Dive Bomber Proper Form & Variations

Sep 15, 2012 by



Hello My Darlings,

I finally made this video that I’ve been planning to make for a long time now. Dive Bombers Proper Form & Variations.

I always want to remind you guys to keep your body tight in every exercise you do, not only does the exercise becomes harder, it becomes more effective. The more our full body works in each movement, the more calories we are burning.


Key Points of a Dive Bomber:


  • Always keep your whole body tight
  • In the starting position flex your legs
  • Always keep your abs tight
  • Don’t rush the movement, it’s about the quality not speed
  • At the Last Stage of the move squeeze your triceps & booty, pause for a second
  • As you slide back feel your shoulders working and flex them



Enjoy the variations!



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  • tonysaboo

    You are a star, so professional. Enjoy all your workouts.

  • Vivi

    GREAT video !! I’m not one of those create moves, so i always love to see new moves !! Like the Runing Reptile Bomber !! I will try this one next time !! I include bombers + mini Pu today.
    Thanks to share your experience !!! much Love <3

  • Diana

    Oh WOW, I love these variations (especially the Running Reptile Bomber)! I can hardly wait to try them all. 🙂 Also: that new(?) music is really great! 🙂

    • Thank you sweetie, here I was using Royalty Free music, I was trying to pick something new and fun.

  • Omg Tati – you kill me with laughter when you show how NOT to do the moves – so so funny 😛

    • Ha Ha Ha, glad I can make you laugh 🙂

  • Jos

    Love the music selection here 🙂 and for the proper dive bomber form and its variations. I might be there yet to do the variations since I’m still struggling with the regular one. To be honest, I think I’m guilty enough to be one of those who’s doing the dive bomber as you demonstrated FOR NOT the correct one…

    • Hey, good thing you recognize it! Yes, we should all slow down and focus on quality, cause that is what’s more important!

  • Evaleen

    Awesome awesome vid!!! (It deserved double emphasis :p) I’m inspired now to do an all-dive-bomber workout– 10 reps of every variation with a bit of cardio in between, something like that (will be great fun with pain mixed in xD). Thank you so so much for the ideas, as always!!!

    And haha, moving like a “slinky”… so true though, every time I see someone race through their reps like that, I think “cheater!” Lol, slow down so your muscles can realize they’re even getting worked. :p

    • I was just telling WorkIt that we should do a Dive Bomber workout 🙂

      • Evaleen

        Well it’d be awesome! 😀

        I also just saw Alfonso’s article about you as well and posted to it– congratulations!!! SO deserved, you had it coming! 🙂

        • Thank you so much Evaleen,

          It’s all because of you guys!!! Thank you so much for your help and support, I am your humble servant.

          • Evaleen

            And you’re also our wonderful trainer!!! 🙂 *Hugs*

  • OMG Tati, that’s a whole workout right there with all those variations. You are one strong lady ! it is such a pleasure to watch your perfect form !
    Congrats for the review that AngryTrainer had for you ! You deserve it !
    I was looking at this one exercise, which is bodyweight only and you came up with so many variations, so very creative. I was thinking you could do a one month challenge ( or something like that ) with bodyweight exercises only, with variations like that, just to prove, we all have the equipment to build a strong body. Mark Lauren has a book “You are your own gym” built on this idea, I am pretty sure you’ve heard about it.

    • Thank you girlie!!!

      I actually have the book You are your own gym – I love it!!!! It is a great idea to do a month challenge with bodyweight exercises only :), I’m gonna get on top of that next month!

      While we were filming I got a whole workout out it these variations, I got an idea to do Dive Bomber variations workout, and come up with more variations 🙂

      • Hee hee….I could see you were sweating there :). I would probably last 5 minutes tops !

  • Thanks Tati! Love the variations!!!

  • jjeeeezzz Tati you are AMAZING!

    • Thank you dear, you guys always inspire me to be creative!

  • Welcome to Loving Fit Alenka 🙂

  • Esal1

    Hi Tati!! First off congrats on the review from Alfonso! A collaberation would be really cool! Still wish you could have done one with Susan but fear that we have seen the last of her :(. This DB vid was amazing! So clear and succinct, as usual loved it.
    My DB variation is a reptile as well although I do it a little differantly. Same start position, but as I go down the reptile leg moves slowly with me so that when I am in the “down” position the reptile knee is touching the elbow. It take the entire movement to get there. I also put one of your mini pu in there as well. Then it takes the entire movement to get back as well. Hope this is clear, I had planned on sending a vid of one for you, but a late night urge to do some freestyling down at the park has left me with some sort of side muscle issue. Really hurts to do pullups and for sure DBs.

    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      oooooo….bad boy….pulled something???? take it easy

      • Esal1

        lol, total dumbass move GL. Watching some Bar vids enjoying a couple rum & cokes, all of a sudden thought I was a bar stud. lolololol

    • Thank you so much Ethan :), I will try your variation 🙂

      Make sure you place ice on your muscle.

    • Evaleen

      Great idea, it reminds me of the Scorpio push-up that Z used in one of her L.A. routines.

      And I tried a variation too, a ‘staggered’ bomber (one hand placed normally, the other further back). Rather liked it. 🙂

  • Hi Tati, congratulations on the review from The Angry Trainer! You totally deserve it.
    Another great video with creative variations.

    • Thank you girlie, I have to thank all of you guys for that!

  • Carmen

    Awesome job Tatianna! I am getting ready to work on my routine for the next 6 weeks and I hope that there is a dive bomber in what comes next. I am trying to do all your routines as I choose 2 for upper body and 2 for lower body and focus on them while gaining strength. Although, with your creativity I am getting far from the newest routines 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Did 100 bombers yesterday as a workout, using 10 variations with 50 side-2-side skips after every set… and I freakin LOVED these moves!!! Really don’t know which was tougher– easiest I guess were the reversed bombers, followed by the pronated (but not by much). Used a solid box because I didn’t have a ball, and also kept my feet together for the ones with a mini-PU (as it gave me more depth to dip).

    I’ll have to try the crabby variation outside though, where my face and feet won’t keep hitting stuff. :p

    • tee_w

      I’m impressed with the 100 dive bombers!

      • Evaleen

        Thanks! 🙂 But I think it wasn’t too impressive as it took me a whole half-hour with the skips (that’s been like, my ‘magic’ number lately.. everything takes me 30 minutes lol).

  • Di

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