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Meet Me On Monday


Hello my Minglers :),

Happy Monday! Welcome to the 33rd Edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better. Each week I ask 5 questions and we all get to answer them and mingle around.


This Week’s Quote:

“Someone I loved gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift ”

~ Mary Olivier

When I saw this quote today, it was very incredible, you can call this a synchronicity, I’ve been having so many of them lately.  I realized that exact same thing not so long ago, I was sitting in my bedroom and words popped into my head that resembled this quote, I felt extremely grateful for the things I’ve experienced in the past. Even though when I lived out those things I couldn’t see the lessons in them at that moment, back then I was so mad at everything that was happening to me, I felt very resentful which made me blind.

Several years ago I had some of the darker times in my life, I was very lost and I didn’t want to be part of this physical experience anymore, and what helped me to get up and make a choice to live and change my life, was the strength that my previous pains in my childhood had given me.  I feel truly blessed and so happy to have all those experiences, they  go hand in hand to bring me to a beautiful place I’m in now.

Then I remembered that several days ago I had this dream, it was quite a dark dream, I didn’t understand right away what it meant, but I knew It had some kind of connection to my past, and after reading this quote, and connecting the dots to my own thoughts that have been visiting me lately, this dream makes so much sense that I feel like I’ve been enlightened all over again.


This week’s questions:


  • How was your Valentine’s Week or Day?

  • Where was your first kiss?

  • When you get angry how do you express it?

  • What book are you currently reading?

  • What do you think about our soul having past lives?


My Answers:

  • Q – How was your Valentine’s Week or Day?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

Me and Miguel went to lunch, but he has to work so we don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day. We believe that love should be celebrated daily and not have a specific day with presents or flowers. I personally believe that Valentine’s day is a cliche and another excuse for media to brainwash everyone to go spend money on things that they probably don’t need.


  • Q – Where was your first kiss?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I think my first kiss was when I was in kindergarden :).


  • Q – When you get angry how do you express it?


Meet Me On Monday


My answer:

The way I express my self when I get angry has definitely changed over the years, I’ve taught my self to get a much better grip on my self than before ( not all the time of course, I am temporarily a human after all and sometimes when I get mad I can look like that animal in the picture LOL ).  But most of the time when I’m angry I just let my self  step away from the feeling of a specific situation, cool down and think things through. I think it’s best not get caught up in the anger emotion it self, and not give it expression at all.


  • Q – What book are you currently reading?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I just ordered a book by this amazing girl who also has a channel on youtube ( and that’s the on I will be reading once I get it ). When I first saw her videos I was shocked by how much of everything she teaches I not only resonate with, but I feel like we are the same person. I love and resonate with a lot of spiritual teachers, but I don’t always agree with everything they teach, but this is the first time I’ve seen a person who I agree with and resonate with 100% percent.
Her name is Teal Scott and her YouTube channel is The Spiritual Catalyst, I purchased her book so I can support her, it’s called ” The Sculptor In The Sky “.
It’s so interesting when I started watching her videos, I would listen and I would be like: OMG that’s what I’ve always tried to explain to others and that’s exactly what I’ve always believed.

The very interesting thing about mine and her beliefs is, that they didn’t come from reading books, they came from the inner higher self. If you ask me about my spiritual knowledge and how I know all of these things, the only thing I can tell is I was born with it, I’ve always known this, but I was awakened to an even deeper understanding of it over the years. I’ve had some really interesting spiritual and you can say paranormal experiences in my life that the existence of what’s lays beyond this physical plane we call ” Reality ” in undeniable.


  • Q – What do you think about our soul having past lives? ( I want to give a shout out to Dheana. R for coming up with this question )


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I think it’s no longer a secret that all of us have lived past lives, some of us were even born here remembering who they were before, because it serves a purpose for that specific individual in his/her life.  But for the people who are not born here remembering their past lives it also has it’s purpose. I think too many people try to get in touch or figure out their past life experiences because they think it can help them in this life. But the way I think of it is this:

Think of each life as a different movie, a different experience, some movies are comedies, some are thrillers, some are horrors and some are documentaries etc. You choose to go watch a specific movie because you believe that you want to experience it for a specific purpose you have at the time, some movies you go watch because you want to laugh, some because you want to learn something, some because it’s gonna make you feel good etc. But, each time you go see each movie, you don’t sit in the movie theater thinking about the previous movie you watched or the experience you’ve had watching the previous movie. You concentrate on the movie you are watching at the moment, right? Well, it’s the same thing with our soul picking our life experiences. Our soul is part of the Creator, and the only thing our soul is after is expansion and perspective. It picks the movie aka life which it needs at the moment, so the previous movie aka life was only useful when it was watched aka lived then, but not it’s time to focus on what’s in front of you, so the only way we can fulfill our purpose of learning, is to focus on what’s present.


