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May 19, 2012 by

Upper Body Workout


Hello my darlings :),

I am back with another upper body killer workout routine!!!  So happy to see that Loving Fit community is growing every day, you guys are so wonderful and supportive I feel truly blessed!

Just a year ago when I started this blog I only dreamed that someday I will get to meet people from different places around the world and we can share our love for health and fitness.  Today I am living this dream thanks to you guys and this is the most precious thing a person can have, to do what they love and share it with others.

As you know I went through a pretty crazy 2 weeks, I haven’t stressed like that in a while and as hard as it was I stayed positive the whole time.  I pushed through my workouts even though my mind wanted to give up.  I knew in my heart that this was a big lesson in my life. When life gives us problems we need to look for lessons within, once we recognize these lessons things will get even better, thats what I always teach others and this was my time to prove it.


Now let’s get all the mental strength we need, let’s do a good warm-up, let’s practice the proper form in front of the mirror and let’s workout!!!


Workout Explanations


In this routine I was using my timer, a pair of dumbbells ( 10 lbs in each hand ) and 12 lbs medicine ball ( don’t worry if you don’t have the equipment, I show you variations in the video ).  This workout is split in 2 parts, both parts are circuits and you will do these circuits for proper form first, time second.


Part one


Set your timer as a stopwatch.  There is 10 rounds of the following combo.  I would like to warn you right away, this is a tough combo because I am using a different push-up variation, and if you are struggling to do all 10 rounds, just do 6-8 rounds instead.


  • Palm Outward Dynamic Push-up – 8 reps – Roll Over – Push-Off- Mountain Climbers using a tempo – 10 reps ( the whole thing counts as one round, I completed 10 ).


Part 2


Set your timer as a stopwatch.  There are 5 exercises with one of the done on both sides.  I completed 2 rounds, if you are brave enough you can go for 3 rounds.


  • In & Out Catch – 20 reps
  • Neutral Grip Pull-Ups ( assisted on the way up, UN assisted on a way down ) – 10 reps
  • Fancy Push-Up – 8 reps on each side
  • Bird Back Lifts – 15 reps
  • Shoulder Raises – 15 reps



After this routine I practiced my dips, my goal is to do at least 10 without assistance, right now i can only do 6.  The trick to practicing dips is quite simple:  Assist your self on the way down then pick up your legs and try to push your self back up.

I also did 10 minutes of skipping and 5 min of stretching.


My time


Part 1 – 15 min 21 sec

Part 2 – 13 min 43 sec


Nutrition Tip:

Today’s nutrition tip is to look for hidden sugar on your food labels.  A lot of times we think that by buying something fat free or sugar free is actually better, but it’s worst, much worst.  When we are buying fat free produce it means it’s been processed and tons of sugar has been added to make it taste edible, just check your label and you will see what I mean.  Same goes for sugar free things, everything that is labeled sugar free has artificial sugar added to it, and that is pure chemicals that work against our bodily functions.

Every Friday I write an article on EvilCyber.com, todays article was about Low Fat & Sugar Foods, so check that out :).


PS – I was having some technical difficulties with the video so it came a whole day and a half later.


Have a wonderful weekend darlings!



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  • Dee Andrews Andrews

    l love your Abs l dream with mine like that.

    • Thank you :), you can definitely have abs like that as well 🙂

  • taltul73

    can not wait until tomorrow to do this workout. it look brutal….. wow. let you know tomorrow how did i do. 

    • Hey Tali 🙂

      Let me know how you did, you’ve been out for a while I noticed :).  Missing you 🙂

      • taltul73

        yes… i was sick 🙁 3nd time in 3 weeks. im back now.
        i sent you an email few days ago, i do not think you have seen it. look for it.

        Much love , have a wonderful day.


        • Hey Tali, 

          I haven’t gotten around my mail, I will need to sort it out tomorrow 🙂

      • taltul73

        (second time .)

