Blue Voltage Workout

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Full Body Workout


Hello My Darlings,

How is everyone doing with ” More Fiber Less Starch Challenge “? I am doing pretty good with it, all though training seemed a bit challenging today, maybe it’s the weather. It’s been so freaking hot here in FL, but I’m sure it’s crazy like that everywhere now. It’s quite a challenge to train in a weather like that, good thing I have a pool I can jump into after my workout.

This week I’ve been very busy and when the busy times come I do 2 split routines and 1 full body routine. This is going to be a kick arsie full body workout! It might not look hard on video but once you are doing it in proper form you will be burning all over.

I wanted to ask you guys a question, it seems to me that my body swells up a lot during the hot weather and I look like a puffy duck, have any of you guys experienced the same thing?

As usual make sure you do a very good warm-up before you begin to exercise, you can follow me along in my warm-up routine. And the form nazi that I am I need you to always watch your form – quality is always more important than quantity.



Workout Explanation


In this workout I was using my gymboss timer, a pair of dumbbells 10 lbs each, a chair and a balance ball. This workout took me 42 minutes and 11 seconds to complete, but you can be faster than me as long as you do it in good form.

Set your timer as a stopwatch, there are 8 exercises total, but some of them are done on both sides. I completed 2 rounds of the following:

  • Step-ups with a dumbbell Right Leg – 30 reps
  • Step-Ups with a dumbbell Left Leg – 30 reps
  • Iso Back Lunge & Shoulder Raises Right Leg – 15 reps
  • Iso Back Lunge & Shoulder Raises Left Leg – 15 reps
  • Side Bends – 30 reps ( your core stays tight throughout the full amounts of reps )
  • Power Outward Palm Push-ups – 30 reps
  • Side Jump & One Leg Jump Up – 30 reps
  • Wall Climbers – 60 reps
  • Back Raises with a Balance Ball – 30 reps
  • Regenerate Row Right Side – 15 reps
  • Regenerate Row Left Side – 15 reps


Since it’s the end of the week I am going to do a full body stretching routine.


Have a wonderful weekend darlings!


PS – This Monday we are starting a new tradition called ” Monday Mingle ” thanks to Alishia for coming up with a name. Not sure if we should do it every Monday or every other Monday, but it’s going to be like a little game we are gonna play. There will be 5 questions either themed or random and we will all answer them. This way we can begin to get to know each other better and I think it’s gonna be fun.

Also, make sure to check out my weekly article that I write for – ” Workout Tips For Summer Heat

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  • Hurray! “Monday Mingle” Good call on the name Alishia. Getting to know each other will be great ….I can’t wait to mingle with all the wonderful people in this comminuty. This WO will be my Thursday full body routine. Looks like another good strong routine Tati. I’m off to do my sheduled Loving Fit WO.
    Happy weekend to all.

  • Carly

    Oooh this looks like a fantastic full body routine! Yay, this will go in the slot for Tuesday.
    As far as puffy goes, it always helps for me to up my water intake. We just got through 2 weeks of 105 degree weather and I was puffy the first few days until I upped my water intake.

    Have a good weekend!

    • But I love water 🙁

      • Carly

        Me too! When it gets hot like this, just drink a lot more than you are used to. It’ll help with the puffiness! It’s horrible, in the heat, my ankles get so puffy they disappear! Haha.

        • OMG my ankles get puffy too, I just feel like a puff ball

  • looks like a very good workout!!!!

  • tonysaboo

    Another killer workout from you 🙂 can’t wait to do that tomorrow as today I did electric beat workout, it was a killer.

  • daybelis garcia

    love when doing 3 full body workouts in a week , how do you space them out?

    • You do one then take a day off, so a day off in between. But this week I’ve done 2 split and one full body.

      • daybelis garcia

        thank you love

  • looks great! today im gonna do one of ur lower body workouts .
    I wanted to ask u something! Tatiana you said its not a very good idea to have ricotta after a wo because of the fat content, but the ricotta i buy has 3,2 g of protein and 2,9 g fat per portion…

    And i was also wondering, its preferable not to have flaxseed after a wo right?? cuz those are high in fat.

    I just wanna know cuz my usual post wo snack is oatmeal + banana + plain yogurt + ricotta + flaxseed + walnuts or almonds.

    so i realized it would be best to just have the oatmeal with banana + plain yogurt + ricotta. and leave the flaxseed and nuts for another meal.. Does this sound right? 😀

    • Yes, no flax after the workout or nuts. The fat content should be as low as possible for post workout meal, but you can have it pre workout if you like.

      • ok!!! I love learning new stuff! thanks 🙂

  • sedindriuke

    34:50 mins. Rivers of sweat 🙂 Thanks Tati 🙂 Now time for dinner: can of sardines, 4 beets, 2 tomatoes and some white cheese (from sweet milk; traditional in East Europe to make such cheeses at home or in the villages where the cows are kept).

