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Happy Monday my Lovies,

Oh La La tomorrow is Christmas Eve 🙂 and I’m super exited cause I’m going to my friends house for dinner. I just love this time of the year, people are always so happy and joyful right before Christmas, there is Christmas music everywhere and just a good vibe in general, the only thin is missing is the snow, I totally miss the snow. Today I have a Talkchology video for you guys, In the video I’m talking about my new approach to the way I eat. I actually taken that approach with my training as well and I found out that having less of a structure makes me more happy.

One of the very important things that I would like for you guys to understand is ” ONE SIZE FITS ALL DOESN’T EXIST “, we are all different and unique individuals and we all have to listen to our inner guidance, and it’s different for each. Depending on your goals, your inner guidance will change as well. It’s always good to ask your self questions and to question every piece of information that comes your way. We live in the era of knowledge and information, there is so much information that most of us get confused on what’s best, but your inner guidance and listening to your body will always tell you what is best for YOU.  Just because you hear me say or do something, or you hear another person/trainer say or do something, doesn’t mean you should do the same, it means you should trust your self to know how to separate the usefulness in the whole of that information that will be a perfect fit for you.

Enjoy the video!





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