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Meet me on Monday


Hello My Loves,

Happy Monday to you all 🙂 and welcome to the 16th Edition of Monday Mingle, a question answer game we play every Monday to get to know each other better. Each week I ask 5 questions and we all answer them and mingle around.

I wanted to thank all of you for being part of Loving Fit, for your kindness and support. I am so happy to have all of you in my life. Our schedule got a bit messed up last week and we didn’t film an upper body workout, cause Miguel had some rehearsals to go to pretty early.  They have been changing his schedule around like crazy lately and we only have certain days when we are able to film as it its,  so this week I will have an Upper Body Workout for you and a new Abs Routine :).

Also I am going to post a recipe or two this week, I have a few in mind, and as always they will be something super fast and healthy.


And Now Drum Roll… Dumm Dumm Dumm… Today’s Questions:


  • Are you a competitive person?

  • What was your least favorite subject in school and why?

  • What is your favorite technique of dealing with stress?

  • Share something about your self that we might not know?

  • If you can change one thing in the world what would it be?


My Answers:

Q – Are you a competitive person?


Meet Me On Monday


Many years ago I used to be, but now I believe that the only person we should be competing with is our self. Everyday I try to be a better version of my self.

I don’t believe in competition at all, because I believe in the Laws Of The Universe. One of the biggest universal laws is that there is enough for everyone, every person can bring something unique into the world, there is no need to compete with each other.  Sadly, in our society they teach us that in order for someone to win, somebody else has to lose. I am against that belief, I don’t compare my self to others, I believe in unity, working together instead of against each other, that way everyone wins.


Q – What was your least favorite subject in high school and why?


Meet Me On Monday


I hated Algebra with passion. It was and still is the most confusing thing to me ever. Which is very strange because almost everyone in my family is a math genius, my mom is like a walking calculator and it was her favorite subject. And when people try to explain it to me, it always sounds like a foreign language.


Q – What is your favorite technique of dealing with stress?


Meet me on Monday


I am a little boring here cause it depends what kind of stress it is, but usually I workout and meditate.  From time to time I can turn to sugar, and I think it’s normal cause I am just a human in the end.


Q – Share something about your self that we might not know?


Meet Me On Monday


Ever since I was little, every time I would dream of something it would always come true. I see things and events before they happen, sometimes in a matter of days.  A lot of times I get flashes of events as I go about my day and then I witness them happening.

Q – If you can change one thing in the world what would it be?


Meet me On Monday


If I can change just one thing in this world, it would be to help people become more open minded, spiritual and less materialistic way of thinking.  There is a quote from Deepak Chopra that I really love ” Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box “, this is how I try to live my life, the more I apply this principle,  the more I realize how fast I  evolve as a human being.


Let’s Mingle my sweeties!

Hugs Hugs Hugs and More Hugs,



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PS – Make sure to check out my latest article on ” How To Raise Your Positive Feelings “.  I really enjoy writing articles about positivity and how we can all bring more positivity into our lives. Because creation of the world, not only our own world but the world around us, is in our hands.  If we are positive, we affect everything and everyone around us with that energy.

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