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Hello my Sweeties,

Happy Beautiful Monday!!!  Welcome to the 28th edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better.  Each week I ask 5 questions and we all get to answer them and mingle around.


This week’s quote ( a thought of my own ):

The old teachings state: ” Life is suppose to be hard, work is suppose to be hard, you’re not suppose to love your work, you’re suppose to tolerate because that’s what everyone does”. This is what I was taught when I was little, but I’ve lived to understand that this is completely wrong. Life isn’t suppose to be hard, it’s suppose to happy, work is suppose to be something that you love to do and it shouldn’t even feel like work.  Everyone of us possess a talent, that is what we’re suppose to do.  Things come easy or hard based on our beliefs, so whatever you believe in, you’re right either way.  And most importantly I’ve lived to learn that we need to look at the world the same way we did when we were little children, with curiosity and positivity about everything.


Today’s Questions:

  • What is your favorite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )?

  • What is your favorite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )?

  • What do you do if you can’t sleep?

  • What is true confidence according to you?

  • If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give?


My Answers:

Q – What is your favorite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )?





My Answer:


My absolute favorite nutrition advice is DO NOT EAT 6-7 HOURS BEFORE BED TIME. I have never had a person tell me that they’ve tried this approach consistently and didn’t lose weight, NEVER. I’ve used this in my skating days, I use this now and it always works.


Q – What is your favorite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )?



Workout Tip


My Answer:


My favorite workout for weight loss is a mix of HIIT cardio and light cardio after each strength training workout. I know that in the past 20 years or so there is a rumor going around that you don’t need to do long cardio sessions to lose weight and all you need is short HIIT sessions, but the truth is that HIIT sessions do help you to release fatty acids, but you need an additional light cardio to actually burn then, otherwise your body will redeposit it back.


Q – What do you do if you can’t sleep?





My Answer:


From time to time I have an insomnia problem and lately I’ve discovered a couple of things that help a lot. Deep breathing and listening to binaural beats. This combo will knock anyone out! You can find some really cool binaural beats music on youtube, the trick is to listen in your head phones because binaural beats have an effect on your brain. When I tried it the fist time I was hooked.


Q – What is true confidence according to you?





My Answer:


I think true confidence is many things, but to me true confidence is when you completely and surely know who you are and what you need to do without relying on opinions of others. If someone tells you that you look terrible, a person with true confidence could care less about such comments and will forget about it in a second. I also believe true confidence is when a person admits that they are not perfect and they have no problem to talk about their flaws.


Q – If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give?




My Answer:


At times like this I would never offer my advice unless I’m being asked, I think in every situation this applies ( at least for me ). But one of the best advices that I like to give is to always rely on your own intuition and listen to your heart only. Don’t ask for advice from others, that only confuses your own intuition, listen to your self, your true inner self, the inner self has all the answers.


Let’s mingle my Lovies!

Lot’s of Hugs,



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  • 1Ivana

    ??? I had a dream last night that I was the first one…??

    or there are some comments that I don’t see??

    I have to run now, I will be back with some answers…just…I have a great dreams lately, vivid and somehow very true…and my thoughts materialize…??

    kisses to you all

  • What is your favorite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )?
    Eat an apple before eat time (it feels up) same for oats (porridge in water with little cacao yummy !!!) it makes full 😀

    What is your favorite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )?
    Mix it up as example doing Jumpings jacks for 50 sec. then 10 sec. rest and after another exercice like Mountain Climbers as example (to keep the workouts not boring)

    What do you do if you can’t sleep?
    When I can’t sleep then it’s problematic that I have so much thinks in my head. I’m trying to stop my thinks and to calm down.

    What is true confidence according to you?
    I would say that this questions isn’t really to answer. I guess that you can peopel confidence to a special point after not more (we are all different).

    If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give?
    To keep going it’s life, everyone have/will have any hard times and we have to work with it.

  • tee_w

    HI guys!

    What is your favourite nutrition advice to lose weight (that works for you)!
    For me, its don’t eat grains, gluten. This helps me feel better and not crave foods, so eat better!