Let’s Mingle my Lovies,

Love and Kisses,

Tati 🙂

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  • MIngling!!! 🙂 Just got up, did my fasted state workout, so I have some time to mingle before shower!!! 🙂

    How was your Valentine’s Week or Day?
    – It was nice, me and my boyfriend wen’t for a coffee, it was my first time visiting Ostrava, which is the biggest city in this part of my country (I hate that city already). But it was just a normal day as usual, we spend everyday together, so nothing extra special about it. We had our anniversary two days prior, so we already “celebrated” our love :)))

    Where was your first kiss?
    – It was in a first grade and it was at school, and it was on the cheek 😀 My first kiss with my boyfriend was in Prague in a train station and from time to time we go there, stand onto that one spot where we first kissed and kiss again :)))

    When you get angry how do you express it?
    – By not speaking at all. I can’t fight, I am not good with arguments and I usually cry when I fight with someone, because to me it is stupid when people fight over silly things. I rather shut up and cool down before saying something I would regret later.

    What book are you currently reading?
    – I read two: Weaved World by Clive Barker and Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Love them both. I am a big reader, reading is my life 😀

    What do you think about our soul having past lives?
    – I am not really into this stuff, but I love reading about it and listening what other people have to say about it. I am an atheist and a “brain” person, but that doesn’t mean that the things I don’t believe in aren’t possible :)))

    • I cry too, especially when I’m angry I can cry even more and I also have that thing by not talking, but that’s only so I can calm down.

      I like how you think, you’re very open minded

  • tee_w

    How was valentines?
    Fine, mostly just another day. I always pick up a small chocolate or candy for hubby and sons. My hubby showed up at my bowling to wish me happy valentines day(plus his mom & my mom lol)

    Where was your first kiss?
    Hmmm, I think it was on a bus, on a field trip. My friends had somehow got me to sit with this stupid boy I couldn’t stand. Maybe they thought I liked him because I said I couldn’t stand him? I think they must have said I liked him because he felt he could kiss me, and I pushed him away, because he was gross! Lol. He told everyone that I didn’t know how to kiss and that I bit him. Such an idiot!

    When I get angry how do I express it?
    I don’t get angry very easily, so if I do its usually because someone hurt my feelings. And if they have hurt my feelings then I can’t express my anger very well because I wouldn’t be able to talk because I might cry! So usually I need to go away for a while until I get over hurt feelings. But my kids might get a quick yell, and they know they better stop because if they have made me angry then discipline will be happening! Lol Always had immediate follow through with them, I really dislike when parents don’t “punish” their children for bad behaviour, but talk about it, or threaten over and over. Kids then only learn that they can get away with it

    • WOW Tee, I that’s very interesting to find out this part of you, I agree, when we are younger we are closer to the other world and our dreams are more intense and vivid

  • 1Ivana

    Hi there..

    1. Valentine day…I am single, and I don’t like this consuming “holidays”…and on top of all I have a bad case of flue, so I don’t remember much of past 4-5 is the first day that I feel a little I will have my “Valentine” to celebrate life and health..:)

    2. hahahah…maybe also in kindergarten, but first “serious” one was on school yard..totally romantic…hahahah

    3. I is myvent..but I also cry on romantic movies, reading a book, when I am happy and touched, sometimes even during sex…;)…George r.r. Martin A feast for crows.. ( it is a forth part of Song of Ice and Fire)..I know that everybody is watching a TV show, but for me book is sooooooooo much better..and I love SF!!!!

    5.Past life… I am positive that this is true..without much explaining I just know it..

    Ok, last sunday there was a big Carnival in my home town, biggest in Europe after Venice..and here is a picture of me…

    • What a beautiful outfit! You know I’ve always felt so close to India for some reason, I love their culture, clothes, food, I think I probably lived there in my other lives.

