Staying True To Your Self Is The Big Meaning Of Life

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The Meaning Of Life


Greetings my Lovies,

I’ve wrote this article a little over a month ago,  but for some reason I felt that only now it was time to post it and as you know I always listen to my inner guidance ;).

Today, we live in a world of many different personalities, beliefs and each of us is a completely unique individual who have chosen to live at this time for their personal expansion. I grew up in Russia, in a very closed minded atmosphere, you couldn’t just speak your mind, things were very black and white and if you didn’t blend in, it could get pretty tough to live there. But, that really didn’t stop me from critical thinking, I questioned everything that came my way, literally, especially from authority figures.

When I was in school, I was punished by my teachers all the time, because instead of agreeing with everything they teached us, I questioned it all, I disagreed when things didn’t make sense to me, and most of the time they didn’t. For example I didn’t and still don’t agree that humans were just evolution of apes, because apes are still around and none of them turn into humans, even though they are extremely intelligent beings. I have and always had my own theory of evolution. So when I tried to speak up and explain that it doesn’t make sense, I got laughed at all the time. People around me, always considered me strange, weird and crazy ( that still happens now ), I’ve had almost no friends because of my ability not to blend it.

The funny thing is, I grew up, but sometimes I still bump into the same thing in our society, not as much as before because now I view things differently. If you express how you feel and say what you think, or what you believe in, if it doesn’t match up the standard understanding of things, there will be someone who is pointing fingers, laughing, calling you crazy etc. Strange, because if you look around, we seem to live in a civilized world, we are able to clone each other and go to space, yet, we still haven’t learned how to coexist and accept everyone with love, without the desire to always be right.


Is there such thing as the RIGHT BELIEF? Is there such thing as BEING RIGHT?


Personally I am sure, that everyone of you who follow my blog have very different opinions and beliefs about things, life, nutrition, fitness, religion, aliens etc. And some of you guys don’t believe in anything because you want to remain neutral because that’s what feels right to you. What I would like to say is, everyone of us is right, because what is normal in one’s mind, might not be normal in the other’s, but the beauty is that we can all coexist without needing to be right. Just because I don’t believe in something that someone else believes in, doesn’t mean that I can’t learn something from that person. We are all here to inspire each other, we are all here to support each other, but we do not all need to believe in same things or agree on everything. But I can tell you something for sure, this is what Miguel teaches me all the time, by staying open minded, by getting rid of the box we place our self into, we can learn a lot more and expand our mind beyond our own beliefs.

If a person is telling me they worship unicorn as god, I’m not going to laugh at them, or call their belief a BS, because I am a grown up and I understand, this is what connects them to their path and that means it’s right for them. And, if someone says I don’t believe in anything at all, I will also understand it, because I respect that we’re all different which makes everyone of us right.


NEVER let the opinions of others dictate how you should live your life


There will always be someone who judges you, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not, especially if you not very traditional in your life, then you will be judged more. But, in order to thrive within this world and become the limitless being that you already are, in order to get to know Who You Are, you have to stick to your inner voice, your inner guidance. Understand that there is no right or wrong way to be or say things. Each of us is only responsible for our own expansion, if we change the way we look at things, the world around us will change. The fear of being judged disconnects us from our desires and our meaning of life. Stay open minded, question everything and respect others even if they put you down, and I promise you, there will come a time where you’ll rise above and make a path for someone else who struggles the same way you once did. This is why it’s so important to stay true to your self and express your self without fear. If you learn to express your self without fear, you will free your self and become the True You that you came here to become, that is the meaning of your life.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this subject, do you ever fear to express your self in fear of not being accepted or laughed at?





Photo Credit – The photo is a frequency painting by Teal Scott ( The Spiritual Catalyst ), it is a vibration of “Activating Potential “.


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