Q & A Video 3, Food Combining, Training Intensity, Favorite Spiritual Book

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Hello my dear Lovies,

I’m back with another Q&A video. In this video I will be answering 3 questions: My opinion about Food Combining, My Training Intensity and What is my favorite spiritual book. I will actually share 2 of my favorite spiritual books.


First question is from Aušrin Pliuskyt:

  • Hello!
    What is your opinion about food combining? Do you use any eating rules? I’m trying to use the basic rules of food combining more than a year and really started to feel the difference in my digestive system. But now I begin to think that perhaps I don’t get enough nutrients by eating that way. How to keep that balance to feel good and properly nourish my body at the same time? I’m really trying to listen to my body, but sometimes just wondering if I’m doing it right. I do workouts 3-4 times a week, my goal is not to lose weight, I just want to feel healthy and enjoy my life.
    Thank You

Read the article about food combining I mentioned in the video from Built Lean.


Second Question / Questions is from Tessu Croft: 

  • Hi sweetie, how many times / week your workout gets intense/really intense?
    What is a good balance between lighter workouts and harder workouts overall?
  • Also, what is your favorite spiritual book?



Russian Version of the Video ( with different questions )



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