Talkchology About My Car Accident

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Hello my Lovies,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a video, it’s actually really nice to be back. The last two videos I released, were recorded about a week prior to the car wreck on September 4th, that me and my bff Yuls got into, it was her birthday, that’s how I know the exact date.
I was really surprised and almost guilty, that I wasn’t as traumatized as a normal person should be, I guess I taught my self to go through the mental processes fairly quickly.

It was an amazing thing and quite a blessing, that physically we weren’t really hurt, except my back was in some minor pain and discomfort for a few weeks. I took that whole experience as a very positive one, I have a belief that all experiences are positive, because all of them are our teachers, and this particular one, made me step into a new fresh perspective on life and made me appreciate things even more.

In this video I wanted to share some details of what happened on that day, but most important part not in the details of what happened, but what I learned from this experience. Most people could view such experience as “negative” or scary, but In my opinion it’s a blessings in disguise.

No matter which path we take in life, if we look really close and observe, and don’t get caught up in top layer of problem thinking, we can begin to notice that “good“ “bad“, “black” “white, “wrong” “right” is an illusion. Fear is an illusion that we create in our mind.
We cannot ever take a wrong path, because no matter which path we take, it will bring us into further evolution and understanding of ourself, a purpose for life in the first place.



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