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Healthy Recipes


The other day when I was talking to my friend, she gave me this recipe. At first when she told me about it, I thought the combination seemed kind of strange, but today I tried it and thought it was so delicious. The best part is, it requires no cooking ( my favorite kind of recipe 😉 ) and it only contains 4 ingredients. But the nutritional density of this snack is very high.


The Ingredients:


  • 4 -5 Small Organic Tomatoes ( tomatoes have a huge nutritional profile, such as fat burning benefits, and antioxidants. You can read more about tomatoes here )
  • 3 Large Table Spoons of Friendship Cottage Cheese ( it is the best brand of cottage cheese I found so far, and I tried all of them. Cottage cheese is very high in protein ).
  • 1 Large Table Spoon of Whole Milk Sour Cream ( When you add a whole milk sour cream to this recipe, it adds a bit more fat, which will keep you full and satisfied much longer )
  • Sea Salt to taste


Healthy Recipes


Cut each tomato in small parts like this:


Healthy Recipes


Place it into a bowl, add cottage cheese, sour cream and a pinch of salt. Mix it really well.


One of the most important things about being healthy and fit, is to have the right habits when it comes to choosing your food. Choosing whole foods over processed foods is a must if you want to keep your health at high levels at all times.
That includes eating the great amounts of protein, good amounts of right carbohydrates and an appropriate amounts of healthy fats.
It also includes eating 5 or 6 times a day, to keep your metabolism burning. I got this advice from one of my skating trainers about 16 years ago, these were her exact words: “Think of metabolism as a fire, if you add a lot of wood all at once, it will burn through it and the fire will go out. But if you add just a small amounts of wood all day long, then the fire will keep burning “. It always made perfect sense to me, and I’ve been eating this way all my life.

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