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Healthy Food Diary


Hello my Lovies,

Yo Yo Yo  So many of you guys have been wanting me to bring back my Food Diary posts, so now they’re back!  I’m planning to turn them into short videos and I will also be sharing with you guys my weekend food diary as well,  cause on weekends I eat differently.  I have to say that I generally never eat on a special strict schedule, depending on how I feel I can sometimes not eat breakfast and workout on a fasted state.  But I also have times when I eat a huge breakfast and workout few hours later, it differs from time to time.

Since I’m already at my goal as far as body composition goes, I love pretty much everything about my body and how it looks right now, so I don’t stress too much about portions or if I’ve eaten enough protein, carbs or fats.  My goal is  healthy and easy to follow nutrition approach based on how my body feels and what it’s intuitively in the mood for.

This Food Diary is going to be very little food, because several days ago I got very sick with some kind of a virus, which I’m  still recovering from, so my food intake has been very minimal cause I have no appetite and I don’t force it.  Of course I have not been workout out at all for 5 days now, because when you’re body is sick, the message should be clear – Leave me Da Hell Alone!

So, here is what I ate yesterday ( Wednesday ) and I’ve also included my breakfast this morning 🙂

My Morning Coffee blended with Organic Coconut Oil


Healthy Food


This is how much Coconut Oil I always blend with my coffee, I don’t measure it cause measuring food depresses me, sometimes I add more sometimes less, it depends on how I feel that morning. Since I’ve tried adding coconut oil to my morning coffee I cannot ever go back to drinking coffee the old boring way, this combo rocks!


Few hours later I’ve had my first solid meal since the past couple of days.  Since I got sick I was mainly drinking veggie juice and eating grapefruits.


Healthy Food


This is organic spinach, organic steel cut oats with more coconut oil :P, and organic ground beef.

This is the dressing I’ve been using lately, one of the few I could find without chemicals.


Healthy Food


About and hour later I’ve made my self my favorite drink, I make this drink at least 2 times a day because it give s me energy and I love it!


Healthy Food


I take a bit of ice and water, add 3 table spoons of organic raw apple sider vinegar, some cayenne pepper and 2 packets of stevia ( the only ingredients in this stevia is fiber and stevia leaf ).  Blend it in my nutri bullet and viola my favorite spicy afternoon drink 🙂


Another hour later I’ve had an Organic Grapefruit with Himalayan Salt, yes I put salt on my fruit all the time 🙂


Healthy Food


Few hours after that I’ve had a handful of organic cashews and a Lavender Kombucha


Healthy Food Diary


Food Diary is Back 7


An hour later I’ve had me some tuna with canola 1 table spoon of mayo and cayenne pepper


Healthy Food


Before bed I drank mint teal and played with Mr. La Rabs


Healthy Food


This morning, I’ve had a delicious breakfast, with buckwheat and coconut oil, 2 slices of organic bacon and 3 eggs, today was the first day when I felt my appetite is finally coning back!


Healthy Food


This was my for today, I will have a new workout for you guys next week, for now I have a few more days of recovery!

Share with me what you ate today, you can even attach pictures in the comment section 🙂



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