lol i thought the toilet thing was an issue that only happened to me haha

          • I just was reading your tagline ( I am so happy to be your personal trainer 🙂 )

          • daybelis garcia

             i am glad you are!

          • 🙂 🙂

  • Mariasole Verdi

    my time for the wo: 27.04 minutes ive used 7kg sandbag. i did the bridges but was hard on 1 leg so i used both. toe lifts without weight cause i thought mycalves would bulk as they re already quite strong. then 10 mins skipping rope. byeee have a nice day!

  • jt

    I won’t be able to do this one until tomorrow maybe, booooooooooo 🙁 For one thing, my abs are STILL a bit sore from the latest abs workout! And I’m a bit under the weather, so the best thing is to completely recover.
    Have a nice day everyone! 🙂

    • Feel better Jt 🙂 sending you positive vibes 🙂

      • jt

        Thanks Tati!! 🙂

  • Kane

    Holy crap, this was brutal. Awesome! I took forever to do it. And all the time, I wished I knew Russian curse words 😀

    Tatianna, did you ever see this movie called Firefox? It came out in the height of the Cold War. Clint Eastwood played an American fighter jet pilot who had to steal the Soviets’ top-secret fighter plane. But the plane was thought-controlled, so Eastwood had to think in Russian to fly the plane.

    That sounds so stupid I might have to see it again! 😀

    • Hey Kane, I’ve never seen that movie but I do love Clint Eastwood so I will definitely check it out :).

  • erlingtonjames

    Man what a workout! I’m a  sweat ball lol. I finished the workout at 31.51 man I going to ache tomorrow morning. So tomorrow will be the Round of Fire Workout! Thank you Tatianna x

    • Wow you guys are such troopers, working out on Sundays!  This was a tough routine!

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there…

    So I just finished this workout,I was sweating like a pig!!!! During it I was like, OMG i will do 3 maybe 4 rounds, BUT I did all 5 rounds. Of course I had to use a chair for the first exercise…I used my 15 kilos sandbag for the workout and I really like it….!!!
    It took me 31:27, and after I did 3 minutes plank variations (leg to the side, leg up and reptile plank)….and those burned like hell….LOVED IT!

    Thank you Tatianna!


    kisses to you all

  • Bibi

    I am obviously not able to do the Bridges on a Balance Ball correctly and properly …grr :———( !!!

    • Why Bibi?

      • Bibi

         I think I do it wrong somehow: While one of my feet is on the ball and the other one is up in the air, bent, I can barely uphoald my butt. Besides, when I roll the ball, my knee and the lower side of my thigh hurts 🙁

        • This is when you doing the roll in and out leg bridges?  

          • Bibi

             Yes! Especially the tendons hurt.

          • OK, for now try not to do the roll out ones, place the ball agains the wall and do them this way.  

            I wish I could see how you are doing them, since I can’t see it it’s hard for me to tell what you are doing wrong.  But I do know that I always get a much better isolation if I place the ball agains the wall instead of rolling it. 

          • Bibi

             Okay, I will do it the next time. Thank you!

  • I finished this!  Owwww my butt will be hurting tomorrow, I know it!  I have a love/hate relationship with one-legged squats, and not because they’re hard, but because I have an old injury on my left ankle–actually, it wasn’t the ankle, but I had a tib/fib break and being the cast for so long limited my range of motion in my ankle. 🙁  It’s gotten better little by little, but it makes one legged squats on the left leg hard.  I have to make a slight ramp with two books to be able to go down far enough because otherwise my heel comes up off the ground and/or I fall over.  I think one solution would be to practice this every (or every other) day.  Because of it, my balance and strength on my left side is seriously compromised too, but even just in one workout my range of motion and balance gets a lot better…but it’s hard.

    Anyway, blah blah blah!  35lb sandbag for 33:53.  Followed with 10min cardio and 3 min abs. 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing Kendra :), yes you can definitely practice one leg squats every day, it’s like that with other exercises as well, if we practice every day a little at a time, we get better pretty fast!

  • Oh–also thank you for the detailed instructions.  I have to say, I DO feel the deadlift in my lower back, so I did all those in front of the mirror and was, like, (tee hee), cheering on my butt to pick up the work.  I think I finally found the motion in the last round, and it involved pushing my hips forward before lifting up…or something like that.  

    • I am glad the instructions are helpful, I try my best to explain everything with as much detail as possible, cause some of those moves look so different on camera and I want you guys to have the same effect as I do when I workout. 

  • daybelis garcia

    omgggggg was this brutal, this fl weather definitely made it a struggle.I substituted one leg squats with bulgarian split squats with a double pulse. I did the mini deadlifts with 30 lbs, boy were those side jump lunges a burner after the split squats lol.My time was 36 minutes. After I also did 3 sets of 20 bridges and 3 sets of 25 toe lifts, 15 min of mixed bodyweight exercises:) Thank you as always!

    • That’s a nice training day you had! I love the new picture by the way 🙂

      • daybelis garcia

         yes…. one question hun is it normal for us to feel the burn during the workout, but then after not feel it. I mean i tend to feel the soreness the day after is that okay?

        • Yep it’s normal, it happens to me as well because we have been working out for a while 🙂

  • tee_w


    did this butt burner today!  owieee!  Is it weird that the bodyweight were harder than the weighted?  lol  filled my sandball with 20.5lbs  (that was a workout in itself, new velcro, took me 10 minutes of fighting!  lol)  hardest were the side lunges I ended up by the 5th round just stepping them no more little jump.  I always go low on them and they hurt!  putting the mini deadlift and sandbag swings together was very smart!  this workout took me 23 min 53 seconds.  followed it with 6 minutes interval skipping. 

    by the way I’ve been doing plank holds in my workouts rather than moving as you recommended and discovered I can’t even hold a plank for 50 seconds!  I’ll keep trying!