    What is your favourite workout tip for weight loss (that works for you)?
    Change into your workout clothes (as soon as you get up/or home) & tell yourself you will do just 5 min or 10 min and then you can stop. Plan your workouts, you can always change it! Also keep trying things until you find ones you love, then it will be fun!

    What do you do if you can’t sleep?
    I rarely can’t sleep, I find if I can’t sleep it usually is caused by something wrong – overtraining, stress, eating too much too late or maybe caffeine before bed. So I usually try to fix those things. In meantime I just lay in bed and think about nice things, happy things, comfy things, relaxing things, then even if I don’t sleep I am resting. Or read a book! Lol ( a boring one! Lol)

    True confidence? Not sure…….

    If a friend going through tough time? Hmmm, just that I am there for them to listen to them.

  • steffi_dk

    I would like to write something here today, but the questions you ask, are those, I´m asking myself, too. So, maybe I can learn a lot from this monday mingle:)
    I can answer the last question though, because my friend is going through a rough time right now and he asked me for advice. I told him, to make some changes in his life, because he´s doing the same things on and on like forever and it´s obviously not making him happy at all. I also told him some non brainers, like get more sleep, drink less alcohol, maybe get yourself some vitamin B12 etc. But sadly some people prefer to be unhappy, because they are too scared of change, I think, he´s one of them. I like change, I did never regret making a big change in my life

    • jt

      Yeah sometimes it takes time for oneself to realize whatever seems so evident for everyone else… wrong or right..!

      Some years ago, I had a friend that seemed to be very similar to yours. And he was always complaining. He seemed to just wander through life. He was a nice guy, but I was quite more fiery than I am today, and I regret not being for him in a better way than I would be now. I wasn’t very sensitive and told him everything I saw wrong in his life and why he was always complaining, he was very open-minded and accepted all that, but that didn’t entice him for a change. I was really upset he was letting his life go by like that, but I guess there wasn’t enough generosity and kindness in my way of acting, I was pretty much attacking him. So I ended our relationship, I told him I couldn’t bear to see his self-destruction anymore and he being so careless about it.

      I was wrong about doing that, but after some months, he moved from here, did something, and managed to seemingly have a beautiful, fulfilling life afterwards. He did that of his own accord, so I also learned that one has their own “timing”.
      The only important thing, if you really care about the person, is to be there for them I think. I was a bad friend, way worse than anything I could have accused him for.

      • steffi_dk

        Yes, that sounds very familiar. But maybe you weren´t such a bad friend after all. Maybe you were the one, who triggered him to make these changes after all. Thanks for sharing your story:)

        • jt

          Thanks for your words, but I know I wasn’t in my best state of mind, nor we always can control things as we’d like… I do hope the best for your friend and your relationship with him though 🙂

  • Happy Monday to everyone! 🙂


    Planning for success. Each Sunday I make a little chart of what I am going to eat for each meal for the coming week. I also make a column for what I need to cook that day and try to give myself a couple days off from the kitchen each week. Then I use that to make a shopping list and I post it on my fridge. No guessing, no not knowing what to eat and an easy roadmap to follow the rest of the week.


    For me, visible results take 5 workouts per week. 3 or 4 sessions maintain my weight, but if I want to actually make changes I can see, I have to bump it up to 5. So right now I’m doing 2 upper body workouts, 2 lower body workouts and 1 cardio/core day per week – which again, I write down ahead of time on Sundays so my plan is set for the week. Consistency = results.


    For me, it’s usually because thoughts are racing around my brain, so I try to write them
    down to get them out of there. I find sublingual melatonin usually does the trick too.


    I agree with your definition Tati. True confidence comes from within. It’s about knowing the only opinion that matters is your own and that you have all the power and resources you’ll ever need within you at all times.


    I am always asking questions like “What would be better?” “What would you like instead?” –
    always trying to offer a different perspective and focus on solutions. Einstein once said you can’t solve a problem in the same mindset that created it, so I am forever trying to help my friends see things in a different light. Solutions are always available, it’s just a matter of shifting perception.

