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I always try to experiment with different recipes to see if I can substitute the usual ingredients, for a healthier version of the dish.

This was supposed to be a Ukrainian Dish called “Tvorog Galushki” ( tvorog stands for cottage cheese, and Galushki stands for dumplings). But it turned out to be something else, since the ingredients weren’t the same – but it was totally delicious!

In Russia and Ukraine we have very different cottage cheese than they sell here in US, It’s much more dense  )

Since I couldn’t find Russian Cottage Cheese I substituted with the next best thing – Friendship 1% cottage cheese. It’s the closest thing that I found here in US to Russian Cottage Cheese.

I also substituted regular flower for Brown Rice Flower, and I substituted sugar with Raw Honey ( you can read about Raw Honey here ).

Since I switched up all the ingredients, the dough wasn’t the same, normally the dough is dense and you are able to roll it into little pieces and cut it up, and then either boil it or bake it.

I didn’t let that stop me, I just thought OK let’s see if I can make something out of this and try it out. It turned out to be quite a surprise for me, because at the end I loved the finished product. By taste, it turned out like cheese bread pudding, very healthy and low fat cheese pudding. So here is the recipe:


1. One package of Friendship Cottage Cheese

2. Two Eggs

3. One and a Half cup of Brown Rice Flower

4. Three big tables spoons of Raw Honey

5. A pinch of Sea Salt

6. Olive Oil ( I added 3 table spoons )

Mix all the ingredients to make sure everything is blended really well.

Heat up the stove to 360 degrees.

Pour the mixture onto a pie backing pan. Bake it for 55 minutes. Cool it before eating.


Recipe, Russian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Nutrition, Healthy Nutrition


The reason I really like this recipe, because it’s a great thing to eat if you have an evening sweet tooth. Cottage Cheese contains Casein, it’s a form of Protein that digests into a blood stream slowly, fueling your muscles.
I love adding Raw Honey when I cook, because our bodies can digest this type of sugar vs the Table Sugar that just get’s stored as fat.

If you have recipes you would like for me to try, that would be great!




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