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Hello My Sweets,

Lately, I’e been going through a lot of very deep thinking and realizations, and the subject of emotions had been on my mind for a while.  I always get emails and questions about emotions and how to deal with certain emotions, and I’ve felt for a while that I want to share my experience, knowledge and understanding of things.

My whole life I’ve been an extremely emotional person. Not only am I emotional towards my self, but I can feel the pain of other people, I can also feel the happiness of other people or whatever they’re feeling at the moment, and all the time when I am around somebody I feel things to an extreme. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not but over the years I’ve learned a lot about emotions, how to deal with them and their purpose in our life.

We are raised in a society where certain belief systems are taught to us since the early age. These include the suppression of our emotions. Since the early age we are taught to be ashamed of crying and expressing pain, we are also taught to hold back or restrain fear or anger and in some situations we are even taught that love can be painful so we should avoid it. We have learned these things sometimes from our parents, friends, school, college, work etc.

When I was younger I was diagnosed with a Bipolar Disorder or a Manic Depression as some doctors called it, I personally don’t label my self. You can read my full story about it here. I was placed on medication to suppress the feelings I was having, I was told by my doctors that these feelings I was experiencing weren’t normal, that I wasn’t normal, so they gave me medication that made me feel like a zombie and to me that wasn’t normal. What is normal do you ask? A person who feels everything or a person who feels nothing?

I’ve always been a person who relies on intuition, because that’s what I felt was right, and when I indeed listened to my intuition I’ve never failed, when I didn’t listen I failed every time. And one day it just hit me, everyone of us is born a certain way, what if instead of running away from our selves we dive right into the problem? Maybe the problem is an actual solution? How come not a lot of people think of this?

Over the past several years I’ve realized how important emotions are, and how important it is to feel everything, good and bad, and how all of them serve a huge purpose in our life.  That purpose is an understanding of our true nature as a human.

As human beings, we need emotions to connect us to our spiritual self. Emotions are essential to understanding spirituality, because emotions generates feelings. Our mental body is linked to our physical body, the same way our emotional body is linked to our spiritual body. Suppressing our emotions and feelings builds barriers in our consciousness, and blocks things.

Many of us don’t want to go beyond emotional barriers and through personal boundaries because it might be painful. But pain serves purpose as well, it brings feelings. When we work through pain we break through our personal barriers, this brings us to unlocking our true identity, and appreciation of being alive.  In our life we always try to control everything, but sometimes letting go of control and knowing where it is useful and where it is not, will allow us to move pass judgement, and to have a true connection not only to our selves, but to the world around us.


Anger and Fear


Anger and Fear have their purpose in our life. We’ve always been taught to suppress these feelings because we are being made to believe that it’s something forbidden to feel and we should stay away from it.  If we allow our selves to express and experience all of our fears, which might lead us to the expression of our anger, we could learn something. Those of us who want desperately to avoid fear and anger, and who are really afraid of these feelings, have something great to learn from these emotions. They are our stepping stones, our techniques that help us move beyond our personal boundaries of identity and behavior.

Most of the time, all we want is to be accepted. We feel that no one will like us if we do certain things or feel certain feelings. That is where the anger comes from. We have anger because we make judgments about what we can and cannot do. If we don’t give our selves permission to feel, we cannot learn.

Our feelings connect our life. We have to learn to observe them, sit right in the center of these feelings and feel everything that comes our way, because they serve the purpose of healing.  As soon as we recognize, accept to feel everything through, we will be able to release it and let it move past us. If we cling and refuse to deal with them, you will create more boundaries.  So we should learn to deal with these emotions and love them, because they show us purpose and understanding of our selves.




Love is the purpose of all living beings, it’s what connects us to everything and each other. From love branches the feelings of compassion and kindness, if each and every person had love, compassion and kindness dwelling in their heart, there would be no wars.

Sometime I sit and observe animals, I find it very interesting that animals know our connection to love, but not all the humans do, yet we call our selves logical beings ( this is just my observation ).

I think love is the most powerful emotion, when we feel love not only for our selves, our friends, relatives but for everything and everyone around us, it empowers a new understanding in our life, it’s meaning.  I’ve learned this through meditation, because in meditation we quiet our mind and expand our inner knowledge, or in other words consciousness.  Meditation helps us to feel the unity of this connection and love that we all have inside of us for each other.  Love is a source of all creation, love is power.   There is a silly expression going around ” Love Hurts “, I disagree with that, because true love is bliss, if it hurts then it’s not love.


Few extra words

I really hope that all of my thoughts about life and emotions can be helpful to many, because in the end, we are all here to love and help each other. It all starts with our own self, if we can work on peace in our inner world, we will create peace for everyone else.





PS – There had been some problems with Discuss Commenting System, and some comments even mine had been disappearing.  I just wanted to let you guys know that it’s not me deleting any comments, I would never ever do that.  Sometimes the lost comments come back, but sometimes they don’t.  So if any of your comments haven’t been posted or gone, It wasn’t me.


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