Yucca & Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

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Hello my Lovsies,

Yesterday I’ve made this delicious salad, from one of my favorites of all time Yucca Root & Sweet Potato.  Yucca Root is very common in Spanish cooking, it tastes similar to potato but it’s a bit more dense and better tasking.  Usually I pre bake my Yucca’s and Sweet Potato’s so I can later add them in recipes of all kind.  As will all my recipes, this one has very few ingredients and you can make it in under 10 minutes.  I personally never make recipes that require too many ingredients or too long of a time to cook it, I just enjoy simplicity and things you can make from foods that most people will already have in their fridge.


Here is what your gonna need:


Easy Healthy Recipe


You see a pinto been can sticking out in the picture, but I did’t end up using it. 


1 Sweet Potato ( baked )

2 Medium Sized Yucca Roots

1 Large Onion

1 Cucumber

Grape Tomatos ( I used the full container, the mini one )

Coconut Oil ( to fry your onion, I always cook with coconut oil )

Goat Cheese ( to taste, I used half of the block you see in the picture )

Sea Salt ( to taste )




Cut Yucca, Sweet Potato’s, Cucumber in small pieces. Cut all of your grape tomato’s in half.  Place it all in a bowl.  Salt it to taste. Now, cut the onion into small pieces.  Using your coconut oil ( I always use a generous amount ) fry the onions until it’s golden brown.


Easy Healthy Recipes


Add the goat cheese ( mine is resting somewhere on the bottom ).  Mix everything well and enjoy!


Easy Healthy Recipes


After I ate my salad I also did some planking




Ha Ha Ha, that was fun 🙂


Hugs to all,



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