Food Diary Wednesday 15

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What I ate On Wednesday


Hiiiiiii my sweeties!

Guess what I got for you?  Yep, it’s Food Diary Wednesday #15.  As you know I have been eating lot’s of veggies every single meal I eat, and I hope that you guys have been eating your veggies as well.  Let me just tell you, my energy level is amazing, even if I don’t sleep enough, I eat so many green leafy veggies that I still have plenty of energy.

If you’ve follow my Instagram, you would notice that I posted pictures of my dinners this past weekend, and on weekends I have quite large dinners, but I still eat lot’s of veggies in the afternoon.  I’ve noticed, even if I eat pretty much what ever I want on weekends, but still consume large quantities of veggies, that doesn’t take away from my results, my body definition doesn’t change.  That goes to tell you that you can have more than one cheat meal a week ( as the standard goes ), you can have at least 4 ( but as long as you eat lot’s of veggies and of course drink tons of water, this has been my own experiment ).

This is what I ate today:

My morning started with a fasted workout ( I did strength training, followed by cardio ), I can’t share which workout I did because it’s going to be the one I film for you guys.  Before my workout I always have a cup of coffee and a large glass of water.

After my workout, about 30 minutes after I had my breakfast: ( Sometimes I wait 1 hours, sometimes I eat right away, it depends on how hungry I feel ):

Breakfast and post workout meal


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic Spinach, 1 small sweet potato ( fried the Russian style, using coconut oil ), 1 small organic apple, tiny bit of chicken and 2 eggs ( organic ).  This portion is usually what get’s me full, as you can see it’s not small because I like to feel satisfied and full when I’m done eating.


Snack ( I ate it about an hour after my breakfast, because I felt hungry and I eat when I feel hungry, listening to my body 😉 )


What I ate On Wednesday


1 Organic Apple, about a table spoon of Organic Peanut Butter, just a few Cashews.


Lunch ( about 3 hours later, as I felt hungry again, sometimes I can only have 2 large meals a day but 4 hours apart, it all depends )


What I ate On Wednesday


Organic Spinach & Baby Kale, Organic Tomatoes, ( Veggie Recipe that I will share with you guys tomorrow, which included Long Grained Brown Rice & Orange Lentils ), 2 eggs ( again, yes sometimes I eat eggs twice a day ), pineapple.




What I ate On Wednesday


Again I had Organic Baby Kale, Tomatoes, ( my veggie recipe to which I added some chicken, that’s what I love about this recipe you can either have it vegetarian or add chicken or what ever else you like ).


That was all for me my sweets, I will share that recipe with you guys tomorrow.  It’s super easy to make and only requires just a few ingredients as always!


What did you guys eat today?





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