      • 1Ivana

        thank you..I have some friends living there, and they invited me last summer, but it was impossible to go due to lack of money..but one day surely I will go!!

        Yes..and the costume, there were 102 groups in carnival, and in my group only there were 130 people and when you see it all together it is great great costume..see for yourself.. 🙂

        (can you believe that I actually have 4 turtlenecks under..hahaha)

  • First and foremost, thank you for sharing your past struggles and your triumphant life. I’m so happy to share in the experience of your physical being.

    I’m having a good Monday and I have the The Mamas and The Papas song, Monday Monday stuck in my head…The rest of the song is not jolly but I love this chorus.
    Monday Monday,so good to me
    Monday Monday,It was all I hoped it would be.

    1. February 14 was a good day, we don’t celebrate Valentine Day. I was on skype with my mom for about 2 hours that evening.
    2. ?????
    3. I hardly get angry, but when I do it comes out in a rage.
    4. Light on Life by B.K.S Iyengar.
    5. It makes sense to me. Once I understood this concept my life changed, I started loving myself.

    • Monday Monday Happy Monday love 🙂

  • TessuCroft

    Hello! I haven´t mingle awhile, so let´s do this, like Tati would say! =D

    1. Valentine´s day/week?

    The meaning of Valentine´s day is different in my country; it´s not about romantic love at all, it´s about friendship. It´s the day of good friends, the day when we remember by our friends. I had some coffee with my lovely friend. During the week I spend time with my sister, who was visiting, and I ate too much. Why, oh, why, I can´t be those people who are like after a square of chocolate “I´m satisfied”?!! =D

    2. First kiss?

    I think I was about 12 years old, and it happened at my friend´s house. It did not lead to an epic lovestory. =D

    3. Being angry?

    I´m a shouter, unfortunately. And if I get really angry, and I shout like a crazy women, I might cry after, because I regret the shouting. But I try to avoid of getting angry at all. =D


    I love reading. (I actually have a book review blog.) Currently I´m reading The help by Kathryn Stockett. Loving it so far!

    5. Past lives?

    I kinda believe that we do have past lives. I have “a feeling” that I´ve been a French before, and I might have lived somewhere close by the mountains. =D

    • Wow that’s very cool, you have a book review blog, I would love to check it out, what is the link to your blog?

      • TessuCroft

        I write my tiny, little blog in Finnish. =D Did you happen to be a Finn in your past live? =D

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  • Helloooo! 🙂

    How was your Valentine’s Week or Day?
    It was fine. I am like you–I don’t put much stock in Valentine’s Day itself. It’s another day to love, and that’s awesome, but I like to do that every day, too. My boyfriend had work, so I think we just watched an episode of House of Cards when he got home.

    Where was your first kiss?
    On the couch of my first boyfriend. I was 16. It was awkward but nice.

    When you get angry how do you express it?
    I was never told when I was little that anger shouldn’t be fed; I was told that anger needs to be expressed. I think the truth is somewhere in between those two philosophies. But let me tell you, just expressing the anger does NOT make it go away!!! Emotions are addictive, just like drugs, so I was quite addicted to anger for a long time and used to say mean things, hit people, and kick doors and stuff. I also would hurt myself. But I have since learned that anger CAN be curbed. It’s helpful to acknowledge it, but I don’t do that other stuff anymore. But if I feel I have been wronged, I will definitely let that person know. My default now is to try to distract myself with naps and reality television until I feel better, then deal with the problem then.

    What book are you currently reading?
    I am reading The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, but I’m reading it in Italian to try to brush up. I have a Kindle I got for Christmas, and there are loads of books you can read for free. So that’s one of them.

    What do you think about our soul having past lives?

    I think it’s true; however, I am not so completely convinced that each of us is ONE soul…I think we may be less individual than we are in physical form. Not sure…but in that case, I think we could probably remember lots of past lives.

    Happy Monday! It’s a holiday here. 🙂

  • I love your answer to the past lives question…I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

  • Katerina Gjorgievska

    Hi everybody,

    I was moved by your post Tati and your thoughts on the dark parts of our lives. Here are my answers:

    1) In my country, we celebrate St. Trifun instead of St. Valentine. He is the patron of fields and grape, so we celebrate by drinking wine. Still, we kind of mix both holidays. Me and my boyfriend went to dinner. I don’t really like wine, so I didn’t honor the tradition this year.