    • See I told you :), make sure you also keep the lower part of your abs pulled in really tight. They are not always fun but they are effective !

  • sus

    I did this one yesterday! Loved it!!!! I ran today. 

    • I miss running, I need to get our for a good run one of these days 🙂

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  • sedindriuke

    31:41 min. It is not intensive workout but i was sweating … my two t-shirts (i like to wear layers..:D) was both wet 🙂 now some some stuff like natural yoghurt (fromaige frais) with protein powder, coconut and spinach leave aside.
    Btw, today I got my blood results and I have low iron level (thats why last week i was so weak and had to take 5 days off)… Im not a big meat eater (red meat) but love chicken (but it does not provide much iron to our bodies), i eat much green vegetables and leaves, nuts, seed,but still now i need to eat more meat with my salads then… maybe incorporate subproducts of animals some times… It is not first time i have low iron level but still..  Have you ever had iron level decreases, Tati?

    Thanks for Flip Flop wo. 🙂

    • Periodization is good, meaning not every workout should be super intense cause, we need to periodize :).  I’ve never had low iron levels before, but I always eat red meat once or twice a week.

  • Kate_CZ

    It´s raining today 🙁 so I needed to cheer myself up and this helped me to get into a sunny Flip Flop mood 🙂

    5 rounds in 30:23 and 9kg weight. And a bit cheating on exercise 1 – I did all of the one leg evil unassisted but I was changing leg every rep which made it much easier.

    Thank you, Tatiana!

    • It’s raining here too Kate :), and we are filming an awesome routine in about 2 hours, it’s gonna be full body and a kicker :).

  • ltwin

    Tatianna-moi superskii trainer!
    ya delala etu trenirowku… za 24:50 min.. potom na skakalke skakala 10 min.. o4en o4en ponrawilos etot workout.. i moi nogi segodnya bolyat 😉 dlya menya segodnya rest-day.. na solnishko poidu 😉 i zhelau tebe prekrassnih wihodnih!

    • Privet lubimaya 🙂

      U menya segodnya rest day toge :):), i ya toge pojdu na solnishko.

      Otlichnih vihodnih 🙂 Seluu

  • August 3, my last WO was July 29. I’d planned to do exercise challenges this week, but my body wanted sleep more (sleep worn). I completed this WO this morning.
    Warm up: 10 minutes. I used 30lb sandbag for the weighted execerises. It took me 36:26 to complete 5 rounds. On the fifth round, I didn’t do the pulse on the half leg squat. I also completed 3 sets of 20 reps balance ball bridge with both legs on the ball; plus 3 sets of 25 reps toe lifts using 30lb bag. For moderate cardio, I did Abs Inferno & Light Cardio routine.
    I know my butt is going to feel this tomorrow.

  • Enjoyed this workout during t h r e e days !! ( The soreness in my butt!!!) But then it felt soooo good thank U mylady!

  • Haha! Tonight it was this one. Man, I think I just have a fatal flaw of using my lower back. I would do it when I used to dance, too…so those mini deadlifts were challenging for me, but I made sure to stop and break for a few seconds if I was feeling it in my lower back. I also feel things there if I’m tired and my form gets sloppy.

    Beat my time from last time I did this, in May, but I took count each score and I see that while I lagged behind a bit in the first few rounds from last time, this time I kept my time each round more steady, between 6 and 7 min each round. 32:19, finished with 10 mnin cardio. I wanted to do bridges, but my butt was toast!!! If you don’t say it’s mandatory as part of the workout, then I don’t do it…but if you had put 3 rounds of 20 bridges in there as part 2, I would’ve done it, I’m sure! I can’ say no to you!! 🙂

    Working all weekend, but it should be fun. 🙂 Have a great weekend yourself!

  • biomed11

    I beat you by 19 seconds! Not much but I tried. I really focused on my form but it took me some time to get the mini deadlift right.

  • Cassidy Croskey

    33:46! I had to stop a few times to adjust my makeshift sandbag…it’s hard to grip when my hands get sweaty. :/
    Another good one! Thank you! 😀 <3

  • Cassidy Croskey

    Yay! I beat my time! 28:57. 🙂 I used a 30 lb. “sandbag” and did 30 Bag Swings each round. I think it may be time to up my weight. I gotta find something to heavy-up my makeshift sandbag with…it’s filled with all my dumbbells now. XD

    • Cassidy Croskey

      I just had to come back and say OH MY GAWD THOSE BRIDGES. 😛
      My butt is on fire. lol

  • Cassidy

    31:31, same weight, same reps~
    I didn’t beat my old time, but my form on the one-legged squats is sooo much better than it used to be. 🙂

  • Michelle_G

    Oh wow! This is an amazing workout! Your so good at structuring your workouts!

    Part 1 took me 39:40 — I used a 30lb kb for last two exercises and only did 20 kb swings, I really need to work on those for my form, I always feel it in my back 🙁
    I did the 3 sets of 1- leg bridges off the balance ball to finish, and I was done! Was planning on jumping rope for 10 minutes, but after my planks I was done!!!!

    Its the next day and I can feel my butt! perfect workout!

  • oberlee

    Did this again! I modified the mini deadlift–I did 15 ea one leg bridge on a balance ball. I’m trying to get better at those. I did 30 swings with a 35lb kettlebell. I roasted my old time, which was from 9 months ago–I got 27:01 this time (last time it was 33). Great workout! 🙂