Food Diary Wednesday #18

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What I ate On Wednesday


Hello my Lovies,

One more Food Diary entry is here.   I started yesterday quite early and when I start my days early I have more meals than usual.  I’ve discovered this new cereal a little while ago, it has Chia, Buckwheat and Hemp, this version also had cranberries and almonds in it.  Now, I’m gonna tell you a funny story:

When I first discovered this cereal I ate it how it was in it’s dry for, while sipping on my hemp or almond milk.  I’ve been eating it like that for a while till one time I took a quick looksie on the back of the package, where it clearly states in the directions that the cereal needs to be soaked for 5 minutes in milk of your choice.  Imagine how dumb I felt?  I just stood there thinking, that’s what I get for never reading directions on anything, LOL.


Anyways, I’ve learned my lesson this time, and let me tell you soaked in milk this cereal was quite amazing and soft.

Now, let me show you what I ate yesterday:

  • Breakfast ( Big Large Coffee as usual ) and my now favorite cereal with organic raspberries and unsweetened chocolate almond milk :

What I ate On Wednesday


  • Lunch # 1


What I ate on Wednesday


( Everything Organic )  Greens, Sprouts, Red Pepper, Chicken with skin ( as usual ).  Tea and an Iced Oatmeal Cookie ZBar ( it’s amazing ).


  • Lunch #2 ( this was also my post workout meal )


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic Greens, Organic Chicken and Organic Brown Rice with Pumpkin Seeds.  After I ate my meal I snacked on Pineapple.


  • Dinner


What I ate on Wednesday


Organic Greens, Organic Chicken and Organic Apple, at this point I wasn’t very hungry but I just wanted to eat something because I like to workout fasted in the morning.


What did my Lovies eat?




PS – New Real Time Cardio #5 is coming early tomorrow.


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