Uncopyright Notice


I hereby release my copyrights to, and place into the public domain:


  • All of the articles I’ve posted to my Blog
  • All of the workouts and video’s I’ve created and posed to YouTube

Unless I explicitly state otherwise, all future content I personally create and publish shall not be copyrighted and shall instantly be placed into the public domain. This includes future blog posts and videos. If I decide to copyright something new, I’ll include an obvious copyright notice. Otherwise you can safely assume it’s in the public domain.

What Do I mean by that?


It means that I no longer wish to “own” my work as my property. You now have as much right to it as I do and you can use my material freely as you wish as long as you kindly give me credit :).

Here are some of the things you can do now with my content:

• Re-post it on your own website as much as you want
• Translate it into other languages
• Transfer it to different media
• Make money from what you create (sell it in e-book form, post it on your website and make money from advertising)


More things you can do:

• Package all the articles into an e-book, and give it away free or sell it
• Create a website to share my content in another language, translating as much of it as you desire.
• Include my of my articles in your newsletters


I Give You My Permission


You don’t need to ask my permission to do this. You can simply go ahead and do it now.
I’d rather that you not ask me permission anyway. I don’t need more mail in my mail box.
Definitely don’t ask me to do anything that would involve lawyers, contracts or anything of such.
All I ask is if you please give me credit and a link back to my site

I work very hard to create all of my content to share it with people and if you use any of my info all i ask if you could only give me credit and a link back to my work. This is only so others can find my site and enjoy it as much as you do :), please :).


Make Money Off My Work If You Wish


You can make money off my work as you wish, again just as long as you give me credit for my work.
If you can help me in spreading the word about my website that would be great, so more people can benefit from all of the info I provide.
If you make money from my work, there’s no obligation to pay me a portion of what you earn. If you like but it’s up to you, you can buy me a cup of tea via my donation button at the top of my side bar. This makes it easier for me to sustain what I’m doing and to expand this work in new directions. You’re free to decide what feels right to you.


Why Am I Doing This?


I originally created this site to help people, this is how it’s always going to stay. I love to share my information, and there is no need to create walls. I am doing this for my self as well, because I believe it’s helping me on my own path to a higher spiritual existence.



If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Tatianna@LovingFit.com, but as I stated earlier this notice should solve any questions that you might have.


Spread Love – That’s what the real mob do ;).