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How To Be Positive


Hello my Lovies,

First things first, I wanted to tell you that this article is a huge extension to the my little talk in the video, it’s a big part that I wanted to add.   
Today I wanted to share some of my thoughts and my own personal knowledge, life experience that has helped me to transform my self from the inside. The reason I say that I have transformed from the inside is because that’s where all transformation originates. I think a lot of people are struggling with them selves in this world because they feel that the only way they can change things is by controlling what is happening on the outside.  But the truth of our existence here, is anything but the outside. Your outside life is just a reflection of what’s going on on the inside.

I think you have heard me use the expression: We are not in the world, the world is within us. It is that literal, but not everyone might understand this statement because of the beliefs most of the society holds at the moment. The reason not everyone can understand this statement is because so many hold a belief that our world is a physical place.  It is a much deeper subject, and eventually I will go into it as well, just not right now.

People from many centuries ago knew the truth of our existence, but with time it was lost because of the political influence.  If all the people knew the truth, while understanding how the world works, understanding ( not believing, because where there is an understanding of truth belief is not needed ) that each of them is the Creator of everything around, and they are in complete control of their life, that each of us has the right to choose our own destiny because we can chose our thoughts and our thoughts create reality – this world would be a very very different place. For example, there will be nobody in charge or in control of anyone else, there will be a complete unity and equality.
But you see, if everyone understood all that it wouldn’t be really profitable to the one’s who are holding the blind fold. Awakened people means new reality, free of control.

To understand this truth therefore the deeper layers of life, we have to get in touch with our inner true Self, that Self is your inner voice that you often hear ( which is separate from our ego ). The true Self is the voice that gives you your best ideas, it guides your intuition, it’s not your imagination as some like to say, it’s actually there. The more we’re open toward exploring our inner Self instead of fighting it and blaming things on coincidence, destiny, accidents etc the more Spiritually in tune we become with our selves, with the world, therefore we stop opposing the Natural Flow Of Life.

Our natural state of being is happiness. This is how everyone of us is meant to live their life. In order for us to live our life happily we have to do things daily that we love doing the most, or in other words follow your happiness at all times.

Our greatest tools in life is our Thoughts and our Focus. If one is able to hold focus on the right thoughts, you will be able to transform your self and your life immediately and nothing will ever come in your way.

But it doesn’t mean that in our life we will never get into what we call a ” Negative Situation “, but in reality the negative situations are not really negative, not from the Spiritual perspective of our True Selves, they only exist as a tool, a contrast to help us evolve while we are here, to help us separate black from white. Only when we are in the darkness we can give rise to the desire of it’s opposite and therefore find the light. There is actually a much much deeper explanation about this and I will write about it as well, but for now I just want to focus on the subject of this article.


A little practice that really helps me:

This is the exact step by step of what has been helping me and others who I’ve taught this practice.

Next time a negative situation ( aka contrast ) arrises in your life, first thing to do is take as many long deep breaths as you need to. Do you want to know why deep breath is the first step to solving a problem?  When we inhale we are letting the Flow Of Life which is what gave us this life in the first place, to flow through us, it is the extension of us that is all seeing or you can use the fancier spiritual word ” Higher Self “. Every breath you are taking in, your Higher Self is there to connect and help you solve the problem. Every time you exhale you are sharing your current experience back to your Higher Self, reflection. Give and take. This is why when people breath deeply they immediately feel better, because they feel the connection to all that is, which is also you.

Since you are in a situation that has lowered your vibration ( negative emotions lower our vibrations ), next step has to be a Thought that will help you to raise your vibration just a little higher and make you feel better.  For me this thought is always a statement: I know that things always work them selves out. ( because sooner or later they always do ). This is the first statement.  Knowing this will make you feel better, which is already a progress of raising how you feel.  Now you have to keep searching for different statements that will relate to your current situation.

What you can do is focus on the opposite of the problem, not the problem it self. Because we cannot solve the problem if we place our focus onto it, the only way we can find a solution is focus on how would it feel to have a solution.

There is always a thought that will make you feel better, until you emotionally step back to a higher vibration, therefore will be able to easily find a solution. Your emotions are a tool which help you to understand how Low or how High Vibrationally you are at the moment.

Next step is when I tell my self, OK this is my chance, my chance to go either one of two routes. You have to remember, it’s always your choice of thoughts that will effect how you feel. The goal is to focus on thoughts that will help you feel better and better small steps at a time, because when we begin to feel better we begin to feel more positive therefore we are going together hand in hand with the desire of our Higher Self ( which knows what is better for us, because we are It Self, except all knowing and seeing ). If you feel negative, you are opposing the Natural Flow Of Life ( your Higher Self ), and focusing on the problem, thats when you will feel struggle. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing either, because as I mentioned earlier from struggle we evolve.

Now you can either take a route and get stuck in the negative feelings, victimizing your self and blaming the outside circumstances or you can move forward immediately and choose to keep your focus elsewhere. It is always your choice. A lot of you might feel dissonance with that statement because we are so used to believing that things are out of our control, but it is very much in our control.

One more thing that I would like to mention, which I think is quite important. There is really no wrong or right way, so don’t be afraid to make the wrong choices in life. Because no matter what choice you make at the moment is either going to take you with the Flow Of Life or against it in which case it will help you to evolve and learn from the struggle of resisting it. You will know which choice you made by how you feel emotionally about it.

And last, you will always find your way, just make sure you listen to your inner self and rely only on your intuition. It is OK to ask your friends or relatives for advice, and you can always take what you need and throw away what you don’t kneed, but in the end, be the only one who makes decisions about your life, because you are the only one who truly knows what’s best for you.


I made this video in Russian and in English


PS – I just wanted to mention really quickly that what I was describing in the video I do not by any means consider a ” REAL PROBLEM “, because I am well aware of things that real problems actually are such as people in the world who are struggling with poverty, starvation, decease etc, I grew up around these things. What I was describing in the video was an obstacle, and it was just a small example which inspired me to do the video. I of course also have experienced bigger problems and bigger obstacles which have gave me an experience and the expansion that I have today. I also understand that not everyone in this world share same beliefs, and that is OK as well because we’re all experiencing this life from a different perspective which adds to the expansion of the whole, there is nothing wrong with having different opinions. My biggest point is we’re all here to help each other, and we can all do that in unity even with different opinions and beliefs. As I stated earlier, use what helps you and dispose of what doesn’t.

Much Love,


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