Food Diary Wednesday #17

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What I ate on Wednesday


Hello my Sweeties,

I’m having a beautiful day and I hope all of you are as well!  I posted my last week’s Food Diary Wednesday on my Facebook cause I didn’t have time to write a post.  Some of you guys always tell me that I eat so little, but trust me I make up for it on the weekends.  You see during the week I like to eat extremely healthy because I train, so when I train I don’t have as much of an appetite for anything else then extremely healthy food.  But on weekends I cheat, quite a bit.  This is what my weekend of eating usually looks like:

On Fridays, me and Miguel love to go to the movies, and I always get my popcorn with full on butter, I mean such absurd amounts of it that Miguel can’t even eat my popcorn, he things it’s too much.  Saturday I usually eat quite clean as well, but occasionally I will have some chocolates.  On Sunday we always go to all you can eat buffet ( sushi buffet ) and I eat lot’s and lot’s of sushi rolls, I definitely never hold back on my sushi rolls.  Then sometime after dinner, I love to go to a frozen yogurt place where I always have ton’s of toppings ( lot’s of dirty foods, cause I don’t like to hold back on my toppings ) and then just a little bit of frozen yogurt on the bottom.  If I don’t go there, then I go to the chocolate truffle place.  So to sum it all up, I like to live to the fullest on my weekends, because I want to enjoy life.  If I ate super clean 7 days a week and didn’t cheat 2 days minimum and relaxed, I would soon end up in one of of those places where they put a white shirt on you and tie your hands behind your back to keep you calm – you get the picture :).

This is what I ate today:

Morning – I had a regular coffee, no sugar, milk or anything else.


What I ate on Wednesday


Also, after my dinner, I had 6 more tangerines, because I wanted to.


How do you guys eat on weekends?


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