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Hello My Lovies,

I’m finally back from my vacation, I’m so happy that I finally got out of town, it’s been quite an amazing experience for me.  I finally  got to see snow in many years and I had finally met my friend in person ( we met on YouTube originally ).  After this trip not only did I truly rested, but  I also got more Spiritually enlightened, I also feel so inspired and even more happy overall.

I know that I’ve took quite a while to answer all of your questions, with our house renovations and my out of town trips I didn’t have much time to finish everything at once, but I’m glad that I’m finally getting it done.

Here is the 3rd part of your questions:


  • Wendy T – How do you feel about fasted cardio?  And Intermittent Fasting too!


I do both :). I love fasted cardio because that’s a very fast way to lean out, it just works! I know that not everyone agrees with fasted card because it might make you lose muscle, but not if you do it the right way. As long as you don’t do too much of it ( I mean for too long ), and not too intense you won’t lose muscle.

I have been doing intermittent fasting for many month’s now, and I swear by it! I’ve known about this method back in my skating days, only back that it wasn’t called intermittent fasting, it was called ” The Way You Should Be Eating “. This method always, and I mean always kept me in shape. As soon as I would stop doing intermittent fasting, it was much harder to stay lean even if I eat super clean diet. With intermittent fasting I don’t always eat a super clean diet, but I still stay quite lean.


  • Indre S. – How do your usual days look like?  Since mornings, till evenings?

It’s always different as far as what I do. But typically it’s checking my emails and answering questions from either people who I make custom plans for, or questions on youtube, Facebook. Then I clean, cook breakfast for Miguel, run errands. If we are filming a certain day, then my day would look a bit different.

Other days, I just do my workout and test out different moves, edit videos, write posts etc. I work online so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.


  • Norely S. – What are your thoughts about green coffee bean?

I have to be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. But sounds interesting, I would have to do some research on it.


  • Lili S – Do you think it’s a good idea to workout in a fasted state always? From schedule I always end up doing so.

Yes, I answered this question already from another reader. But listen to your body, if this kind of training agrees with your body, then it’s good.


  • Maya B. – I’ve noticed that my arms and shoulders are getting bigger way too much, which exercises do you think can help to get them leaner? And is it really enough to workout 4 days a week ( I’m also having dance classes 6-7 times a week plus yoga )? I’ve been working out 5-6 times a week at home.
  • What do you think about dairy products? Should it be in our everyday meals or better to omit it?

If you already have muscles on your arms and you are concerned to making them smaller than I recommend to cut down on heavier types of training, also try to avoid doing your exercises to failure ( for your arms ).

Yes, 4 days a week of workouts ( I’m talking about intense workouts such as the routines I put together ) is the perfect amount of workout for your muscles to develop properly without overtraining. If you would workout more than that, your muscles won’t be able to recover, and therefore won’t be able to develop. I also suggest you check out my article ” How To Train For Best Results “.

I personally do not recommend dairy, I do not consume any dairy ( when I do it’s rare ). I’ve done some experiments with it and I’ve noticed if I consume dairy, I gain weight quite fast, also if I don’t consume dairy and then have some on a specific day, I start getting pains in my stomach. If you do some research you will find that many people who developed cancer, have stopped eating dairy and the cancer would go away. Based on all of my research I made a decision not to eat dairy.

But if you can’t live without it and absolutely need to have it, I suggest not to get the low fat or fat free kind of dairy, get it whole, because it’s not as processed.


  • Mily M. – I am thin size 6-8 ( depends on fabric ). It was not always like that, I used to be fat in my teen years. I started working out 4 years ago, I love it and it really goes beyond being with the super body. I have changed my nutrition and I have seen results. However I’m very flabby, thin and flabby. It’s something that bothers me because I am really trying to have muscle or get less flabby. I get thinner if I really cut on some foods but flabbiness stays. Is there really something I can do? Or is it the consequence of being fat in my teen years and there is really nothing I can do?

Yes, there is definitely something you can do. I suggest to get to the size you want to be by doing strength cardio. Then, when you get to the size you like, begin to focus only on strength and muscle building exercises, cut down on cardio. It’s always best to use 2 step process, first lose weight than gain muscle. The flabbiness will go away when you begin to gain muscle. Your nutrition has to follow and support your training as well.


  • Marysunny. V – how much water do you drink in your day? ive read people drink 4 liters x day i can barely finish my 2 liters. the best for me would be 1 liter and a 1/2 . 

Most of the time, pretty much daily I drink exactly 1 gallon of water.





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