  • Hi there :), 

    Yes I do try to respond to every question I get, I love talking back and forth with people and I enjoy spending my time on you guys :).

  • Daybelis2393

    Oh my god hun you have an amazing physique, I seriously envy you lol. Your upper body strength is amazing , I hope to be able to perform such exercises in proper form like you always do. I love this workout and I will try it out next week:)

    • Sweetie, you are beautiful your self as well and the proper form you will learn with time, I don’t always have perfect form but I work on it every day :).  

      Have a wonderful weekend, hugs 🙂

  • I would say try the new one, this one 🙂  but reduce the rounds in the first part.  I completed the whole 10 rounds but it would be a bit too much for you on the first day. Do 6 rounds :), and the second part do the same) 

    • Daybelis2393

      Will do thank you love:)

  • Tati,
    This routine looks brutal!! I can’t wait to try it out starting next week!!

    Btw, I’m reading your post about “low fat & sugar foods”! You’ve me laught with this “people apparently become self-conscious about their food choices around me” hahahaha!! 🙂 I love the way you write!! <3

    I'll continue my reading!
    Ciao bella!!

    • Thanx Eli, yeah I have a funny way of expressing my self sometimes.  I always write how I think 🙂

      • That’s great!
        And great article Tati!
        I used to think that buying in a healthy store “was safe”!
        Definitely we need to read the labels! But sometines I don’t understand everything I read on those labels :-S

        • That’s where I use my rule – If I don’t understand it I don’t eat it.  I always patrol the ingredients list 🙂

  • Mariasole Verdi

    workout bellissimo! 🙂 have a nice sunday!!

    • You too darling, have a nice Sunday!

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    Just finished it! Swimming in my own sweat! Loved part one,the palm out ward push up is such a fun exercise! 
    Part one.  15.27
    Part two.  15.04

    Thanks for a wonderful workout and have a nice Sunday!

    • Glad you enjoyed the workout, have a wonderful Sunday!

  • taltul73

    still shaking…. 
    first part  13:03 – some of the push ups where modified (first few sets like you did, some with palm outward but no jumping and some palm outward but on the knees)
    second part: 14:03
    5kilo m. ball on the first exercise i worked harder…. i extended the feet out the same time i  throw the ball and out again when i lower my back… ok so my abs are happy they got  extra work… 

    as you know…. I LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS…. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sedindriuke

    Tomorrows workout. I will be doing 20 reverse push ups under my table instead of pull ups (really would love to start doing pull ups and targeting another back and shoulder muscles, but at this moment i have no opportunity… ), First, part looks challenging, but I like to be sweating and feel burn afterwards. Thanks for tomorrow 😉

  • Mariasole Verdi

    ciao! i did it! the first part was hard i only did 2rounds with no variations. then i switched until 8 rounds. i could not imagine i would sweat and fight like that until the end 🙂 lol. then i forget to set my timer for the second part in which i managed 3 rounds as i was about to explode ahahahaaaaa! take good care byeee

  • Swiss_BodyRocker

    Update! My arms are so sore today (but in a nice way) Today is my active rest day, i did beginners yoga (this is seconded time doing it) loved it.Followed by nice and long stretching! 
    Have a nice Monday and week all!

  • Hi, at the moment I don’t have an app, but I will get one in the future. 

  • Bibi

    Your nutrition tip is so true! I think it’s really blatant how the food manufacturers kids us, the customers. There are sooo many foods that promises us something, like getting slimer, being able to control our appetite or being able to digest better. And most of those foods are all but healthy.
    This actually should be forbidden!

    • I know, it makes me so freaking mad.  Like the new ” Who Knew ” cookies, or something like that.  That stuff is toxic and full of chemicals, yet they are selling it as vitamin cookies, I can’t believe this stuff is legal.