  • jt

    Good Monday y’all! 😉

    1.What is your favorite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )?
    Hmm I don’t do anything specific for weight loss except for keeping the naughty snacks at a very minimum 😉 But for a daily, manteinance basis, I go with as natural as possible for meals (from natural foods, unprocessed) and check ration size, and don’t forget proteins 🙂 Oh and WATER, lots of water!

    2. What is your favorite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )?
    BEAT YOUR ASS IN EVERY SESSION!! 😀 Only in that way I managed to lose weight, but it’s very hard for me to lose a single kilo. Half-assed gym does not work for me.

    3. What do you do if you can’t sleep?
    Hmm I read a book. But I end up getting more asleep LOL
    Sometimes, if I feel like it, I go on imagining things.

    4. What is true confidence according to you?
    Your definition is pretty much what I would say 🙂 And you expressed it very well (I would go on forever LOL)

    5. If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give?

    I like to be there for my friends and family, and support them. I might be a bit “in your face” sometimes, but sometimes they don’t have the strength or don’t “want to bother you with their problems” but again, what are friends for then? 😀 Sometimes a timely intervention can save someone from a spiralling depression.
    Anyway, if it’s a loss or some sad circumstance for them, I tell them to feel the love and the happiness they lived, to see the good they felt, gave, received, etc, even though the situation will be no more. The gift that was to have lived that, to have met such beautiful people…
    If it’s someone or something attacking them, I tell them not to get carried away by negativity, all you do to others you do to yourself; don’t let your soul stain with obscurity because the darkness of others; FIGHT to stay true to yourself, but do not fight fire with fire, you’ll only end up burned. Learn to let go of bad things, but at the same time, keep your dignity. It doesn’t mean you have to become a monster to fight a monster. Think with generosity, fairness and intelligence, let things cool down a bit, and perhaps things will turn out for your good. But sometimes, we must also learn that life isn’t always fair, sadly… and don’t hold grudges forever because of that.
    And my general advice would be “nobody is going to live your life for you, suffer the pain nor work hard for whatever you want to achieve; so be aware of your surroundings and advice you might get, but most of all, have your own judgement and be sure of your own decisions. Never blame your disgrace on others, that only shows your lazyness and own lack of responsability”.

  • What is your favorite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )?
    °don´t eat until you´re hungry (brake habits, you won´t die by not eating for several hours :D) ! , nutrition: Green Tea, Coconut, Papaya, Veggies & herbs, probiotics, rarely organic Fish
    +drink water when you are thirsty or frequently threw the day but not in an amount like horses.

    What is your favorite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )?
    at this point I want to make an metaphor. Think of an oven-keep that fat/wood burning:
    ° Burning: Outdoorsports!! (cycling!, running!, HIIT, Sandbagtraining, everything in nature..) increase in fat loss!, endurance, flat stomach, skin glow, good digestion, oxygen, vitamin D),
    Cleaning: breath focused movements like Joint Mobility, Yoga, QiGong,..for flexibility, health, substrate circulation,balance, Space

    What do you do if you can’t sleep?
    ° read a book

    What is true confidence according to you?
    ° someone who knows himself/herself, knows there needs, loves him/herself with there false and gifts, -> to have confidence in yourself that´s it 😉

    If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give?
    ° listen what he/she have to say + a hug (can say more than thousand words).

  • Mary Lou

    Nutrition advice? Avoid ALL sugar (this means GRAINS/GLUTEN!!!) and hydrogenated oils and not eating before bed, I think 3-4 hours is enough though, 5-6 hours would be very hard for me.

    Workout tip? I found HIIT and went gluten free at the same time. It completely changed my life. Say goodbye to visceral fat! I went from a size 8 to a 2 but didn’t lose any weight as I was trying to put on muscle. I agree with Tati here too, you need more cardio after the HIIT to get rid of that last stubborn layer of fat – I hope, it’s been nagging me for a while.

    Can’t sleep? Deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques.

    Confidence? Is believing in what you have learned to be true. I have learned a lot about health and nutrition in the last 5 years and even my family thinks I’m nuts and extreme, but I know I’m right because I look and feel so much better and have gotten rid of lots of chronic problems. I will not cave into their pressure, they will learn to accept mine.

