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How To Love and Accept Your Self


Hello my Lovies and Happy Monday,

Today I have an amazing Talkchology/Challenge video for you guys, and the Challenge this time will not be for your body, this time  it’s going to be for your mind. In today’s video I will talk about Self Love/Self Acceptance.
The Challenge will last for a period of 7 days. It is up to you if you want to extend this challenge for an extra 7 days, but I believe that after you try this challenge for the first 7 days, you will want to do it for the rest of your life. But again, the CHOICE IS ALL YOURS!

How do people develop lack self love and self acceptance?


Obviously, as most of you already know, it starts out somewhere deep within our childhood, and then it grows like a tree, which we our selves keep watering.  We develop certain patterns, which are usually implied to us by others, such as friends or parents. These patterns grow into beliefs, then for the rest of our lives we grow these beliefs with repetitive thinking about them and affirmations. For example thoughts and affirmations where we pick our selves apart physically. We daily focus on things we don’t like about our self physically.  We do the same thing with our personality, we assert our personality because we are told by others, that something is wrong with us and we need to fix it. Then we constantly reassure these beliefs within our self such as: I’m impatient, I’m not smart enough, I’m too straightforward, I don’t deserve what I have, I’m a drama queen, I’m too emotional etc.

We create a state of self hate for our self, and therefore we have a population of people who lack in Self Love and Acceptance.

Most of us, learn to focus mainly on things we lack and things we are NOT good at, yet we never pay as much attention to the things we are good at, and things that we do love.


How Can We Learn To Love and Accept Our Self?


First of all, whatever it is you are told by others,  you “ need to fix “ within your self, does not need fixing, because You are not broken. If you think of your self as “Broken”, then you’ll already start from a negative place. Whether it’s physical, emotional or else, DO NOT EVER LET THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS ABOUT YOU, TELL YOU WHAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG AND HOW YOU SHOULD OR SHOULDN’T BE.

In my opinion, the way we should think about things in general is, instead of changing or fixing our sef, LOOK FOR A WAY TO IMPROVE so it makes “YOUR” life better, but never to please someone else.

I am for example, very straightforward and somewhat aggressive person, it’s always been part of my personality, which to others can seem as I have no compassion, or that I am rude. And all my life, I was told that I need to be careful to how I speak to people and what I say to them so I don’t hurt their feelings.  Which means I have to assert my personality and push my self aside.  And all my life, I was suppressing that part of my personality because I was told to do so, so I won’t hurt people, I was afraid of speaking up  in fear of being misunderstood. But you know what, F***K THAT! I’m done with asserting my personality, because no matter how careful I am going to be, there will always be somebody who’s feelings are going to be hurt, but not because of me, but because I am only a reflection of their own fears and insecurities. So, that got me thinking, I need to fall in love with that part of my personality, because now I understand that the reason a specific person came in contact with me, is because they need to hear things how they are, even if they are RAW and might hurt their feelings.

So, Whatever part of the personality or looks that you were born with is “Perfect” already! But, if you would like to improve on something, this technique I will share with you in the video is really amazing.



Watch the video and try it out! Let me know in the comment section what things you feel have improved in you after this challenge. Have you noticed a shift towards more self love and self acceptance within your self? Please share your thoughts 🙂



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