      • Bibi


  • ltwin

    Did this one before the Perfect Abs Workout..
    I’m still weak on push ups, but aaaaaa looooot better than one month before!
    I followed your intstructions for propper push ups and finally (for the first time in my life!) I can do 12 push ups without modifications… I’m sooo happy.. I don’t know what it is but since I’ve found your site I can see so much improvement in everything: push ups, performance, my form and my mood 😉 
    I’m so looking forward training with you for the next time!
    Spasibo OGROMNOYE!!!

    • Solnishko moe, ya tak rada chto mogu bit tebe poleznoj 🙂

      Seluu 🙂

  • AlishisPhillips

    Did it.  Was super tough.  Total time was just over 30 min 🙂

    • 30 min is a great time Alishis, as long as you watched your form 🙂

  • sus

    I’m back! I just did this workout though not the whole thing.  I did half of each part.  I just got back from vacation which was full of active rest days (my favorite being hiking).  I am ready to get back on my eating and workout schedule (nothing like vacation to mess it up). Missed working out with you Tati.  My arms hurt.  I cannot imagine what they would feel like had I done the full workout.

    • Welcome back Sus :), so happy to have you back!!! Good thing you only did half of the workout, it would of definitely been too much if you would of done the whole thing. 

      Hiking and vacation sounds so fun right now, my husband is on vacation at the moment for two weeks ( one week left ) so he is running free, but I can’t really let him go far because I need him to shoot the workouts 🙂

  • This was a really awesome workout!  The workout I did yesterday had a lot of lower body, so I opted for an upper body one and thought I would give this a try.  

    Man, I had no idea that turning my palms outward would make those push ups so much harder, but it did!  Oh–and I love, love, LOVE the fancy push up.  I don’t have a pull up bar with a neutral grip, so I did regular pull ups, and I did them unassisted–I know that the point was to control on the way down, and I still did that.  I have been wanting to add more pull ups in anyway.  To do the set of 10 I need to take a few seconds rest between each one, and I don’t go from hanging–I don’t push up off the ground, but I think it makes the beginning easier to start from standing rather than from hanging.  Oh, and I used my 10lb ugly ball for the in and out catch, and 10lb dumbbells for the shoulder raises, and a soccer ball for the fancy push ups. 

    part 1: 11:01
    part 2: 14:54

    Followed with 5 minutes skipping.  I feel great!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Kenda, I just love that you guys are doing my workouts with me, this motivates me so much – thank you!!!

      Tomorrow we are filming another lower body routine, and I will be using furniture movers ( those sliding little things ), get ready its gonna be a tough one !!!

  • midimidi

    i already worked my arms with weights today so i did six rounds of part one.  6 rnds in 5:23 i like those pushups! part two i did 2 rounds in 10:40.  my upper body is definitely worked out!  love the bird back lifts- tough!

    • Ohh I love the bird lifts too, they are great for the back!

  • You can just do regular rows, but do them slowly to make it challenging 🙂

    • jk

      thank you 🙂

  • jt

    Today it’s upper bodyyyy so it’s gonna be this one! It’s late here already, but I can’t stand seeing my arms lose so much tone so gotta catch up! 🙂 Though I see variationsss, so many variations for me! 🙂 It looks truy challenging, gonna tell you how my arms feel tomorrow hehe 😉

    • jt

      alright!! my arms feel like gummi bears 🙂 I KNOW they’re gonna be sore tomorrow hehe…
      I did 6 rounds of 5 reps of push up off the knees and 10 MCs. Darn!! 🙂
      Part 2, those Fancy push ups killed me!!! Especially when I held the dumbbell on my right arm. I did 8 reps off the knees, but didn’t do the “movement”. Instead, I did 16 reptile push ups at the end of the round (did 2 rounds). Modified the first exercise too, did some kind of abs with a sandbag (4 kg). My dumbbells are 1,5 kg each. Also did pull ups in my walker (my ghetto dipstation lol) instead of the pull up bar exercise. This part took me 20:51, and was in a very beginner mode… phewwwwwwwww!!!

      • You got a very good training in JT!  