    Wisdom? Again, I agree with Tati here. If someone isn’t asking for help or advice, you can’t offer it because they are not ready to make a change and it will only fall on deaf ears. The first step in making changes is recognizing and accepting that you have to make them, even if you’re not quite sure what they are.

    • jt

      hahahah “I have learned a lot about health and nutrition in the last 5 years and even my family thinks I’m nuts and extreme” sounds familiar to me 😉 all I get is “ok got it… would you zip it now..?” LOL

      • Mary Lou

        I know! They keep on getting fatter and sicker and wonder why…

      • sedindriuke

        im second you :)) familiar to me as well 😀 but i do not care if they do not care. i have more time to care about myself. a little bit selfish… but i cant force other to care about their healths..

    • 123

      Avoiding sugars is good advice, and avoiding grains/gluten is important for many people, but please bear with a pet peeve of mine for a minute – grains & gluten ARE NOT sugar. Gluten is a protein, and while grains usually have a lot of simple carbs they have no or very little (<1g) sugar.

      • Mary Lou

        Exactly right 123! Grains and gluten are not sugar, but your body reacts to them as if they are sugar by causing an insulin spike that is even higher than if it were sugar. High blood sugar keeps the insulin high, which in turn cause insulin resistance and then inflammation, which is the cause of all chronic disease. 2 pieces of whole wheat bread raise your insulin more than a snickers bar. Check out Wheat Belly by William Davis.

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  • JoAnne Stein

    Great answers (and questions) Tatianna! I’ve never heard of a few of the things you mentioned so I’m interested to learn more, plus I can’t wait to read all the other informative comments.

    My nutrition advice is to just eat clean. Some people count calories while eating junk food and I think the quality of your food is very important. Oh and keeping track of what you eat in a food journal can make you more aware of your eating habits.

    My workout tip is to find a workout that works for you and is fun. That way you’ll enjoy exercising and probably be more consistent with your workouts and consistency leads to results. Also mixing things up and keeping your workouts interesting is what helps me stay consistent and makes exercise fun,
    as I think it should be!

    If I can’t sleep then I usually try to pinpoint why and, if it’s my thoughts running crazy, then I do some meditation. If I’m just not tired, then I accept that and don’t fight it. Sometimes I’ll get up and be on the computer or read for a bit until I feel tired.

    True confidence is, like you said, having a grounded and deep truth about who you really are. When you know yourself, nothing can shake you and you will feel confident no matter what. What I mean is a deep spiritual understanding, not a superficial one.

    If a friend is going through a hard time I would just be there and listen to them and let them know I’ll be there for them no matter what. Like you, I wouldn’t give advice unless they asked for it which can be hard for me because I love helping people. I just want to tell people the solutions that have worked for me but I realize some people aren’t ready to hear certain things. So I would try to help them at
    the level where they currently are and tell them things they can relate to.

    • SuSu

      I wish more people would understand that junk calories are not the same as nutrition dense clean calories!

  • SuSu

    NUTRITION ADVICE FOR WEIGHT LOSS: the thing that works best for me is to clean up my diet. When my diet is clean, the weight comes off. I think it has a lot to do with the body being able to function properly with the nutrients it actually wants and needs. When I eat junk, the weight comes back s quickly. Also, agree with you tatitat, when I don’t eat at least 5 hours before bed, it really does help a lot!
    EXERCISE ADVICE FOR WEIGHT LOSS: when I need to lose and I am not just maintaining my weight, I do HIIT at least 3x a week and do split routines focused on upper or lower body and always take a day of rest.
    CANNOT SLEEP: I read. It always works for me.
    CONFIDENCE: When you know who you are and cannot be swayed by others opinions (pretty much same as you said Tati).
    HARD TIMES: listen, listen, listen. That is what most people need. If they can talk it out and not have someone giving their opinion, but just listening to themselves verbally, they can usually figure out what they need to do. But another HUGE thing is not just listening, but (if not a threat to their life), keeping what they said confidential. So basically, listen and trust.

