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Pre-Workout Meal Recipe


Hello My Lovies,

It’s been ages since I’ve shared a recipe with you guys and I still have to post some of the recipes you shared with me. This recipe is so delicious and it’s a perfect pre workout snack ( you would have to eat it about 1 hour and 15 minutes before your workout ). It will give you perfect energy for your training as well as taste incredible. You can also play around with a recipe and if you do let me know how you did it.

The Ingredients:


Pre-Workout Meal


This makes 4 servings:

  • Apples – 4
  • Organic Almonds – 1 handfull
  • Dates ( not sweetened or pitted ) – 14 ( I used exactly 14 dates )
  • Organic Peanut Butter – 2 table spoons
  • Pre-Made Toasted Oats – 4 tablespoons


Cut the middle out from the apples


Pre-Workout Meal


Cut the dates into small pieces


Pre-Workout Meal


Crush the almonds ( I used a glass to crush them )


Pre-Workout Meal


Now, in a bowl mix the dates, almonds, peanut butter and oats


Pre-Workout Meal


Stuff the Mixture into the Apples and pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees


Pre-Workout Meal


Bake the apples for 18-20 minutes. The should still be somewhat crispy not mushy and soft.

Let It Cool and Enjoy!


Pre-Workout Meal Recipe




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