My Trip To The Haunted City

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St. Augustine, Haunted City


I am not a very big fan of taking trips because I love being at my house, unless it is to Paris ( to which I am still dreaming to go ). I have to admit I am a bit of a Hermit, I never really go out and I love being alone. Once in a while my friends try to drag me out of the house, and only 1 out of 10 times they succeed :p.

I finally decided to take a fun trip because I just needed to get away. We went to the world’s famous haunted town St. Augustine, It is the Oldest City┬áin the Nation. I have a very interesting picture that I took at the bottom of the post, you can check it out and let me know what you think.

It was a beautiful Town and I would recommend for everyone to go to St. Augustine at least once.
The city it self was very mysterious, every house on every street looked haunted. I felt like I was in a movie, It’s great to visit but I definitely couldn’t live there, it was a bit Amityville, but the whole Town. I like horror movies, so for me it was fun.

We also took a trip on one of those Ghost History Tour with a guy who was a paranormal investigator. I think he was kind of creepy because he was trying to scare us. I think he was exaggerating a bit much, I could be wrong. He was telling us these crazy stories, but I was more scared of him than the stories he was talking about. I stopped listening to him and just kept taking photos. He took us to a really creepy house, it wasn’t like your usual Tourist Tour . We didn’t go inside because I wasn’t in the mood to freak out. I did take the pictures by the window so I could see inside without going in.

There were so many Historic Places to visit and I tried to make it to few of them. But I am not really the tourist type, and I don’t like to run around to every single spot everyone else is going. I enjoy creating my own experience. I guess that’s exactly what I got when we went on The Tour with the creepy guy, LOL.

After visiting The Scary House, and then a Haunted Playground, it was enough to not put me to sleep for days. But the only reason I couldn’t actually sleep last night is because of the hotel we stayed in. That was a nightmare of it’s own, I didn’t end up sleeping at all I just wanted to get out of there. But overall I had a lot of fun, and I would like to go back and explore some more, maybe next time stay in a Bed and Breakfast instead of a Hotel.

Here are some pictures I took on my trip:


The Haunted Playground

We first came to this place with our Tour Guide at the night before. Since I was too chicken to walk around it at night, we came back during the day to take the some pictures.


Haunted City, Haunted Park


Castillo De San Marcos


Haunted City


The oldest masonry fort in the United States. If you ever watched Ghost Adventures, there was an episode where they investigated it. I didn’t go inside because there were a lot of people, and I just wanted some peace. So we took pictures around it.


Haunted City


This was just a cool street, it was super mysterious


Haunted City


Some houses I took pictures of. Some of them are few hundred years old.


Hunted House, Haunted City
Haunted House, Haunted City
Haunted Houses, Haunted City
Haunted Houses, Haunted City


This is a picture I took by one of the Haunted Houses the Tour Guide took us too. It was taken by the window. Let me know what you think about it.

Haunted House


I am really happy to be back from my trip and sleep in my own bed :).




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