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What I ate on Wednesday


Hello My Sweets!

So the other day Tee ( thank you Tee ūüôā ) gave me a really great idea and today I am happy to make it come to life, a lot of you guys have been asking me to post things that I eat but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. ¬†Now, we have a separate page for Food Diary Wednesday under the “Nutrition Section”. ¬†Every week I will be posting what I ate on that particular day. ¬†Welcome to the first edition!

Today I didn’t really eat that much because I’ve been sick since Saturday, this is the first time I’ve got a cold in many many years. ¬†Probably because I’ve been eating a little to much chocolate lately. ¬†At the moment I don’t have any special body composition goals, I’m pretty happy with how I look and I’m just maintaining my results. ¬†The way I eat always depends on my goals, when I am at this stage of only maintenance I definitely allow my self to relax and not always eat so perfect, especially on weekends.

This is only how I eat, I am not saying this is right or wrong or this is how everyone should eat, I am just sharing my food diary.

As you know I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for the past 6 months or so, and my take on it is – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS EATING APPROACH, IT’S DEFINITELY FOR ME! ¬† I’ve never really been a small portion 6 times a day kind of gal, I love big plates of food to feel full and satisfied.

As I already said this week I’ve been sick and when we are sick we naturally don’t want to eat much. ¬†I also haven’t worked out in several days because I’ve been feeling too weak, but tomorrow we are filming a new routine for you guys and I’m sure by tomorrow I should be ready for a workout.


My Morning Routine and Breakfast 


When I wakeup,  I always always drink a huge glass of water, this is how I start my morning all the time.  Then I take my liquid L-Carnitine, followed by a huge cup of coffee.  The brand you see below and above is the one I discovered in a European Store, I completely fell in love this this coffee because it is cardamom flavored:


What I ate on Wednesday


About an hour later, I ate my breakfast, which included this German cereal ( almonds, oats, raspberries ), I also added  a handful of raw organic cashews and a handful of mulberries ), I used almond milk.


What I ate On Wednesday


My Lunch Snack

For lunch I had some more raw cashews, mulberries and Kambucha tea, the reason I drink that today because this stuff strengthen the immune system and it truly works, I love how I feel after I drink it. Then, I snacked on some dried apricot roll, it was quite a bit piece, this one is very unique and I also get it at a European store, it is exactly the one my grandma used to buy for me when I was a kid. You cant find similar one in US stores. Normally I eat a salad for lunch, but today I just wanted snacks.


What I ate On Wednesday


Today’s Dinner


I alway stop eating around 8 pm, today it was 7:30. ¬†I go to bed at 3-5 am so this give me a really good time to digest my food. ¬†Since I am doing the intermittent fasting, my fasting time is 16 hours. ¬†My dinner is always quite large because I don’t want to feel hungry later.

Today I had, organic spinach with fresh basil, wild salmon, buckwheat and orange lentils ( I’ve been obsessed with orange lentils lately ), I added some coconut oil to my buckwheat and lentil mix, I really love the taste of it.

Then after my meal I had some more of the apricot roll, as you can see it’s a pretty big piece, in the last 3 days I ate 3 huge packages of it already, just love it.


What I ate On Wednesday


I also always drink lot’s and lot’s of water after and during my meals. Before bed I always have an herbal tea.



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