399 Reps Workout – Lower Body And Core

Feb 27, 2012 by

Lower Body Workout


Hi everyone,

Today’s workout was very simple and it was focused on the lower body and core. I’ve been doing a lot of really hard workouts lately and sometimes it’s good to do something with a bit of lower intensity for the sake of periodization. So I switched things up again, this way I will not hit plateau. There were only 3 exercises, 7 rounds and the total of 399 reps. But do not be fooled by it’s simplicity, this routine is still quite challenging and it is one of those which I call ” Will sneak up on you later on 😉 “, that means you will begin to feel sore few hours after you did the workout.

After this routine, I also went for a really long walk, it was my moderate cardio walk. I call them my inspiration walks. Every time I take on of these walks not only do I burn a good amount of calories, but it also clears my head and I get inspired with new ideas.

In this routine I used my timer and my 40 lbs VersaFit bag from Power Systems. At the end of the video I also show you variations with kettle bell and dumbbells if you don’t have the bag that I am using.

Always do a good warm-up before starting to exercise.



Workout Explanation


Set your timer as a stop watch. There are only 3 exercises for the total of 7 rounds. This workout is done for time but not to sacrifice the proper form. The proper form of exercise is more important than time. If you feel like you are losing your form, stop take a little break and then continue with proper form.

  • Go-Stop-Go Squat – 15 reps
  • Side Lunge Kick Up Right Leg – 15 reps
  • Side Lunge Kick Up Left Leg – 15 reps
  • Stretching Spiderman Plank – 12 reps


My time for this workout was 23 minutes and 41 second.


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  • Tytu Moda

    need to do more workout after this if I make less than 30 minutes?

    • I always usually do some sort of moderate cardio. If I finished my workout let’s say in 24 minutes, then I will do 6 minutes of moderate jump rope skipping, or just go for a brisk walk.

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  • Tough cookie


    My time was 23:27.

    How many times a week do you train Tatianna?

    • Hey Tough Cookie thank you for sharing 🙂

      I train exactly 4 times a week.  Monday – Lower Body, Tuesday – Upper Body, Wednesday – Off, Thursday Lowe Body, Friday – Upper Body, Sat – Off, and Sunday is active rest day, I usually go for a 30 minute walk.  

      Cause these workouts are very intense and our body needs time to heal and recover, so we can build muscle, if we don’t heal we can’t build.

      • Esal1

        I am going to do this schedule Tati, scares me though. But I trust you and I am always looking to improve. Maybe I do WO too much, but it has worked pretty well for me, I am 48 and actually am pretty proud of the body that I have put together (will send pic if need proof). I have never been a big believer in overtraining (at our level) as compared to some athletes we do very little.

        • Ethan,

          It’s always good to listen to own body, cause some people can workout more than others but you still have to be careful.

        • Gerri Lee Schafer

          hey Ethan, I’ve been looking at Tati’s suggestions too. I feel that I’m stuck and not making progress again, which means time to change it up. I’m going to try one day upper body weight training, one day lower body weight training, then do one day upper and lower Tati routines…not sure I can actually take the wednesday off too…like you say , scarey. Might turn that into a cardio day as I still have some fat to loose

          • Esal1

            I am willing to give a shot, I thought what I would do is make the 2 WO days really tough days. Do you remember Z used to work out that way too, she did 2 on 1 off. Your idea of 2 Tati days and 2 weight days is probably pretty good

  • Jenny the Swede

    Oh. My. I tried this for the first time tonight and I can tell you – I was saved by the bell. I had to finish a certain time, because of family stuff and when I finished, I had done 4 rounds. 22 minutes!!! It was very tough and I actually cried a little out of tiredness and relief afterwards. 😀

    • OMG Jenny you are so adorable :), you cried that means it was a good training day!