  • sus

    I just did this and only did one round again because I thought I was going to pass out in this heat. Time for 1 round was 24 min 42 sec. Now time to cool down and stretch and SHOWER.

    • Ohh yes that’s how I felt like yesterday, even during the time we filmed explanations I was pouring sweat

  • marysunny verdi

    i am having rest days cause the weather is very hot here in italy too. dont know when i will start again my workout. my blood pressure is low even thou i eat and drink well dont have enough energy and sweat all the time. its awful . waiting for more cool days to come. how about 1 workout per week? bye you look beautiful with this high chignon!

    • As much as I would like only 1 workout per week, I know its’ gonna set me back a lot, so I am doing 3 for now.

      • marysunny verdi

        you are absolutely right tatianna. ill loose a lot what i gained till now. gotta wake up early in the morning :-). byeee you guys

  • Trish

    yes, I feel “fluffy” in the summer too! I also live in Florida, and have come up with a theory…you know how your hair gets all frizzy because of the humidity? Well, I think the same happens to your skin, it swells when it absorbs the humidity! What do you think!?!?

    • I think you are right! Where do you live?

      • Trish

        I’m in the Fort Myers area. You are Orlando?

  • Court

    I heard you mention the Monday Mingle that you’re doing on Facebook, but I can’t seem to find you so that I can follow you.

    • I will be doing it here on the blog :). The post will be up early Monday morning and I will have my answers written in the post, you guys will write your answers in the comment section 🙂

  • Vivi

    Hot & Sun ….???? Nothing like that here in Brittany in France !Grrr !
    This workout looks so great !! step up is a such easy exercise to do, but so hard for butt and legs !!!!
    Now I saw it I want to do it !!! lol !

    • Vivi

      Done !! OUCH my shoulders !! My time is 22.57 min with 6kg for the first & last exercise. and 2x 6kg for the second exercise.
      I’m sweating so much !!!

    • :), don’t forget the dumbbell 🙂

  • Christian

    Such a cool WO. Gone do this tomorrow or Thursday!
    Here in Switzerland its not that so hot all the time, the hot weather comes and goes!
    Normally i workout in the basement, it didn’t get so hot even when its hot outside!
    Have a wonderful sunday dear!

    • Luck you, it’s so hot everywhere else

  • Mama Suz

    I’m so excited to have found you! My daughter just turned 20 months old yesterday and I thought enough is enough. I need to get back in shape! My weight is fine, I’m only a few pounds more than before I had her but I’m very flabby. Also I get tired so quickly. My goal is to be in better shape than before I had her when I was skinny but weak because all I did was run. So thank you thank you thank you. I plan to visit you often. I already bookmarked a few of your full body workouts (I’m starting with your beginner recommendation for how to build a workout). I’m very excited.

    • Yay :), Let me know if you ever have questions )

  • This is a total body workout. I just love it.

  • AlishisPhillips

    Three reasons why this is my new favorite workout:
    1. I got a shout out in the P.S. of this post. Woo Hoo! 🙂
    2. Its a full body workout, my favorite
    3. It has isometric exercises, my other favorite 🙂
    My time was 51:19. I took a LOT of water breaks, and a LOT of wiping the sweat from my face breaks, because its hot, humid and generally totally uncomfortable here. I thought that this workout was going to get the better of me, but I conquered! LOL, as I type this, I realized that in the 2nd round, I totally skipped an exercise! Its hard to keep track, I’ll blame the heat. I feel like my brains ooz out of my ears when it gets hot. I get totally loopy.
    Thanks for a great workout…until next time 🙂

    • Yep hot and humid, I feel like everything takes twice as long during this weather. Whaaah

  • It’s definitely my fave by now. This routine was superhard, especially when it’s so unbearably hot outside, but it felt amazing after the workout. I’m in love with wall climbers though I was scared to do them some time ago, but now I just love how my back feels while doing this exercise. my time – 43 min. 50 sec. Tatianna, you rule :D, as always. XO XO

    • Thank you darling :), I love wall climbers, it’s also a great exercise as a finisher for upper body exercises.

  • daybelis garcia

    44:59 , dripping sweat, fl weather + blue voltage workout= red hot sweaty daybelis lol…as always thank you so much love

    • I know it’s hot! It’s hotter here in Orlando, I was in Tampa last week and you guys have it nicely over there 🙂

  • Elena

    My time is 36:51,with 3 kg. It was my first Fullbody workout. It`s feel great and tomorrow have I my restday!!! Thank you Tati! p.s sorry for my bad english:) I`m still learning

    • You can write in Russian 🙂

  • Evaleen

    If I have the courage to do this later in the week, it’ll be the first 600 rep workout I’ve ever done… I think my max was 400? Oh god I’m gonna die, haha.