        We filmed a new workout today and I was still crazy sore from trapeze yesterday, when we finished I could barely feel my body, i can’t even imagine how I am going to feel tomorrow.

        • jt

          Ohhh I hope you’re not feeling TOOOO sore!! I can’t even imagine how would it feel to lift and hold all your bodyweight with just your arms!! Although yours are super strong 🙂

          Fortunately, I’m not feeling THAT bad but feel the “burned areas” 🙂 It’s a nice feeling, because you know that the workout was effective 🙂 

          • OMG JT, yesterday we filmed and today I feel like I’ve been beaten with a stick, my whole body is aching, I couldn’t even put on my deodorant without feeling pain in my muscles.

          • jt

            Didn’t get this msg before..! Ohhhh I can only imagine your pain, because you used WAYYY heavy weights!!! Hope you’re feeling a lot better now 🙂
            BTW, I had read in some post I can’t remember now, that you were going to make the recipes everyone sent to you… I think it’s an absolutely great idea!!! You know everyone loves recipes, and we all can benefit from them if you’re the link 🙂

            Here’s another one I did, it’s a “healthy cheesecake”, I cut small squares for breakfast or snack, can be kept for several days in the fridge 🙂 
            It’s a copy/paste from a post I did in a group

            HEALTHY CHEESECAKE*Benefits*It’s very high-protein and low fat from the requesón cheese and the almonds. Great as a snack or post-workout. Or as a treat, but it’s so delicious, so don’t overeat! :)*Ingredients (medium tray)*
            500 g requesón (ok so this is a difficult one… it seems to be also called “curd”, but it’s not ricotta, nor cottage cheese. It’s made out of the precious whey. It contains around 10g protein, 3g carbs, 6g fat and 100 calories per 100g, so look for something with similar nutritional values).
            1 1/2 tbsp honey (I originally put 2 but 1 1/2 is more than OK)
            About 50 g toasted unsalted almonds in “powder” (get your coffee grinder or blender and that’s it :))
            2 large eggs
            Grated zest of 1 lemon
            A pinch of salt

            Base layer:
            100 g oats
            50 g melted butter (try and go for a lower fat one :))
            25 g mascavado sugar/cane sugar or similar (the healthiest possible you can get :))

            First, for the base layer, mix the oats with the sugar and then add the melted butter, mix until consistent and place in the tray (I used a glass one, you can use a metal one but put a cooking sheet underneath; rub the sides with butter).

            Preaheat the oven to 160ºC / 320ºF

            For the cream, mix everything together except for the eggs. Don’t mix at high speed, use a manual mixer if possible (we don’t want to get air inside the cream). Then add one egg and mix until completely blended. Add the other egg and blend it too. 
            Place the cream on the base layer and cook for about 1 hour, until light golden. Don’t open the door at any moment. Once it’s finished, let it cool inside the oven, don’t open it until an hour (minimum) has passed. 

          • Thank you JT, I just copied and pasted all of the recipes you guys have been sending me and I’m gonna start making and posting them all 🙂

          • jt

            here’s yet another one 🙂

            Garbanzo salad

            *Benefits*This salad is packed with proteins from the chick peas and the eggs. It’s very fresh and satiating!*Ingredients (serves 2)*
            250 g garbanzos / chick peas
            1 tomato, cut in small pieces
            2 boiled eggs, cut in small pieces
            1 stalk of celery, cut in small pieces
            1 slice of green pepper (like 2 fingers wide), chopped very tiny
            1 ring of onion, chopped
            10 olives, chopped

            Dressing (mix it all together):
            2 tbsp olive oil
            1 tbsp fresh lemon juice or apple vinegar
            1 tsp mustard
            Cummin and thyme to taste
            Parsley, if you fancy
            A pinch of salt

            You just mix it all together and done! 🙂 In the pic you can see some beans, I didn’t have enough chick peas, that’s why 🙂 

          • Wowzers that looks good :), I need to get on top of posting your guy’s recipes, thank you so much JT 🙂