      • Jenny the Swede

        Yes, I felt awesome and yet really challenged. 🙂

        • I love to hear that! ( or in my case read it 🙂 )

  • AlishisPhillips

    Ok.  115 squats.  115 side lunges per leg.  I did it.  I’m happy to have this workout in my past rather than in my future.  This was tough!  I did it in 33 min.  I had such a hard time balancing when I did the side lunge on my left leg.  Does that mean my left side is weaker than my right? 
    I took my pooch for a short jog afterward, and I’m ready for my chicken, quinoa, and green salad dinner.  Thanks so much for a fabulous workout.

    • Alishis, yep it means that your left side is weaker.  But it’s normal, we all have the same thing, my left leg is weaker then my right and my left arm as well :).

  • Tish

    I found this really tough…..it was really warm this evening.  Took me 25:42 but at least I finished with proper form.  I thought I would quit after 5 rounds but kept going.  There is no way I can do any cardio after this but will do my stretching.  I did ZWOW 18 Monday and that was a killer as well !!!  I have to say your workouts are becoming my favorite way to keep fit.  I hope more people discover lovingfit.com. 

    • Thank you Tish 🙂

      I am happy that more and more of you guys are finding out about my blog, all of you guys are the best trainees!  I am sure with time others will discover LovingFit but my goal is to always keep it personal and make sure people are always happy here as a community. 

  • ltwin

    Privet krasawitsa 😉 dorogaya.. ya etu trenirowku segodnya sdelala..otli4naya – kak wsegda! molodets – ti prosto molodets!
    zawtra ya delayu restday… i zhelayu tebe samogo lu4ego i prekrasnogo nastroyeniya!
    obnimayu mnogo raz

    • Spasibo moe solnishko 🙂 

      Seluu 🙂

  • Evaleen

    Really enjoyed this combo of moves today, especially the kick stuff. 😀 But I lowered the total reps to 330… changed it to ten reps for the plank move and six rounds total (used my 32 lb bag on the squats). Finished in 23:50, was winded and sweated like crazy. Will be surprised too if my glutes aren’t screaming tomorrow. :p

    Also, had a question about implementing some extra cardio– post-workout and in the morning on an empty stomach. I’ve always thought of the second as a “last” strategy for burning off those stubborn 5 to 10 lbs… would you personally recommend to start before that stage though? Or maybe I should first focus on increasing my endurance for 30 min workouts every time (I’m not there yet), and eventually do both (morning and PW cardio) every day I work out? My goal btw: so far I’m into the second of a four to five month plan, working to lose at least 5 lbs every month. That’s actual body fat of course, not just “weight”– don’t think I’ve even used a scale since sometime last year. :p 

    • Eveleen, I think 2 cardio sessions a day is a bit much, pick the post workout cardio on a day you workout, and do the 15-20 minutes on an empty stomach on your day off, because that 15 minute cardio should be very light.

      • Evaleen

        Wow, thanks for replying so quickly! And you’re right, I actually forgot that I could just do that on active rest days. Well, I still did wonder if both in a single day was too much, so now I see. 😀

        • No problem Evaleen, I always reply pretty fast if I am by the computer, if I don’t reply right away then I stepped out 🙂

  • Hi,

    I’m glad you like my workouts let me know if you ever have any questions 🙂

  • sannia

    Hello Tatianna…hello everyone here 🙂
    Ok…first of all i have to say my no sugar chalenge did not go very well..my dad had birthday 15.06. and i had one cake with him…wich i bake. Today i was so angry with myself that i did 2 workouts…
    12 min hit cardio an then after 2 min 399 rep for 24:21 time. Im going again this week with no sugar!

    • Hi Sannia,

      It’s ok, you can always start over. Today the sugar challenge was over for me and I had chocolates for breakfast :). But after today I am going back to not having any more artificial sugar again this week, cause I really like that challenge.

      • sannia

        Yes i like it too…that is a great challenge,not only for a week,but for whole life…here is so hot 30 C… i am eating aplle 🙂 and sweting 🙂

  • Morning,

    did this one this am, added in 15 push ups after rounds 2, 4, 6, and 7 for a total of 60…trying to ease my shoulder back into work…..I accidentally did 12 reps per side in round 2 of the side plank kick thingys…the danger of working out first thing in the morning…lol…like the stop and go squats, kept my SB at 32.5 lbs….been working lower body almost every day for the last 2 weeks, so keeping it on the lighter side instead of loading it up. My time was 23:24

    thanks again for the great sweat, Gerri Lee

  • Jenny the Swede

    Just did 5 rounds in 24:15. 10 kg for the squats. Dripping! Thank you T!