    And so cool that there’s going to be more various discussions here on LovingFit through the “mingling” 😀 loving it already! I’ve also been wondering, since a lot of members share their recipes… maybe there could be a post for too? 🙂 Like a “Recipe Box”, where everyone shares their newest or favorite culinary inspirations. 😀

    • That’s a very good idea Evaleen :). I’m gonna create a category in the nutrition section, and I will make a post ” Recipes from Readers ” or something like that and all of you guys can just leave recipes in that post. Cause I wrote down a lot of the things that you guys shared with me, but some of it is I didn’t write down right away and it’s scattered, and I’m not sure where to find it.

      • Diana

        Yaaaay, that would be great! I d love to read/share recipes here!!!:)

  • Evaleen

    Oh, about the puffiness.. I wonder if it has to do with also losing salt through more sweating? Some believe that less sodium intake means less water retention, but it can mean exactly the opposite: if they don’t get enough sodium, they’ll retain water… example, a comment I read once from a woman who said she had to take a tsp of salt (like medicine) every day during the summer, to avoid getting bloated.

    • That’s interesting, I’ve never even known that. I don’t go out of my way to avoid salt so much, but I’ve never thought one can not have enough of it. I keep looking at my self and the bloatness is still there, it’s less obvious in the morning but by night time I look like a duck.

  • Kate_CZ


    It was a nice workout.

    My time for 2 rounds – 33:13 but I used lighter weight.
    – Steps Ups – 4.5kg first round, 2kg second round
    – Iso Lunge + Shoulder Raise – 2 x 2kg in first and 2 x 1kg in the second round
    – Side Bends – 2kg
    – Renegate Row – 4.5kg but the second round changing sides after each 5 reps

    The hardest – Iso Lunges and Shoulder Raise
    The longest – Push Ups

    Thank you 🙂

  • midimidi

    this was so hard mentally challenging and physically as well. i kept on wanting to quit! it doesn’t look like it would be tough on paper but those 30 pushups half way through really took the wind out of my sails. i finished 2 rounds in 39 minutes. i had to stop a lot and i used 12 lb dumbbell. thank you for such a focused workout.

    • Yep, it always looks easier on paper 🙂

  • midimidi

    i swell up in the summer too, my rings tend to be tighter. i think it’s salt and water retention. maybe our bodies are trying to do that to stay hydrated.

    • Probably, I think humidity makes us swell up.

  • Moon-se .

    My time is 46:07 with 2 kg, this is my first full body workout with you, but I see all your workouts and even though I don’t use to do them I like you so so much!! kisses from Spain!

    • Thank you sweetie Kisses 🙂

  • Tish

    It is soo unusually hot here and I’ve had a cold for two weeks now. I felt weak throught this w/o and could only do 1 round. My time was 21:48. I’m glad I at least did 1 round

    • Hey one round is better then no rounds at all 🙂

      • Tish

        Thanks, that’s how I looked at it…..I should say I really concentrated on proper form and engaging all my muscles and that made it really tough so I felt like I pushed myself and got a good workout even if if was only 21 minutes. I did more of the side bends before going to bed. Now I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks visiting family and REALLY have to focus on getting some exercise in while I’m away. Unfortunately, most members of my family are not into working out at all. Maybe I’ll get them going!!! Wish me luck. Lol

        • Good Luck!!! While you are on vacation you can do mini workouts during the day, like 5 min at a time of interval training, I do that when I am out of town.

  • 46minutes, with 2x3KG DBs. and I’m definitely feeling it.. esp on my obligues and waist! Great workout Tati. Thank you!!

  • Warm up: 5 mintues, 10/30 sec of 4 rounds elevated planks. I completed two rounds of this WO in 1 hour 6 minutes and 5 seconds. I started with a set of 8lb dumbbells, but dropped down to a set of 5lb on the second rounds. 10 mintues strench afterwards. It felt good to push through.

    • Would be nice if you can extend the warm-up just a bit 🙂

  • KirryKaatje

    I’m a little dissapointed to only have finished one round in 29:13. But I was so tired and wiped, that my balance was suffering going into round 2, so I decided to do my long cooldown+stretching instead. Ah well. It was a tough workout, I loved the push ups and I’m noticing my huge improvement when doing push ups. <3

    • I’m glad you didn’t push it and listened to your body, that is a very healthy thing to do, so don’t be disappointed 🙂

  • Christian

    Did this WO on the11th of July. Was a very brutal but also enjoyable WO.
    Forgot to turn my timer on, so i have no idea how long it took me!
    Thanks for a wonderful WO. Have a nice weekend dear!

