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Hello my Sweeties,

Happy Monday!  May your week be full of wonders! Today I wanted to talk about one of the biggest contrasts that most of us will experience – Aging. The other day one of you guys ( Kendra hey girl 🙂 ) asked me to talk about this subject, so here it is:

At the moment we are living in a youth obsessed society, most people are so obsessed with staying young, that many are getting botox injections at their early 20’s, a lot of people don’t even like to admit their real age and plastic surgeons are getting richer by the moment. I believe this is happening because of couple different reasons, television, advertising and photoshop. All these things are conditioning people to believe that unless you are young, you’re not beautiful and you are pretty much worthless. So, these ideas are not really our own, they are not what any of us are like or want to be like, but these ideas run like programs in the background of our mind on autopilot. Our own real self, is separate from our society conditioned personality, and the ideals of the true self are completely different. This is why it’s so important to get to know who YOU really are on the inside.

I grew up around women who believed that after 25 a woman is already an old lady and men don’t merry anyone over 25. I remember when I was 15 and people used to ask me how I’m going to be when I’m 30, I used to say, that I will never live that long because I can’t see my self that old ( just try wrapping your mind around this ridiculousness LOL ).

The way I look at aging now is quite different, I’m in complete understanding of it’s purpose. My spiritual memories ( such as me choosing this life experience prior to being born ) and fully conscious dreams, have definitely played a huge role in my understanding of not only aging, but life in general.

I understand that aging is part of the contrast which what we’re all come here to learn, this contrast exist so we can understand to how truly love and accept our self from within, ( this is also why we chose our so called flaws before we are born ).

When each of us chooses to extend into a human form, we do that so we can learn from the contrast that this reality has to offer. It’s almost like a pretend game for our soul, but our physical self cannot see it that way, because we are limited by our analytical thinking, we see things as struggle, our souls sees it as opportunity for expansion.

The biggest lessons here on Earth are: Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness. Unconditional Love is first, the world will unfold it self before you, if you first learn to love and accept your self. Each and every one of us will be faced with this kind of a contrast. Loving and Accepting our self is something everyone struggles with to an extent, some more some less, and as we get older the contrast get’s stronger and the only way to come to peace with it is to change your beliefs about it. Which means, you have to learn to separate your preconditioned self ( ego personality ) from your true self which is the real you. Stillness of mind, is one of the fastest ways to get to know the real you, and it’s the fastest way to learning how to accept changes.

Now, ask your self what is your biggest fear when it comes to aging? Is it illness, wrinkles, feeling of not being attractive, death? The reason people have such fear of it, is because they have beliefs about it that induce that fear.

Illness for example, this belief so many people hold about old age is, we get frail and ill, our body doesn’t work so good anymore, we suffer and suffer until we die. By thinking these kind of thoughts you are creating an energy of resistance to it, and by the biggest laws of this Universe ( the Law Of Attraction ), what ever you resist will persist.

In order to change your belief about illness, and stop attracting illness into your future life, you have to start creating your future with thoughts and beliefs that serve you right now.  Because, we all know if one really takes care of their health, there are very low possibilities that you will be sick, even when you’re old. The other day I’ve seen a very famous actress in a magazine, she is 75 and stunning healthy beautiful woman. Yes, I’m sure she is photoshopped, but still she is 75 darn it. So, do you want to be sick when you get old, then start thinking the thoughts of health now, take care of your self not only physically, but spiritually and mentally. Stress ages you faster than anything else, so find ways to reduce stress in your life. Stillness and focus on deep breath actually helps you to deal with stress.

Are you afraid of wrinkles? I personally get a bit freaked out when I meet people who’s faces don’t move. I would rather any day have lines laughter on my face, rather than the stiff robot looking face, to me it looks a bit strange and it’s quite noticeable. I’ve never in my life have seen a face that had been injected or had one of those skin tightening procedures, and looked lively.

Now, take a really good look at people who age gracefully, embrace changes in a beautiful way, and people who are freaked out of aging and are visiting a doctors office for nips and tucks. Ask your self which one do you see your self being and what will make you happy?

I my self, want to look at my self in the mirror and be proud that I’ve been taking care of my self and my face looks this way because I lead a healthy life style, I can smile and laugh and see the real emotion on my face, to me a face that moves and it’s alive is beautiful at any age. Plus, when I was way younger I’ve made a mistake of injecting my lips, and let me just say, I should of had a sign on my forehead: If you want to be a duck, ask me how.

You also have to remember, that everyone on the outside only see us how we see our selves, the world around you is just a big reflection of your own thoughts, this is why it’s so important to learn how to love and accept YOU. Surround your self with people who help you grow, who inspire you and who grow together with you in the same direction, in way that will help you evolve.

Beauty is different, it’s not only one way, the way most society perceives it, people who can see only one side of the box, cannot see it’s depth. That’s why, you have to get rid of the box and see the world and your self for the beauty that already exists, it’s beauty of constant changes. It’s the only way you can break free from the limits of your own mind and beliefs that you currently hold about your self, and about aging.

So, ask your self, how do you see your self? One of my favorite things to say is: You should only hold onto a belief if it serves you. Does your beliefs about your self serve you in a good way or the opposite?


What are your thoughts about aging?


Have a wonderful week my Loves!



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