  • Esal1

    Hi Tati! Just finished this one, as usual was amazed at the effectivness of your WOs. Set the countdown on 45 min and let er rip. 13 rounds and 8 lft side lunges later had major sweat on. I went over the vid a couple of times getting the pace and intensity at which you were working at. Finished with 20 rounds of 50 HK.
    Thanks for another great WO!

    • Nice one Ethan !

      • Esal1

        By the way those Stop n Go Squat things are really cool!

  • Jos

    Hi Tati, I did this one today after The Sharp Abs Challenge 🙂 Took me about 26:48 with 35lbs sandbag.

  • This this tonight in 25:59! I didn’t figure out until the last round that putting my sandbag on my shoulder (and switching it halfway) was MUCH easier on my back and eliminated the awkward knees-hitting-elbows thing, so I’ll do that next time. 35lb sandbag! I love the side lunges–always nice to find effective leg exercises that are bodyweight.


    • Gerri Lee Schafer

      nice job Kendra

    • You know how to pick routines…great job on this one. I’ll tag along and do this my next lower body day.

  • I call this Silence Killer workout because there are not jumping exercises but it is a real killer workout. My time was 28 minutes and I ended up with your latest Light cardio workout.

  • I’m sipping my reward (mango protein lassi) after this routine. This is another stellar lower body routine.

    I warmed up for 10 minutes, then did day 3 of Bum & thigh challenge…was feeling the glute on the plies.

    This routine was completed in 29:06 using 30lb sandbag. I add 3 rounds of 20 reps calf raises at the end. Rested for 2 minutes, then did Power Mountain Climbers 10 rounds of 10 sec rest 25 sec max as moderate cardio.
    Stretch and cool down 10 minutes. Total time put into working out today 69:14 :))))

  • Christian

    Did this last week! Love Go-Stop-Go Squat, killer! I tried so hard not to take a break!
    As always LOVE your WO!

  • Woot, woot, did this today! I loved this w/o, simple and fun and oh, yes, tough! I managed to do this in 31 min and 12 sec. I can´t believe you guys how fast you have been with this w/o, I didn´t even have that many breaks. =D I used 11 kg weight with squats – I think it could have been a bit heavier – and I was really focusing on that movement, maybe it slowed me down.

    Tomorrow I´ll have an active restday. It´s a holiday here, our Independenceday, and I´m so gonna eat candy and chocolate! A lot! =D

  • Mary Lou

    32:28 with 30#. 4:56 faster than last time with more weight! Still not as fast as I’d like, but my form is spot on and lately I can see & feel the difference! Yay!

  • Cassidy

    21:36 with 30 lbs. 🙂 I wanted something really light, since my last lower body workout was hella’ tough, and my exercise/sport science professor had us doing a lot of running the other day. Leggies needed an active breakie, lol. But I’m still pouring sweat. Thanks, Tati! <3

  • Cassidy

    Used 30 lbs. again. 🙂 I really love this one! It’s great if I want to get a lower body workout in without exhausting my legs. I’m still sort of sore from my last lower body day, and I’m running my first 5K on Friday, so I wanted to have an easier workout today. Woo, periodization!

    My time was 23:13, with better form on the lunges than last time. I only lost balance once.

  • I like a good leg routine (I was never a leg person) and this was a moderate one. I started with a 10 minutes warm up, then did 10 minutes pre-workout mini leg routine. This routine took me 27:38 to complete using 40lbs sand bag (whoot!…I didn’t I think could increase my bag weight until next year.)

    For cardio I did 8 minutes HITT of 20 sec /30 sec for 10 rounds…Diagonal burpee with explosive push-up & jump tuck.

    Cool down and stretching for 15 minutes.