Monday Words Of Wisdom: Gratitude Creates Miracles

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Hello my sweeties,

Happy Monday!!!  Firstly I wanted to thank all of you who helped me to come up with ideas for something new while we’re taking a little break from Monday Mingles.  It’s good to do a little switch up from the routine  now and then, keeps things interesting and always changing.  I loved all of your ideas and I’m going to use all of them.

Each Monday, I will either post something for us to discuss on any subject of life ( you guy’s ideas of subjects are always welcome ). Or I will post something personal about my life, or a recipe, or a talkchology video, or a recipe video or what ever else comes to mind.   I will keep posting these posts into the Monday Mingle section.

Today I wanted to start you off with something truly motivational to start off your week on a beautiful note. I know that you probably heard that before many times over and over again, but I’m going to take it a step further and explain things from a Spiritual perspective why being thankful creates such big miracles in our life.

Our Universe is a vibrational place, everything around us is energy, 99% is energy and only 1% is matter. This Universe has certain laws that it works by, one of the biggest laws in this Universe is the Law Of Attraction.

This is how Law Of Attraction works:  What you believe in and what you think about most will show up in your reality, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, it’s where you keep your focus ( on which thoughts that is ). Thoughts are energy, when you think your thoughts make an actual sound, we do not hear it because we cannot perceive such high vibration because our own vibration is much lower, plus our analytical mind is not able to translate it. So thoughts matter more than anything, even more than actions because thoughts are seeds to the creation. So, if you want to create something in your experience you have to keep your focus on the feeling of having it.

But, there is one more way of getting what you want even faster, is to express Gratitude for what already is. The feeling of Gratitude creates a very high and positive vibration around us, which you can say it opens us up like a portal, and Universe will begin to deliver more things into your life to be thankful for.

Most people do this on autopilot, without even realizing it that when they are thankful they are attracting more positive things into their lives. But, if you do this while being aware of this high vibration of being thankful, imagine the great things you will create in your life?

Write down everything that you are thankful for with as much detail as possible, and remind your self throughout the day of these things, and I can guarantee you that you will immediately begin to feel the effects of Law Of Attraction working at large.


What are you guys thankful for?


Have a beautiful, full of wonders and gratitude week!




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