Food Diary Wednesday 4

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Hi Loves,

I am back with another Food Diary Wednesday.  A lot of you guys have been telling me that I don’t eat enough, that is so funny cause my Russian readers and subscribers told me I’m a piggy and eat too much LOL.  I definitely have my days where I eat more than I should, then I have other days when.  I’m also gonna share with you not this weekend cause it’s Christmas, but next weekend which is my regular weekend, what I eat on weekends. That will give you an idea of how I spread my food during the week.  For the most part as you know I dont’ count my food, I just listen to my body.

OK, this is what I ate today:


You know I start my morning with a gigantic cup of coffee and you’ve already seen my favorite mug. This is my breakfast I ate 2 hours after waking up.




Basmati rice and chicken, heated up with coconut oil.






I had some of these superfood berries and I added some pumpkin seeds on top ( raw of course ). I always eat my seeds or nuts raw.






Organic potatoes cooked with coconut oil and chicken. In Russia we make a lot of potatoes this style, it’s one of  my favorite foods.






Me and my mommy went to sushi :). I had a tuna hand roll and mango crab large roll. I also had a cup of green tea.


This was all for today.  Friday we will be shooting a new workout for you guys, because Miguel is going out of town during the day tomorrow.

Hugs my Sweets,

By the way what did you guys eat today? I’m very curious what my darlings are munching on daily basis :).



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