Just Another Healthy Snack – Amazaballs Recipe!

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Healthy Snack


Hi Everyone,

I finally have a new healthy snack recipe for you. I came up with it by a complete accident – my love for semi toasted oats :). This recipe is super easy to make, only has few ingredients and it’s extremely filling. I already ate 4 of them today and I know you will love them as well.

The Ingredients

  • Old Fashioned Oats (  Tipdon’t buy the quick minute oats because they are heavily processed, always get the old fashioned ) – 3-4 handfuls
  • Raw Almond Butter – 8 oz
  • Organic Raising – 2-3 handfuls ( depending on how sweet you want them )
  • Cinnamon – to taste
  • A dash of Almond milk ( Forgot to put it on the picture )
  • Sea Salt
  • Whey Isolate Protein Powder 2-3 scoops

You can also add a bit of raw honey of you like, but I don’t like them to be too sweet.


Healthy Snack


First Things First

Toast lightly salted with sea salt oats. I placed them into 375 degrees oven, for exactly 18 minutes. Every 4-5 minutes check on them and toss them around so they get a little golden all the way around.


The above picture probably doesn’t show the colors very well, but you know what I mean a little golden, but don’t over cook them.

When it’s ready, take it out of the oven and add raw almond butter, cinnamon, protein powder, raisins, and just a dash of almond milk. Mix it all together and roll into ball shape. Place it in the fridge for 1 hour and enjoy!


Healthy Snack



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