  • Elena Kozlovsky

    Nutrition advice: think of what you ate yesterday and cut the portions in half, don’t eat 4 hours before going to bed and until at least noon the next day.

    Workout tip: I find I have to workout 5 times a week to keep the fat away, HIIT helped me lose weight, interval running is great. I also find fasted state workouts make a difference on weight loss.
    Insomnia: if I can’t sleep I don’t. I find it is more stressful to be there in bed and try to go to sleep when I cant. I say get up and find something relaxing to do – reading etc.
    Confidence: This is the biggest achievement a person can have in their life. It makes such a difference to be confident as opposed to not being such. True confidence is believing in yourself and what you know without worrying what other people might think.
    Wisdom: In a difficult situation I pose a question: Can you change anything in this situation? If you think you can, then you have your work cut out for you. If the answer is no you cannot – then the best is to move on and not stress about something you cannot change.

  • ? FitLover ? Beth ?

    OK folks so I would try t give my honest Answers for today’s mingle 🙂

    1) What is your favorite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )? -Find a good plan & a mentor that you can trust, & here’s one way- when I first saw Shaun I asked myself.. would I marry him??? 😀 as funny as it might be heard, I had to check my trust that way. So it seems that I did, & I just “reviewed” & “summed up” his plan to suit daily accountability. Now after youv’e find a plan & a coacher that you can put your trust on, Try it, make it easy for yourself to stick to it in order to STICK to it ! Keep things simple on your mind & practice it by feeding your mind about the program on a weekly basis.

    2) What is your favorite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )? -Again, it’s going back to the plan. I think that once you get to understand it’s balancing structure & purpose, weight loss is coming on it’s way! well more specifically regrading Working Out- I actually took the advice from you, Tati! & I’m not working out more then 4 days/week anymore. usually it’s 3 days as I’m the laziest person ever or maybe I just find more interest in doing & exploring other NEW stuff!

    3) What do you do if you can’t sleep? -It rarely happens to me so I don’t really know what I’ll have to do but I heard Melatonin is good to take for that purpose! but haven’t tried it yet so can’t give the reccomendation.

    4) What is true confidence according to you? -True confiedence is knowing you goals! & it all comes along with it. But this Q is tricky as you noted “TRUE”. It as well depend on the way you define the word! for me Truth=God. So True confidence for me would have many other manners- you would really have to specificy it.

    5) If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give? -It’s all a matter of perspective, Find what matters to you, what do you assign meaning to..!

    Those Qs are sometimes really hard to answer & to come up with satisfying answer might be hard but I think that that’s how we all “getting there” 🙂

    Keep up mingling my loved friends !

  • Gerri Lee Schafer

    hello every body

    1/ nutritional advice to loose weight? Duct tape over the mouth……………LOL………….just kidding…..I’ve just started a new eating regime and am loosing fat already…… wheat, grains, rice etc….like NONE, no dairy, and no fruit……..eating 4 small meals a day, each meal includes protein, either meat or eggs, and 1/2 cup of lentils or beans, and lots of veggies……drink lots of water with a bit of fresh squeezed lemon, and tea with a bit of cinnamon

    2/ favorite work out tip to loose weight? hmmmmm….not sure…..I know that when I get into skipping I slim down pretty fast, but it also makes me very very hungry too

    3/ Can’t sleep? I do nothing but keep on trying :)))

    4/ true confidence according to me? being happy with yourself and not needing outside validation

    5/ hard times and words of wisdom? Always let it all out, if you keep anger or pain inside without release it will poison you…………the best words of wisdom you can offer a friend in need is silence and a free ear to listen

  • Hello lovely Tati & Loving Fitters..

    1) My best nutrition (eating) advice (and worked for me) are: eat anything in moderation; do not deprive yourself from food; eat more during the day (start morning till lunch) and light after 5pm. + P/S: and of course, do not be too lazy to do physical activity.

    2) My best workout tip for weight loss (and worked wonders to me) are: HIIT 3-5x a week, minimum 20 minutes + intensive cardio minimum 20 minutes.

    3) I would find something to do at home when I can’t sleep. Like ironing. Then drink warm milk.

