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Urban Decay Naked Palette


These days it’s really hard to separate good quality products from just plain brand marketing, in which most of these things are just a hype, but not all.  This past week I purchased a couple of things which I totally love, and I also wanted to share my thoughts on a product I’ve been using for a few month’s now ( and I think it’s a total hype and quite over priced ).

So here is a picture of all the things I wanted to share my thoughts about


Urban Decay Naked Palette


I am going to start at the very top things that I am absolutely crazy about 🙂 – Urban Decay Naked Palette!

I think this product was like the forbidden fruit, because it was always sold out. I kept hearing all these amazing things about it, but I am always skeptical and I had to try it out for my self. Most of the time, expensive makeup is just too much hype for me and from my personal experience not all pricey makeup is good quality.

This is the best palette I’ve ever own. What I liked about it is that the colors are very well pigmented and last all day, but my favorite part is I can wear them during the day and not look like a clown ( which most eye shadow did for me ). The color variety makes it easy to go from day to night, and these colors literally paint your face them selves lol ( you still have to use your brushes though lol ).

Here is a picture of the shadows inside:


Urban Decay Naked Palette


They also came with a primer  ( in a little silver tube on the picture ) that I actually tried for the first time, and it makes your eye shadow stay on all day ( the lady at the store told me that it can hold your makeup for up to 24 hours – I am not sure how I feel about that ). Because I was lucky that day I also received a free gift, the Urban Decay cheek stain.  I really liked that product, I am not sure if it is just a gift or it comes in full size.


Forever 21 Mascara and Lip gloss

I got this mascara and lipgloss because I loved the packaging and because the gloss looked like the perfect pink I always hunt for. They came in one package for only 4.50 and I was blown away by the quality of these two products. Mascara lasts all day and gives lashes great fullness and lip gloss is almost like a gloss and a lipstick in one ( and that perfect pink I love ).

That made me think, about a year ago I bought YSL rouge volupte lipstick and gloss ( both were 35 dollars each ). The lipstick was the perfect color, the packaging was beautiful and I loved it in the beginning but, after a while I noticed it dried out my lips. The gloss was nothing special, I wouldn’t buy it again.

So this Forever 21 gloss is going to replace the 35 dollars lipstick and gloss, the only down side is the smell of the lipstick ( it smells like the artificial cinnamon ). But since the color is perfect and long lasting I am going to suck it up .


YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara

In few words: volume – incredible, length – unbelievable, staying power – 1 hour, 2 if you’re lucky, price – a little crazy! I have to use my forever 21 mascara over it so It doesn’t end up under my eyes in one hour. The only reason I can’t take it back is because I already exchanged 2 other mascaras that were irritating my eyes, and ladies at Sephora are giving me dirty looks :).

For some reason beauty bloggers on Youtube are raving about this mascara, saying it’s the best thing in the world – I guess it could be if it stayed on without me adding another mascara on top.

This is all for my tiny shopping , now I am looking for a new fragrance because I am pretty bored with all of my perfume.  I’ve been to 5 big stores already – no luck so far.  It seems like all the perfume now smells similar to each other and very ordinary.

If you know of a good place to buy perfume ( good perfume ) please share that secret with me because I am out of ideas.




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  • Laura Dias de Almeida

    Hi Tatianna,
    regarding perfumes: perhaps I could help with your search if you tell me a bit more about what kind of fragrance you’re after… from your disappointment with what’s on offer at the “big stores”, this will probably not be the bog-standard fruity-florals and woody muscs currently flogged at every street corner…

    • Thank you so much for you help :), I’ve been going from store to store and mainly find fruity florals.

      I have a few favorite perfumes and the smell I seem to favor the most is Encre Noire Pour Elle Lalique ( it’s has a very unusual smell ), I also love their Encre Noire for men that I use all the time and Narciso Rodrigues ( the one in black package only ) pretty much anything that is not fruity.
      I have a small collection of other perfumes but I am not crazy about any of them, I usually get bored after a few days and they are just standing around.

      With only having 3 favorite perfumes ( and I am getting so bored with using them as well ), I completely ran out of options from everything in the stores.

      Thank you Laura for all your help 🙂

      • Laura Dias de Almeida

        Hi Tatianna,
        sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. Can you get hold of Caron perfumes? I like most of their “men’s” fragrances for myself; as far as their “women’s” range is concerned, my favourite is Parfum Sacre. 
        Perhaps you could try these on. As you can see, I don’t pay much attention to the gender of fragrances, and indeed Lalique’s Encre Noire pour homme is one of my favourite vetyver fragrances!

        I could suggest more, but most might be in the “niche” type of brands and I’m not sure which ones would be available where you are… Dior has got some exclusives, of which I prefer Eau Noire and Ambre Nuit, and has recently enlarged/relaunched this collection with some additions I cannot wait to try (Mitzah, Patchouli Imperial).

        Perhaps you can get your paws on fragrances by Serge Lutens? Plenty in the range are heavy on the woods and resins, right down my alley, too: I love Borneo 1834, Chergui, Gris Clair, Datura Noir (a “floral” I make an exception for, this one!)….

        I hope some of these are relevant; otherwise you could post me a list of shops and/or brands available in your area and I could suggest based on this.

        Thanks again for all your great workouts and beauty tips ^_^

        Take care


        • Hi Laura,

          Wow, thank you so much. I alway shop online so I will be able to find sample of all of these. I found this website called and they sell pretty much every perfume imaginable, they also sell samples :). I also usually go to and I am able to look at all the notes in the perfume, usually I can tell by the notes which one’s I am going to like.

          I will order the samples that you recommended :), thank you so much Laura!

          • Laura Dias de Almeida

            Hi Tatianna,

            these are both excellent sources indeed; I can suggest a few more brands for you to investigate, that luckyscent should carry: l’Artisan Parfumeur, Parfums de Nicolai, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle and Annick Goutal. 

            The descriptions of the fragrances should be enough for you to work out which ones would be interesting for you to try out, otherwise just drop me a line at laura.diasdealmeida at if you’re unsure: I know these ranges rather well so could help you narrow down the options.

            Do keep me posted about your finds, though, I’d be curious which perfumes become your next favourites!

            In the “not so confidential” ranges, I found Prada’s Infusion de Vetiver and Candy, their latest, quite nice. I’ve just read a promising review about Phoenix by Keith Urban, which would be this rarity: a celebrity scent worth a sniff!

            Fragrant regards


          • Hi Laura :),

            I am so exited with all these new choices, cause before I was starting to loose hope. I am so happy I met you, I am in perfume heaven! I will start my search this Saturday and I will keep you updated by the email you gave me about my finds. I am hoping to have my next new favorite scent within a month. It’s been so long since I’ve been crazy about a perfume, ahh I am ready!

            I just sampled Songe Pour Elle, which was a very nice fragrance, but the first note was a bit weird and then it blossomed nicely. I also sampled Fifi Chachnil and it was interesting perfume, normally I am not into smells like that one, but there was something different then my usual choices.

            Tomorrow I will go over all of the perfumes you gave me and order some samples, I will let you know when they arrive how I like them :). I am so exited!

            Thank you so much for all your help Laura!

            Fragrant regards ( I love this expression )


  • Yep I stopped buying expensive mascaras cause they always clump up on me and run down my eyes.