          • jt

            came back home with my tomatoes and an avocado… and remembered about the Salmorejo-like recipe, I posted it on your “Amazaballs” recipe 🙂 It’s a cool way to include legumes, and can be also used as a dip.
            BTW, I buy the legumes dry, and cook (steam) a large amount myself (like half a kilo) for about 1h-1h 15 min. I let them cool with the remaining water, then store in an air tight container in the fridge. That way I have chick peas, beans or lentils for about a week with no preservatives (always rinse them before using, they tend to creat a “jelly-like” texture and smell stronger but it’s some sort of fermentation that dissapears when rinsed, up until 7 days they are usually OK).

  • Hey my love :), thank you for sharing. You had such a great training day :), I’m gonna have to take a day off today, my body is so sore I don’t think I’ve been this sore in a really long time. 

    • daybelis garcia

      Lol no better feeling than soreness, you deserve the day off Hun!

  • sedindriuke

    Good morning from the UK. I am having my breakfast after this workout! Wow.. my shoulders will be screaming tomorrow 🙂 or not… so many push ups.. in first part i started using my knees to do push up… I am training with push ups since 2011 summer when i started Bodyrock but still i cannot do so many 😀
    1 part 12:44 min
    2 part (3 rounds) 16:35 min (after 2 rounds i needed to turn on the computer to make sure it is really just 2 rounds as it was written in my notebook decorated with cupcakes 😀 ) and OMG no way there are 3 rounds! :))
    Great start of the day!
    Thanks and i’m waiting your post as always 🙂

    • sedindriuke

      and i did 20 sandbag rows (15 kg) instead of pull ups, and used 2×1,25 kg weight plates for shoulder raises (not easy still :)) and did 20 instrad of 15.

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    holy crap girl !!!!!  Trying to kill us ???  LOL  Talk about ending the work out week with a tough one.  My shoulders are dead now.  It’s amazing how turning your palms a little bit changes the  whole feel of the push up.  So part one took me 7:21

    Part two I used 2 x 10 lb hand weights and a 10 lb medicine ball, and my pull up bar  :)))  I only did 2 rounds as I did Strong Like Susan Day 2 of the Ab Challenge right afterwards.  Part two took me 8:10

    • Ha Ha Ha, yep a slight change in movement makes a huge difference 🙂

  • Annebel Wind

    Hi Tatianna, did this one today… Used to 5kg dumbbels for the shoulders.. That slowed me down pretty good, had to do 3 x 5.. But felt good to go for max effort… The first part: 11.37.. I surpriced myself there.. The second part: 20.48.. So big differents.. 😀  Felt really good though.. Focused on proper form, especially with the pull ups and the shoulder raises.. thanks for this great one.. <3

  • Naomi (nabi)

    I really loved this one! I don’t why I got such a good time on part 1 – but I had to take a break after the first two rounds to instruct my friend, so maybe I recovered a little. Anyway. It was torture.

    Part 1: 6 min 36 sec on 10 rounds.
    Part 2: 11:41 on 2 rounds, then a little break to motivate myself for the 3rd round. Total time 16:40.

    The fancy push-ups were fun, used 4+4 kg dumbbells. 2.5+2.5 kg on the shoulder raises.

    • Thank you for sharing Naomi 🙂

  • BarbaraLoyoya

    I’m in love with your workouts. I’ve been doing Bodyrock.tv and Zuzka’s workout for about 18 months now. But I’m switching over to your workouts. They are killers!!! I love your exercises. I’m so glad for founding your youtube channel. You are so cute and sweet!!! Never stop!! Love you and thank you. Huge hugs from The Netherlands. xxx Bar

    • Thank you sweetie :), let me know if you ever have questions )))

  • BarbaraLoyoya

    Ooh forgot my workout time :). I did everything including the dips and 10 minutes jump rope. Part 1: 20:03 and part 2: 22:01. xxx

  • I read the exercises and I say no biggie. Half way through the routine; I’m asking does she really need to make them this hard. <3
    Warm up: 10 minutes
    Part 1: 17:19
    Part 2: 17:00 (2 rounds)
    I used 6lb ball, 8lb set of DB
    Stretching: 10 minutes
    Tati, thanks for a wow customer service experience. I truly think you understand the give and take relationship between us and you. Though this is a free service, we're still customers. A further thanks to all subscribers for contributing to this amazing experience.