    4) True confidence comes with self success. It goes hand in hand. it is strength from within.

    5) I have been there. All I could do is listen to her, and hug her, be there for her, and always assuring her that I am always there, kept telling her that she is a strong woman.

  • 1. I’ve never had to loose large amount of weight… I follow a 40%(Protein)-40%(Carb)-20%(fat).

    2. Lifting weights and cardio, once in a while lift heavy weights and be consistent in working out.

    3. Following a routine. When I suffer from insomnia is usually because I stayed up to late and slept in the next morning which then mess up my sleeping schedule.

    4. Know thy self and be okay with yourself that is true confidence to me.

    5. Advise wise, I find people already know what they what to do before they even asked for advise. I don’t give advise, I listen and make myself available to them if need be.

  • Wonderful questions!! I’m late, but better late than never. 🙂

    **What is your favorite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )?

    I think I have to agree with you, Tatianna, about the IF thing. I recently tried this and lost about 3-5lbs. I need to get into the groove of it again and re-lose them, since I kind of re-gained them over the holiday. Before this, the only thing I had ever tried that worked consistently was calorie restriction, but it leads to so much obsession, unhealthy behaviors, unhealthy eating and just plain old misery that I always hated going down that path. The other thing that worked consistently was getting sick. Neither of these, of course, are healthy! So, I’m so very glad I tried the not eating before bed thing.

    What is your favorite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )?

    I think the #1 thing, above kind of exercise, HIIT or not, strength training, etc., is that you should TRULY ENJOY your workout regimen I have ALWAYS lost weight and gotten amazing results if and only if this is true. Sometimes I would get a new DVD and really enjoy it for about 2 weeks and lose weight. But then, once I got bored of it, I would plateau and/or gain weight back. I think if you’re excited and engaged in your workout then you’re putting forth a good energy and just natural emotions and thoughts to attract a good outcome. But, if you’re dreading it and kind of do it because you SHOULD, then I think your body stops losing weight at much because there’s so much negative emotion surrounding the workout. Also, you’re probably not working as hard. You’re literally dragging your feet.

    What do you do if you can’t sleep?

    I am having some trouble for the first time ever. I cut back my alcohol intake a lot, and my body is still getting used to it, I think. So I have a few things. First, I do a deep relaxation on at least my legs, relaxing each body part one by one. I hold a lot of tension in my legs and butt, so this helps me relax a lot. Sometimes I’ll move forward and go up the back, or then go into some chakra meditation, but sometimes just relaxing my legs is enough and I fall asleep by then. If it doesn’t work, I just make sure to keep my thoughts unspecific (those specific thoughts and emotions keep me awake), maybe meditate, and I just settle for at least getting some rest, if not some sleep. I find that just resting is better than nothing. I also never ever EVER look at the clock once I decide to go to sleep, because it stresses me out if I can’t go back to sleep.

    What is true confidence according to you?

    I think being secure enough to ask for constructive criticism and feedback. Also, not needing to be right all the time (still working on that!).

    If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give?

    Depends on the situation. I actually did a lot of this recently with a friend, and most of the time it was something along the lines of the fact that you have to remember that your feelings are NOT facts. It’s hard to crawl out of the emotions sometimes, but it’s important to remember that even though it FEELS like the world is absolutely crumbling around you, those feelings are NEVER the whole truth. Often, they are not even close. “This, too, shall pass,” is something that comforts me. 🙂

    • Oh my GOD! This is a novel! LOL..I just get so excited about Monday Mingles! 🙂

      • jt

        Hahah I actually enjoy reading long posts, it’s nice to read “free writting”… this is not Twitter 😉

  • Trish

    1. EAT REAL FOOD!!!!
    2. HIIT and compund moves.
    3. I usually get up and clean! May as well be productive if I can’t sleep!
    4. True confidence is being happy in and of yourself, no matter what anyone else may think.
    5. Advice…..I try not to give it in this situation. I would be there to listen, comfort and love. This is not the time for my advice or opinions. My role is to be supportive in this situation. Now ask me about nutrition and fitness….I have alot to say!

