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What I ate On Wednesday


Hello My Lovies,

Welcome to another Food Diary Wednesday :).  I didn’t have a very large appetite today so I finished my food intake early, around 7 pm with just a small snack.  I think it’s because I had such a large lunch and I am still quite full from it.  As you know I never force my self to eat if I don’t feel hungry, I just listen to my body and eat when I feel the need too.  This is what my eating diary looked like today:



You already know my morning starts with a big cup of black coffee, I do not like cream in my coffee and my actual coffee intake had became a bit smaller, so now it’s about half of m big Buddha cup.  I did my workout fasted today, and we will be recording that workout that I tried out today on Saturday.  Tomorrow we are filming a new upper body routine :).

After my workout, I don’t eat right away, I waited about 40 minutes till I got hungry and I had my breakfast.

This is what I had for Breakfast


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic tomatoes, 3 organic eggs, and fresh basil leaves.  Susu was actually the one who inspired me to start eating fresh herbs and now I have one plant of organic basil in my house and one plant of mint.  I am planning to start a small garden of herbs too :). I cooked my eggs using organic coconut oil.  I also had some pineapple, my mom brought me 3 huge pineapples the other day so I’ve been eating it daily.



I have my lunch usually 2 hours later, or sometimes 3 hours, depending how hungry I feel.  This is what I had for lunch:


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic tomatoes with Himalayan salt, organic baby arugula ( I love arugula ), lot’s of potatoes the Russian style and chicken breast.  I was actually quite the greedy Totem and I ate some more potatoes out of the pan after I finished my plate :P, oink.


After Lunch Snack


What I ate On Wednesday


This has become one of my favorite desserts, I’ve been eating this almost daily as well. It only has 90 calories per bar ( not that I’m counting but I just wanted to let you know so you have an idea ). It’s Non Dairy.


My Dinner Snack

As I said I wasn’t very hungry at dinner time, and after I finished this serving I got more berries and peanut butter, so I ate more than what’s on the picture:


What I ate On Wednesday


This is organic blueberries and organic peanut butter.

This was it my darlings :), tomorrow we are filming new upper body routine, get ready because it’s gonna be very hard!


What did you guys eat today?




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