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Abs Workout


Today I did a really fun workout using an 8lb Medicine Ball. It was a circuit workout made up of 5 exercises. Using a medicine ball is very different then just using a dumbbell, because you can use half the weight but get a way more intense of a workout. I wrote about the incredible benefits of a medicine ball in one of my older posts.
As you can already tell by my body, I like to keep it lean and toned, but I don’t like to have bulky muscle, and the workouts that I do will give you just that.

Workout explanation and the time that it took me to finish this workout is below the video :).


Abs Of Iron Workout Video



Workout Explanation


Set your timer Gymboss Max as a stopwatch. You can also use a free online stopwatch if you like, or just a watch. But I do recommend having a timer, it’s so amazing to have, I use it for many more things than just workouts.

You will go through 5 exercises in a circuit manner, with the total of 4 rounds.

  • 1. a
  • Back Lunge & Medicine Ball Chop – Right Leg 15 reps
  • 1. b
  • Back Lunge & Medicine Ball Chop – Left Leg 15 reps

Notes: It is very important to keep a proper for for this exercise, to lift the ball, you are using your abs, while keeping lunge position in an isometric hold.
This is how the movement goes ( Back Lunge & Over head Medicine ball lift, Chop, stand up and bring the medicine ball down. This is one rep. This is a whole body movement – Abs, Legs, Glutes and Shoulders are targeted the most.

  • 2. Side Jump Push-ups – 10 reps ( this is actually not a very hard exercise alone, but when it’s followed by Chops, your arms will be on fire )
  • 3. Front squat chop – 20 reps

Notes: This is another whole body movement, using your abs, you will swing the ball up, over your head while squeezing your glutes. This movement should be very controlled, not just swinging it up an down.

  • 4. Push-ups on a medicine ball – 6 reps

Notes: If you are beginner, you can modify this push-up by doing it off your knees.

  • 6. Inward Ball Pass – 10 reps

Notes: This is also a very controlled movement where the abs are engaged at all times. On your way down, use your abs, to slowly go down, don’t drop on the floor.

I completed this workout in 29 minutes and 37 seconds. Which was way longer than I expected. But I did keep a proper form the whole time, and that’s more important than just finishing it faster.

PS – I was trying to have this workout posted faster, but I am also trying to get the best quality videos, and they take hours to export an upload. If you guys have any suggestions on how I can make my videos to upload faster to youtube in the best format, that would be very helpful 🙂 and I will be able to post more workouts a week.


PS – If you are having trouble viewing the video on the site, you can watch it here on YouTube.



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  • “As you can already tell by my body, I like to keep it lean and toned, but I don’t like to have bulky muscle, and the workouts that I do will give you just that”…  Awesome!! That’s what I want!!

    • Thanx Elizabeth, I love those gloves as well, they are light and comfy 🙂
      The reason why some women get bulky muscles is their diet and the type of workouts that they do.  Diet is number one, and all the women who have bulky muscles only get them from supplements. Naturally we can’t build that bulk because the amount of estrogen present in our body.  Another reason is the type of weight training in combination with those supplements that they do, they keep adding weight into their workouts, they also weight train for longer periods of time combining machines and free weights. I personally didn’t like how my body looked when I worked out with machines, the longest I’ve done it is 6 months’ and my muscles looked kind of squared.

      • Hi Tatianna, thx for the explication, I was really curious about that. When I first started training on a regular basis I was a bit scared about using too much weight, plus my bf telling me “you’ll get bulky, pick it up the  3pound dumbbels” loll playing with my mind you know! But, my body needed some more weight to feel the burn, and I increased when I felt I needed! But, sometimes I see women with big arms, and I was concern about that.  So, now I feel better, because I know I don’t train that way. 

        Btw, I don’t know how you looked before when training at the gym, but let me tell you that you look great: lean, toned and still very cute & feminine!!!   That’s my goal! So, you’re a really good inspiration!!

        • Thank you Elizabeth :), don’t worry you won’t get big arms.  You know what’s also really fun too if you have it in your area is aerial classes.  It’s been a while since I’ve done it and it’s the most amazing workout ever, If I could do that every day I totally would.  Anyone can learn the most basic stuff and it’s fun, depending on where you live but it’s becoming available everywhere.  

          I totally forgot to tell you, another great thing not to get bulky ( that’s what I’m doing this week ) is giving your body a complete rest from weight and do only bodyweight workouts, it also prevents us from plateau, switches it up. 

          • You’re very welcome Tati! 🙂

            Now, I don’t feel worry anymore!! Thx!! I have no idea what “aerial classes” are, I live in Montreal (Canada), so, I just googled it and…  Omg! I have seen that before, in some festivals here (it was part of the show), but I didn’t know how it was called, it looks fun! I never imagined some gym would have classes of that! I’d be interesting to try it out!

            I’ll incorporate these bodyweight routines in my wourkout plan for sure!!
            Thx again Tati! Have an awesome day!!

          • 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yes check it out, now days they started having these classes everywhere.  I believe they are calling them Aerial Tissue classes or Aerial Silks.

            Have a wonderful day as well!!!

  • tee_w

    Whoa that was definately harder than it looked! Haha. I thought this won’t take me that long! Yup, ya schooled me! It took me 30min 09 sec. I dropped from 8 lb ball to 6 lb after first round, was tough on shoulders! And after 2nd round I did a narrow pushup instead of on ball, I find on the ball a little too tough on my shoulders. I really enjoyed the ball pass, did 20 extra afterwards!
    Thank you tati! 🙂

  • Lindsey Shepard

    Just did this one, I really liked it 🙂 Took me 32 minutes! I had to switch the last exercise to a 30 second elbow plank hold and 10 back lifts on the exercise ball bc I’m preggo and have to lay off the ab exercises, but I can’t wait to try that one when I’m back in the game!

  • JB

    10 lb medicine ball, no modifications but geez, this workout almost killed me! 33 min, 81 sec and I felt every minute of it! Did 4 sets of 100 skips after (that is all I could eek out of my tired, poor body) and stretched.
    Nice one (as usual) Tati – cant wait to try it again and see if I can beat my time.

  • I love the cover photo for this routine. You look so beautiful, peacefully serene and angelic. There is something about you in a chin lenght bob and mininal makeup that show your lightness …it is very attractive 🙂
    Warm up: 2 rounds of 25 butt kicks; 25 jack; 25 squats; 25 heismans; 10 knee push ups; 10 wall presses; some dynamic stretches and 2 mins of skipping…took about 15mins.
    I used a 6lbs med ball. It took me 29:54 to complete 5 rounds. For cardio, I did real time cardio 2 but I replaced the twist & push up with pull up & leg raise on my dip station. As always, cool down and stretched for 10 mins.

    • Thanks love :),

      Yes It was fun to have short hair, but I usually always wear very minimal makeup, I can’t wear eye makeup, when I try it makes my eyes swollen and red, so lipstick is the only thing for me 🙂

  • Wow! This was fun and super tough! As a beginner who is still discovering inner strength and developing outer strength, I must say that this was a real challenge! 🙂 It took me a long time (lol) 42 min! I used a 5 lb medicine ball and was able to do everything unmodified! Thanks for the great workout Tati!