  • daybelis garcia

    Hi to everyone, a little late… again I have been so busy LOL, but miss you all!!

    1. Nutritional advice: The best advice I can give is to eat as much REAL food as possible, that includes fruits, eggs, chicken etc. I try my very best to avoid any canned or processed items because truly it’s loaded with things our bodies don’t need. I also avoid carbs close to bedtime.
    2. My favorite workout tip to lose weight is actually to variate. After doing the same routine over and over again, my body hit a plateau and was not changing. I decided to shake things up and cut out running and instead opted for power yoga, and BAM I can see my abs:)
    3. If I can’t sleep, I go to and search for sleeping music mix literally lol, and there are tons of videos that have relaxing music mixes for those who need to sleep.
    4. True confidence in my perspective is loving yourself even after making a mistake or after going through tough experiences such as a breakup. I personally can advocate for this because sadly over the winter break , I broke up with my boyfriend and before things like this would cause me to think that I was not good enough or that I’m not pretty enough or deserve to be happy. Now, I take experiences like this as life lessons and simply move on with a smile across my face.
    5. If my friend is going through hard times, the best advice I can give her or anyone is ” God has it all planned for us, both good and bad times, the bad times are meant to polish us and shape us into better versions of ourselves”.

    Have a great evening Tati, love you and thank you for always bringing the best:)

  • midimidi

    yikes I haven’t posted here in forever! Love your new logo Tati and you are still my favorite Russian;) I want to jump in if I may, nutritional advice to lose weight…

    1. intuitive eating, which means eating what you want when you want it and not when you don’t. It’s taken me forever to figure it out but it works and I weigh less now and think about other things besides food all day. i try to eat better i tend to eat healthy but I do eat donuts and a cookie once in a while. Now I don’t go koo koo. there are just too many meals to have so many meaningless battles in my mind. It works out naturally when you listen to your cues.
    2. workout tip to lose weight, maybe what we need is to gain weight? muscle specifically to loose weight. build muscle is my tip it’s done it for me.

    3. accept it . It’s a signal that there is something to work out in my mind, sleep will happen when it happens.
    4. true confidence is being able to ask for help and take criticism.

    5. i agree with GL the best advice for someone is not to give any but give them your presence and loyalty. that’s why animals are man’s best friend they are quiet and loyal. It’s hard to be that kind of friend.

  • Mel

    What is your favourite nutrition advice to lose weight ( that works for you )?
    I am a big believer in clean eating, portion control, home cooking and never skipping breakfast. We are all guilty of over eating and indulging just halfing the amount you eat at every meal will make such a difference to your waist line. I do a lot of home cooking and watch what I put in my mouth, If I want a treat like a piece or bread or hot chips I make it myself. I eat this way for energy and wellbeing rather then weightloss though I think its important to want to eat healthy, feel better from within and make life changes and weightloss is just a possible added bonus.

    What is your favourite workout tip for weight loss ( that works for you )?
    I think the best advice I could give for success is do it for yourself not for someone else, find something you enjoy doing and have confidence in yourself that you can succeed. Push yourself to be the best you that you can be and stop comparing yourself to everyone else and trying to look good for them.

    What do you do if you can’t sleep?
    A really good friend of mine taught me a trick about 10 years ago and I have used it ever since. I image myself on a calm beach with the waves rolling in and out, As the wave roles out I image myself writing on the sand a large number 1 then the wave roles back in washing it away, as it roles back out I then write the number 2 then 3 and so on and so on watching each wave wash away the number, its very calming, similar to counting sheep but more relaxing and peaceful.

    What is true confidence according to you?
    I think confidence is built up of a lot of things and its hard to have true confidence But I think it is having faith in yourself despite what others think or say. Being sure of who you are and your beliefs even when others try to bring you down.

    If your friend is going through the hardest time of her or his life what words of wisdom would you give?
    I don’t like to interveane in others lifes or tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, I think its important for each of us to find our own way in life and make our own decisions. The best thing I could do for my friend is be there for them to listen and support them and make sure they know they are not alone. I would reassure them that life has a way of sorting itself out and when one door closes another opens. All we can do is support and care for those we love.