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Hello My Lovies!!!

I know I’ve already said Happy New Year to you guys, but today is the actual last day of 2012 so – Happy New Year!!! Welcome to the 26th edition of Monday Mingle, our last mingle of 2012, a question answer game we play every Monday.


Today’s Quote:

Do not educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up, they’ll know the value of things, not the price.


( I’m not sure who said that, but I found this quote in on of the Facebook pages I follow ).


Today’s Questions:

  • How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?

  • What were your highlights of the year 2012?

  • What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?

  • What are your favorite things about your culture?

  • What do you think makes a person beautiful?


My Answers:


Q – How Do You usually celebrate New Year holiday?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I used to celebrate New Year in a such a huge way, because in Russia it’s the biggest holiday ( we don’t celebrate Christmas on the 25th like they do here in the US ). So I would usually take about 8 hours to get ready and the outfit would be prepared a month in advance if not more. Then I would go out to a party somewhere nice, when I say party I mean nice lounge with great wine ).

This was me in the past. This year I am only gonna take about 1 hour to get ready, and we are going out to our friend’s house, he will have a small get together.


Q – What were your highlights of the year 2012?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I had quite an amazing year, I had a few bumps in the road in the beginning, but as the year went along It got better and better. I met all of you guys and I get to do what I truly love, which is a dream come true.

I also had a huge spiritual awakening which shook me to the core in the beginning because my mind got completely turned inside out, but now I am in my final stages of acceptance and it feels pretty good to wake-up. I have to say that 2012 is one of my favorite years so far, and I have a feeling that 2013 is gonna be even more AMAZING!!!


Q – What ice-cream flavor you DON’T LIKE the most?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I absolutely cannot stand and I truly hate it with passion is chocolate and strawberry ice-cream.


Q – What are your favorite things about your culture?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

I technically have two cultures which is very cool. I have to say that I am very American because I’ve lived in US for about 15 years now, but I also feel a deep connection to my Russian roots, I am very Russian at heart and soul.

What I love about a Russian culture is how brutally honest Russian people can be sometimes, because in America people are are always sugar coat everything. But in Russia they tell you how it is. In Russia people are also very driven, nobody sits around, it’s always go go go, get things done 7 days a week. I call Russian women superwomen because most of them carry everything on their shoulders, kids, husband, good job, cleaning, 5 star cooking while looking like a supermodel ( because Russian men will have no less LOL ).

What I love about American culture is the freedom of expression of one self. When I first came to this country I was in shock that people were open about their sexuality, or beliefs and they weren’t afraid what everyone else would think of them. They did and said what they wanted. I loved that!!! In American culture people are always smiling and greeting each other, saying I love you, I find it adorable, people are definitely very warm and open here.


Q – What do you think makes a person beautiful?


Meet Me On Monday


My Answer:

When I was younger I used to think that beauty is only on the outside, oh how wrong I was. I was actually quite young when I realized otherwise. I remember meeting this beautiful girl ( I was 18 at the time ), I was smitten by how gorgeous she was. But on the same day I got to know this girl and this is when I learned that beauty on the outside alone was nothing if you the inside doesn’t match. After that I never looked at that girl the same, I didn’t see beauty anymore, even though her appearance didn’t change, I saw a very unattractive person.

To me beauty is many different things, but all these things have to go in synch with each other. Beauty is first of all kindness, intelligence ( to me this is a huge one ), spirituality, creativity, uniqueness and drive to be the best version of one self.

We don’t need to compare our self to others, each person is born unique for a reason and that’s beautiful. ┬áThe only reason why some people have such fixated and distorted version of beauty, is because they’ve let the media brainwash them to create that belief system. Don’t fall into that trap, it’s just that – a trap. Create your self, not an image you see on TV or a magazine. ┬áThat is true beauty!


Let’s Mingle My Darlings!!!




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