Food Diary Wednesday 11 ( Belated )

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What I ate on Wednesday


Hello my Lovies,

So after all kind of things standing in my way I’m finally able to post this week’s Food Diary Wednesday.  I was trying to post it yesterday but couldn’t upload any images to my site, I was a very frustrated little Totem.  As you know we are renovating our house and we still don’t have a stove or a sink, I’ve been buying my chicken and salad in the store and for the rest of the time mainly have been eating snacks out of paper plates.


In the morning I’ve had a Sturbucks ( in a reusable cup of course ), it was regular coffee with 1 shot of expresso ( no sweetener of any kind )

My Breakfast wasn’t really a breakfast, but it was very nutritious, I’ve had a huge cup of Organic Beet Juice ( 1 ingredient Beet )


What I ate On Wednesday




What I ate On Wednesday


My lunch was Organic Baby Kale, Organic Blueberries, Chicken ( I always eat the skin ).


After Lunch Snack


What I ate on Wednesday


More Organic Blueberries and Hazelnuts.  I’ve been obsessed with hazelnuts lately.




What I ate On Wednesday


Organic Baby Kale, Quinoa, Organic Apple, Chicken.


After Dinner Snack 


What I ate On Wednesday


Nectarine, Whole Dates ( not pitted ) more hazelnuts.  After I finished this place I ate about 2 more handfuls of hazelnuts because I couldn’t resist, oink.


That was my all I ate on Wednesday 🙂




PS – New Real Time Cardio Workout is exporting right now, will post it soon.

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