    • Have a great Sunday Christian!

  • did this in 39.10 using 9lb dumbbells and then switching to 4lbs dumbbells in round 2 as it was too burny burny burny to continue with the 9lbs!!! Only modified the outward palm pushups – did 15 power pushups and then did 15 off my knees with a 2 count down and 2 count up to make it a little more intense than just normal beginner pushups. Oh and I did regular mountain climbers with a hold each switch. Finished up with 20×10:20 skipping & planks. I almost puked!!! Thanks again Tat – enjoy your weekend x 🙂

    • YOu too sweetie,

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  • KirryKaatje

    I did this workout again. Again one round due to the heat. Last time I finished in 29:13. Now I’ve finished in 26:14. (^_^)/

    I used two 4 kilo dumbbells. I love those regenerated Rows. They are tough as nails, but when I looked sideways in the mirror to check my form, I saw all my muscles ingaged: my abs, legs, butt, arms.. Honestly.. It looked amazing! So much muscle definition was working and showing off. <3

  • I was swimming in sweat at the end of this one, it is no easy!!
    41 minutes, happy with that score.

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  • Katerina

    I completed this workout in 56:44. It was definitely long, but very fun and challenging.

    After completing 30 reps of the step ups on each leg, I thought – OK, this wasn’t so tough. But followed by the ISO lunge, that exercise is a killer! I used 3kg weights, which I considered enough for my level.

    I am quite familiar with side bends because I often practice yoga. I know how important is to breath through this bending exercises so this easy looking move was very tough on my abs.

    The power outward palm push ups took me quite a while, but I was determined to maintain a good form.

    The hardest exercises for me were the wall mountain climbers and the regenerate rows. During the mountain climbers I felt like my head was about to explode :)) but I think this is normal because I am not used to that position.

    Thank you Tatiana, I feel so great after this workout because I know I have accomplished something and I had so much fun during 😉

    p.s. You look great in dark blue!

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  • Alycat

    Whew. Tati, you make it look so easy! Took me 50.36. There wasn’t a bench I could use for the stepups, so did two sets of 30 walking lunges with 20lb dumbbells in place of 30 step ups on each leg. Those iso lunges were tough after that! Used an 8lb dumbbell for the shoulder raises and regenerate rows. Gym also didn’t have a stability ball, so for the back extensions did them on the floor with my legs elevated the whole time. And instead of wall climbers, did slow, controlled mountain climbers. (wow, I made a lot of modifications…does that still even count?)
    My first LovingFit workout and can’t wait to come back for more!

  • Sdravstvujte, vot tak ya sostovlyau grafik –

  • Naomi

    Tomorrow is Christmas Day – which means I’ll gorge myself with food again and have no time for a workout. This full body workout was exactly what I needed to prepare myself..! I’ve been feeling weak and sluggish after my cold, but today I managed to smash out 2 rounds in 34:46. Don’t know what happened – but I think I am back on track again. I used my 18 kg sandbag for the step-ups, but only 2.5+2.5kg for the shoulder raises. Dumbbells of 4 kg for the rows – man, they are hard…

  • I have been wanting to do this one for a loooong time! I haven’t done full body routines in a while. I felt like I kept pretty good time, but it took me a while: 46:30! Felt good though. lots and lots of sweat pouring off me, which meant I was guzzling water. Love that. I used both dumbbells in the shoulder raise for the step ups to get more leg burn in there, but of course, it really affected my shoulders. This whole workout actually felt primarily like a good shoulder/upper body workout, which means next time I want to do an upper body I could probably modify a couple of things on this and make it upper body. I have gone through all the split routines so I need more! LOL…

  • Karmalife

    Just wanted to let you know I did this workout 3 times last week and Loved it! It’s amazing how much stronger I get each time. I remember the first time I did it, 4 months ago, I could barely do wall climbers. This time I did 40 in a row, rested and then finished. Same with the power pushups. I didn’t have to rest as much. And I’m sore all over- thanks again Tati!!

  • denisehendrickx

    This is so my kind of wo!! Just loved every (43) minute of it ! Thank you Tati +++++++

  • Mary Lou

    53 minutes with a 10lbr for the step ups and 5lbrs for the regenerate rows. I did every single outward palm push up correctly! As 3 sets of 10 each, but I did them! AND I did 40 wall climbers in a row too, then finished. Not bad considering I would almost fall on my head after 20 when I started here.

  • Olga Tihencaia

    round 1 23:36
    round 2 25:00
    ??? ??????? ??? ????, ?????? Iso Back Lunge ??????? 2 ??, ? 5 ?? ???? ??? ???????.
    ????? ?????????? ????)

  • Olga Tihencaia

    ????????? ??????, ? ???? ??? ???? ???????)