Food Diary Wednesday 14

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What I ate On Wednesday


Hello My Sweet-Lovies :),

I’m back with another Food Diary Wednesday Blog Post, I’ve changed my eating schedule just a bit, so my last meal now is around 10 PM ( I go to sleep around 3 am ).  So that’s why I decided to post this Food Diaries on Thursdays instead on Wednesday evenings.

So as you know, I’ve added quite a bit of veggies to my food regimen, I’ve always ate veggies but now I’ve been eating much more green leafy ones, I love how much energy I get from them, veggies fill you up and stop all the cravings.

This is what I ate yesterday:


Morning and Breakfast


For my morning routine you already know I drink a big cup of coffee ( and a big glass of water ), then I don’t eat for about 2 hours, sometimes more sometimes less, I eat only if I feel hungry.

For my breakfast I had:


What I ate On Wednesday


( Everything Organic ) – Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, green apple ( half ), chicken ( my favorite ).


Then about 30 minutes later I had a snack:


What I ate On Wednesday


A glass of Hemp Milk ( have been loving it lately ) and Oatmeal and Raisin Bar.



I didn’t feel like having a meal, so I snacked instead and this is what I had:


What I ate On Wednesday


Raw Almonds, 2 organic Apples, Date & Walnut Bar.  I love the ingredients of this bar, if you live in US you can find these either in TJ Max or Marshals for a lot less than Whole Foods.



My dinner was again more veggies:


What I ate On Wednesday


( Everything Organic ) – Spinach, 2 egg omelet with chicken and tomatoes ( cooked with Coconut Oil ), whole grain crackers.  After I ate my dinner I actually had more crackers, I realized that I absolutely need some kind of grain product in my diet.  I personally don’t even like grain products except Basmati Rice or Toasted Oats, and at times I forget to eat grain, then I start noticing that I can’t sleep and I start to lose muscle, I eat grain again and everything gets back to normal.  That definitely goes to show you that everyone is different and needs a diet that fits their body type. 


That was my day of eating my Loves :),

What did you guys eat?  I noticed some of you on facebook like Tee and Lv-Girlie that been posting your food pics that look – amazing!



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