  • Jeanne

    I thought it was a great upper body workout! Fist combo almost killed me, but I did 10 reps although had to have some short breaks in between: my lower back was hurting a little. I did the first part in 17.24. The second part took me 20.15, but I did three rounds. I thought it was a fun sequence, and besides I was at the gym where I finally could use a pull up bar and a medicine ball! So, I was quite happy to do 3 rounds (dork!). I then added some back and chest exercises and did 10 min. cardio on a row machine – bam! Total upper body killer! I am still shaky as I am typing it, but what a nice workout to finish off a wonderful training week! Thank you, Tanya!

  • I am so sorry that you had to go through that :(, I prayed for every one daily who was affected by it.

  • This was the first upper body routine of yours I ever did, and the 3rd LF workout, after Loving Fit and SExy and Perfect Abs Afterglow. I LOVED it then, and I loved it tonight! I thought maybe it wouldn’t be as intense, since last time I wasn’t used to the Tatianna-treatment like I am now, but…nope! Still tough! This one looks and sounds a lot easier on “paper” too, but the slight changes in both push up variations make them super tough–in the first, the outward palms, added with the dynamic move, and in the fancy push up, holding the plank for the knee tuck (which is further of a stretch than a normal knee tuck, too) made 8 reps really hard. I only did 2 rounds of the second part, and all pull-ups were unassisted, with 5 in a row from hanging without touching the ground in the first round, 4 in the second. After those, I don’t jump up from the floor, but I pull myself up from standing, which is easier. I got a slower time than last time for the first part, but that was because last time I did the mountain climbers fast because I didn’t understand…and this time, I did them slow and YEAH, it’s a lot harder that way! Two 10lb dumbbells for shoulder raises, 10lb medicine ball.

    part 1: 11:27

    part 2: 13:31

    Warmed up with Sharper Abs Challenge and now I’ll do about 10-12 min cardio. 🙂

    I love your workouts so much. Happy weekend!

  • oberlee

    Did it again! I wanted a fun workout, and this one is very fun. I keep doing longer and longer on part 1–I think my form must be better, no? Maybe my mountain climbers are getting slower and slower.
    part 1: 12:49
    part 2: 12:40
    Finished with Real Time Cardio #8. Awesomeness. All around.

    • oberlee

      Oh–I should mention…I can do ALL pull ups unassisted now, and ALL from hanging (last time I did the last bits from standing). I could do 7 in a row the first round, 6 in the second. I think I could do 8 in a row if I really pushed, though. 🙂

  • Vickie

    Hi Tatianna,
    Thank you so much for a great workout! I was actually feeling tired coming home from work and was about to give up on working out but I told myself to not skip my upper body day and let me just say that I cannot believe how much I’ve achieved. Not only was I not motivated but managed to still push through all 10 rounds of part 1, and 3 of part 2! I felt amazing afterwards and I know I didn’t overtrain because I was feeling energized.

    Your workouts help me shape areas that I have trouble with such as the arms and back of legs so thank you so much!! Thank you for all the nutrition ( not diet : ) ) advice as well!


  • Cassidy

    Part 1: 13:28

    Part 2: 18:17 for two rounds with 16 lbs. on the first move and 10 lbs. on the last. I did one-legged push-ups instead of the “fancy push-up”. I wanted to do three rounds, but there was just nothing left in my arms, so I didn’t force myself.

    When my upper body starts to feel this weak, I know it’s time for my rest week. Good thing this was the last workout of this cycle! 🙂 See you in a week!