Quinoa Healthy Salad Recipe

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I made this delicious salad with nutrient rich grain called Quinoa. I really loved how the salad turned out, and I wanted to share the recipe. So here It is:

Quinoa Healthy Salad Recipe

You will need to pre-cook 1 Cup of Quinoa Grain, I also pre-cook Chicken the day before.




1. One full cup of cooked Quinoa

2. Pre-Cooked Chicken Breast

3. Scallions

4. Grape Tomatoes

5. Lemon Infused Olive Oil ( Good Fat )

6. A table spoon of Flax Seeds ( Another nutrient full food )

7. One Orange


Squeeze the orange into a bowl, I also like to cut up a little orange peel and added to the mix.

Add some Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Cut the Scallions into pieces

Cut the grape tomatoes into pieces

Now Mix the Scallions, Grape tomatoes and Flax Seeds together with the juice of orange and oil. Add the chicken breast and the Quinoa.

Let me know how you liked it

If you have any suggestions or cool recipes for healthy foods, leave me a comment.



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