    2) My first kiss was in the park where I usually went out while I was in grade school.

    3) When I get angry, I say things I don’t mean. I try to control my temper, and when I can’t I always regret it. It is much easier for me now to admit when I’m wrong and apologize, so I hope that in time I will learn to prevent angry behavior.

    4) I don’t really read much. I like to read Osho’s books or fractions of them because it calms me and helps me keep my focus. I’ve been reading one of his books again lately. I’ll definitely check out the YouTube channel you mentioned 🙂

    5) I agree with you on the last question. I don’t really think about the past in general, or I try not to think of it much. I also like to live in the present and appreciate every moment.

  • jt

    Hey Tati and everyone! Hope you’re having a great week so far 🙂

    Now to the questions

    1. How was your Valentine’s Week or Day?
    I pretty much agree with your thought about Valentine’s, although if one’s feeling in the mood, why not 😉 Myself not being such a great fan of it either, we spent a normal day and didn’t even mention it!

    2. Where was your first kiss?
    In a car, in front of the sea… it was so special 🙂

    3. When you get angry how do you express it?
    Haha I’m also improving at controlling that, recently I had a big argument and managed to keep my cool and be constructive although I felt like throwing stuff away lol

    4. What book are you currently reading?
    “The wind-up bird chronicles” by Haruki Murakami, and I’m really enjoying it! He takes for granted that reality is not only a tangible thing, but all those things that happen inside people’s mind. In a such a simple way yet conveying his ideas so clearly that hit the right places to form images and sensations in your brain!

    5. What do you think about our soul having past lives?

    It must be one of the few ideas I believe in although they have not been scientifically proven yet. I could write pages about this but won’t bore you with details 🙂

  • How was your Valentine’s Week or Day?
    ° great as every other day in my life

    Where was your first kiss?
    °@ home. I was extreme nervous.the kiss was 20min long and felt like a few seconds

    When you get angry how do you express it?
    °I rarely get angry. I did cry or hate myself often in past. Today I try to not give to long attention to it .

    What book are you currently reading?
    ° “Balance Basics” by Neil Keleher. it´s about how our body balance works

    What do you think about our soul having past lives?
    °I believe that our soul is very! old. I never had a vision of past lives but it would be interesting for me. I´m pretty sure that my 3rd eye is protected at the moment. Because in childhood I was able to see things I didn´t wanted to. I died nearly to times in my life and I had beautiful paranormal experiences in the last couple of years.

  • ilona

    Hi Tati,

    A very random question, but how do you manage to keep your boobs? I’ve noticed that a lot of people who are into fitness have no chest at all and that sort of puts me off training more often 🙂

    Thank you beforehand x

    • Curious, I know your question was directed at Tati, but I’ll give my experience. I was a runner in school and in total I’ve about 25 years doing fitness /exercise. I’ve always being an A-cup and still an A-cup. Exercising did not increase or decrease by breast size. On the other hand , friends that have lost a lot of weight complain about losing breast size.

  • My post just disappeared. First late, now gone 🙁 *sniff sniff

    Ok, pulling it back together…

    On the 13th my hubby says “You don’t want anything special tomorrow do you?” Me: “Of course not!” I agree that V-day is just a lot of commercial nonsense. Every day is for love.

    First Kiss
    In Grade 1, at recess, out in the woods. Me and my friends were all paired up with the boys and we all had our first kisses at the same time.

    Oooh boy. This hasn’t been pretty in the past. I was born with a short fuse and a sharp tongue but I’ve cubed it a lot in my old age. Now I still need to talk (if there’s something to talk about), but I make an effort to take the edge off my voice. Or, if it’s just crankiness, I try to distract myself by listening to Abraham, Bashar or just music.

    The only one by my bed at the moment was a gift, it’s called The Magic by Ronda Byrne and it’s all about gratitude practices.
    I love that you know about and love Teal Scott. I found her recently through Spirit Science (brilliant stuff) and the Atlantis King (love him!)

    Past Lives
    To me, it’s without a doubt. And I loved both your answer and Tee’s below. I’ve always known since I was a child we’ve been here before and have met lots of people I just know I’ve had a past life with. I’m not into karma and the idea we’re here to right past wrongs or pay off some sort of spiritual debt but I do believe our souls are ancient and enduring and each new incarnation is an opportunity to expand and grow.